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Get up to 25% off Priority Pass annual lounge club membership

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Priority Pass – the card that gets you access to over 1,000 airport lounges globally – is running a September promotion offering a discount on its annual membership fees.  This seems to be a way of gently introducing the increased £20 guest or additional visit fee, which used to be £15.  You can see the discounts here.

Your options are:

25% off Standard  –  now £51 (normally £69), each lounge visit costs £20

15% off Standard Plus  –  now £160 (usually £189), 10 free lounge passes, then £20. Guests £20.

10% off Prestige  –  now £305 (usually £339), unlimited lounge visits, guests £20

‘Standard’ clearly sees the greatest discount although you still have to pay £20 each time you want to visit a lounge.  ‘Standard Plus’ arguably makes more sense, because you are in ‘profit’ – compared to ‘Standard’ – after six visits.

You can buy your discounted Priority Pass membership here.

Ironically, even Priority Pass’s own top tier is not as good as the (free) Priority Pass membership you get when you take out an American Express Platinum Card, which lets you take one guest free of charge each time – and Amex Plat gives you TWO Priority Pass cards, so a family of four can all get in without paying.

Priority Pass sale

Getting airport lounge access via a UK credit card

As a reminder, here are the three options to get FREE airport lounge access via a credit or charge card:

The Platinum Card from American Express

Two free Priority Pass cards (one for you, one for your supplementary Platinum cardholder, each admitting two – so a family of four gets in free) giving access to every lounge in the Priority Pass network – search it here.  You also get access to Plaza Premium, Delta and Eurostar lounges.  Our American Express Platinum review is here.

American Express Preferred Rewards Gold

You get a Lounge Club card loaded with two free visits to any Lounge Club network lounge – see the list here.  The list is slightly shorter than the Priority Pass list, but not by much.  Additional visits are charged at £20 per person.  You get two more free visits for every year you keep the card.  No annual fee in Year 1.  Full details are in our American Express Preferred Rewards Gold review here.

HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard

You get a free LoungeKey card allowing you access to any property in the LoungeKey network.  Guests are charged at £20 although regular travellers will find it cheaper to pay £60 for a supplementary credit card (adults only, of course).  The card has an annual fee of £195 and there are strict financial requirements to become a HSBC Premier customer.  Full details are in my HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard review.

Comments (108)

  • BSI1978 says:

    OT ref. Annual worldwide travel insurance – are there any decent Avios earning deals (or discounts) that people might be aware of for a BAPP but not Platinum?

    Typically received it with my NatWest account but downgraded a while back.

    Note, little desire to apply for a new card this side of Christmas…


    • Shoestring says:

      buy the most suitable/ best value policy – recommendations here

      • BFT01 says:

        Just a word of warning, read the policy documents carefully and pay particular note to what is not covered,as our flight to Nice was cancelled last month by Easy Jet just as we arrived at Gatwick, due to operational issues with Air Traffic Control, will only refund 50% of the hotel costs as this is their policy even though we cancelled the booking on the Sunday, we were 2 days passed the date of getting the full amount back. We made a claim through Columbus travel insurance and they have refused to pay the balance of the hotel costs because it is not something that they cover in their policies. I think that this is poor on their part because these things happen and If we cannot travel due to circumstances beyond our control we should not have to incur a £500 loss.
        Easy Jet has refunded the cost of the flights as the next available flight out was Thursday which was no good as we were due to come back on the Friday.
        Gatwick Airport has refunded the parking in full to.

        • Genghis says:

          What has your credit card company said? Consequential loss covered under S75?

          • BFT01 says:

            Hi Genghis,
            I had not thought of checking with MBNA visa, I will look into it
            Thanks for the tip

        • Lady London says:

          Hi BFT01

          Wondering why you accepted the refund from Easyjet. Its your choice – not the airline’s – whether to accept a refund or being ticketed on another way there direct or indirect or even with another airline.

          I’d have requested replacement flights from Easyjet via an indirect route say via Paris or Geneva or Munich etc. I’d have let them know that I needed to travel at close to my original time and would accept indirect and if they didn’t have flights ticketable through to Nice set up quickly then you wanted to go on any other airline BA AF KL and were open to suggestions even TK via Istanbul. Ryanair even.

          Tell them refund is not your preference and give them x time to reroute you otherwise you will reroute yourself and charge them but they should be doing it. Don’t accept a refund if you don’t want one till you get what you want. A refund is the easy option for them and releases them contractually.

          • BFT01 says:

            Hi Lady London,
            The next time we would be able to get away is at Xmas as my husband is a contractor and
            it would cost way to much in lost income to justify the cost of the holiday.
            We only had that week to travel before the new contract job started and as it was still in school holidays it was impossible to get another flight at short notice.
            Which is the reason we chose to get the refund.
            Thanks for the reply.

    • Genghis says:

      Given it doesn’t include any health cover, I wouldn’t recommend it as a “travel insurance” product.

    • pauldb says:

      HSBC Premier if you qualify and are willing to switch your banking. The travel insurance comes with the free bank account. The avios part comes with the credit card which yuo could delay until after Christmas. (2 years fee = £390. £10k spend gets you 40k avios bonus and 1av/£ for two years. With regular conversion bonus more likely to be 50k and 1.25av/£.)

  • James says:

    Do Amex MR points transfer into M&M ??

    • Clive says:

      As far as I am aware no but you could go through Marriott

      • BJ says:

        I confirm – no, they don’t. Unfortunately the Marriott route you suggest is no longer an option either. It was suspended/scrapped a few months ago.

        • The Original David says:

          The main options for getting M&M are Heathrow Rewards, M&M credit cards, or M&M hotels/car hire. Or flying *A, obviously.

          • Bagoly says:

            Heathrow Rewards to M&M was also scrapped a few months ago as part of the Lufthansa legal defence against some German passenger wanting his miles paid out in cash.

            My last such transfer in June was sent back.
            However, I see that HR still has the option to send to M&M.
            I have tried a small transfer today to see what happens.

          • The Original David says:

            Oh no! Please do report back – Heathrow Rewards was my plan to top up a few thousand to get to a redemption, while Marriott is out. Fortunately I’ve managed to get FQT status this year so my miles are safe to sit around for another 2.5 years, even if I bin the credit card.

          • BJ says:

            David, the LH Economist offer may still be running. There were also ok-looking car hire and hotel earning opportunities on their app lately.

          • Lady London says:

            The more interesting route is to visit their site regularly as they don’t email all offers to us. Leave it in German as iirc some offers only ever appear in German but nothing wrong with using them.

            There are a couple of others routes same sort of thing as you would look to find in the uk is the blogosphere.

            There is also a route in Germany similar to those we don’t talk about here – not impossible for us to use but obvs people able to shop as though they were in germany would have a higher hit rate. I have dumped M&M due to their policies and high taxes. But definitely could have earned serious amounts of M&M if I’d been willing to focus on it.

          • Rob says:

            The German M&M credit cards load happily into the German version of Revolut.

    • guesswho2000 says:

      Only in Switzerland.

  • Navara says:

    OT Has the Etihad winner been announced yet?

  • @mkcol says:

    For anyone who signed up to the recent IHG Ambassador promo which included 15000 bonus points: double check your points activity.

    I’ve just noticed my points weren’t credited after I joined on 1st August.

    I’ve emailed them & they’ve requested proof of the offer – thankfully I’d not deleted one of the several emails & in app messages.

    • Neil Donoghue says:

      Interesting, my points posted within seconds of purchasing. Great to know for other folks though.

    • met says:

      Thanks. I thought I read in T&C that it can take 6-8 weeks for points to post. Have sent them an email now.

      • meta says:

        Following on from this. They just sent me an email back to say that it takes 6-8 weeks and quoting T&C, so they won’t add them until this period has passed. I think I’ll need to wait and then claim again.

  • Neil Donoghue says:

    Ps – Cheers Rob! I’ve just found use for all those M&M miles thanks to a few Hilton stays. Delighted

  • Ben says:

    OT. My partners Nan has 25k MR on her gold Amex (that she will not use). Is there anywhere I can transfer them into my partners name.
    The obvious one is the HHA but my partner is already in my HHA. I though I remember reading about transferring a small amount over to different names. Thanks

    • Shoestring says:

      she can try to do a straight transfer into his BAEC a/c – this sometimes works if the surnames, emails etc are a reasonable match

      if it fails, try the same into his IB a/c and then transfer to BAEC

      no reason your partner’s nan couldn’t join the HHA if you give her the same HHA address as you 2 used

      transferring over to different names only works for free if she is BA Gold, otherwise you pay too much in fees

      • Ben says:

        Thanks for that

        And if I am gold I take it that does not help Nan transfer to me?

        I think your right I may just add Nan to the HHA and use them up.

      • met says:

        I’d advise against this. Points could be stuck between programmes for months. This happened to me early this year.

        Why don’t you add your partner’s nan to the BAEC household account? You can create BAEC account for her, transfer points and just have control over it. Once all points have been used you can close her account. Remember they’ll be proportionally deducted from each account in the household.

        • meta says:

          @Shoestring Sorry just re-read the secons part of your advice. My first reaction was based on your top one.

    • Joe says:

      If you’re not set on Avios, she could transfer to 50k Hilton. You can transfer Hilton points to another account for free (up to certain limits) regardless of the name on the account.

  • Shoestring says:

    O/T hat tip FT, there are some cheap BA tier points on London airports to Helsinki, Sofia & Tirana – about £215 return in Business (October/ November) to get you 160 TPs

    not quite the hallowed £1/ TP but close enough: £1.34

    would make a great weekend break if you need to get to Silver, Sofia & Tirana are still usually pleasantly warm that time of year

  • Shoestring says:

    the 25% off Standard Plus makes it (£141.75 + £6) = £147.75

    for 10 passes = £15 per pass

    plus you can get another 6.3% discount on Groupon purchases, making it £13.84/ pass