Review: Flying SWISS Business Class from Zurich to Chicago (Part 2)

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This is part two of my review of SWISS Business Class from Zurich to Chicago.

Part 1, which looks at the seat and which seat you should choose, is here. My review of the SWISS Business Class lounge at Zurich Airport is here.


There was a bottle of water and headphones in an alcove underneath the IFE screen and two coat hooks right next to it. The screen was pretty small and wasn’t bright enough to compete with the sunshine when the blinds were open. Even though you could watch movies gate to gate it didn’t work in reality.

The film selection was decent – better than on my outbound Virgin Atlantic flight. I got to watch three movies on this nine hour flight – Captain Marvel, Mary Poppins Returns and Greta.

The seat as a bed

As this was a day flight I didn’t sleep, although I did have a short rest at one point.

This was the seat in bed mode. There were buttons to change the firmness of the mattress which I thought was a nice feature. The pillow was nice and big and the blanket was ok – could’ve been softer but I’ve seen worse.

swiss business long haul zurich chicago review

As you can see in the picture below the foot cubby hole is a good size.  When the seat is in bed mode you are able to wiggle them around without any trouble!

swiss business long haul zurich chicago review

Inside the SWISS business class amenity kit

The contents of the amenity kit were unexciting with the usual socks, eye mask, earplugs, lipbalm, cream, toothbrush and toothpaste.

I loved the bag itself as it had two separate compartments and a hook to hang it up. I’ll definitely be using this on my next trip – or I might turn it into another nappy bag …..

swiss business long haul zurich chicago review

Food and drink in SWISS Business Class

The welcome drink was a choice of water, orange juice or champagne. We were given the food menu with options for our main dish.

swiss business long haul zurich chicago review

After take off we were offered more drinks and spiced almonds:

swiss business long haul zurich chicago review


The starter options were:

air dried meat and cheese millefeuille with artichoke puree and pickled vegetables

smoked salmon tartare with horseradish, goat cheese and beetroot

salad with French or Italian dressing

I wish I had pre-ordered a vegetarian meal as dried meat and salmon tartare are off the list during pregnancy.  I therefore ended up having just the salad and two bread rolls.

swiss business long haul zurich chicago review

The main course choices were:

Beef tenderloin with garlic crust, chimichurri juice potato puree, Mediterranean vegetables and cherry tomato confit

Tomato-crusted chicken breast stuffed with olives and and spinach, thyme jus Polenta galette with courgettes

Pikeperch with red wine sauce potato gratin with porcini mushroom, spinach and spring onions

South Indian coconut noodles with date chutney

I had the coconut noodles which were really good.

swiss business long haul zurich chicago review

After the main course we were offered a cheese platter which I chose not to have. A bit later we were served a piece of apricot cake which was really tasty:

swiss business long haul zurich chicago review

Before descending into Chicago we were served a further meal with the choices of:

a caprese salad with olives and prosciutto or

chanterelle ravioli in white wine sauce with cheese and creamed swiss chard

I picked the latter which was delicious.

swiss business long haul zurich chicago review

If you are interested in the drinks menus, click to enlarge the thumbnails below:

swiss business long haul zurich chicago swiss business long haul zurich chicago swiss business long haul zurich chicago swiss business long haul zurich chicago


All in all, I enjoyed my SWISS Business flight. The flight attendants were very friendly and attentive, the seat was comfortable and the quality of the food superb.

The only thing that bothered me was that SWISS seems to be one of the airlines where you do have to pre-order your meal if you require vegetarian food – whereas other airlines always have at least one vegetarian option on their menu.

You also need to keep an eye out for seat selection.  If you want a solo seat, you need to get in early whilst they are still available for free, or risk having to pay €140 for a ‘throne’ seat or share a row with someone else. The current seat is probably also heading towards the end of its natural life, especially with the relatively modest TV screen.

These are very minor quirks, however, and I fully recommend SWISS Business Class for cash (SWISS runs excellent 2-4-1 sales from UK each year) or for a Star Alliance mileage redemption.

Review: Flying SWISS Business Class from Zurich to Chicago (Part 1)
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  1. You should try to sleep as much as you can during pregnancy… won’t be getting much afterwards.

  2. Thanks for the review. Just a side note, when taking photos of menus etc you should use Office Lens app. It’s great for taking photos of documents.

    • Thanks. I’m not really keen on doing photos instead of typing it all out, but as she’d done the pics anyway ….

  3. TheFamousJames says:

    We’re flying SWISS business to Delhi early next month from LHR via ZRH. Can anyone tell me if the transfer at ZRH is similar to what Anika described (Into A gates, walk & train to E gates, multiple passport checks, etc)? We have a short connection time (65 mins) and just wondering what to expect.

  4. Got a great deal with Swiss a few years ago. Marginally cheaper to fly to USA in business with Swiss from DUB than in economy with BA from home airport EDI. Cheap Ryanair flights sorted that out. Great experience. We sat in small forward cabin known as the Stübli (livingroom?) and the staff and service were very good. The best European business class I’ve encountered. Zurich is a great airport too.

    @ThefamousJames we arrived in A gates and left in E and there were plenty of staff to point you in the right direction. Took 25-30 mins as a train was involved too (listen for the cows moo-ing!).

    • TheFamousJames says:

      @Gerry Thanks for the info

    • RussellH says:

      A “Stübli” is usually a small cosy side room in a Gasthof or inn, rusticly furnished. It literally just means a ‘wee small room’ (a Stube is just a small room).

  5. Concerto says:

    I think you got lucky with the crews IME, it can be really hit or miss and I’ve too often had poor crews. So I don’t book SWISS long haul any more, not even with miles. Shorthaul flights through ZRH are ok, but nothing like what they used to be.

  6. Concerto says:

    ZRH: the underground train out to Terminal E used to be called the Heidi Train and showed a nice diaporama of Swiss images with some yodelling and Alphorn music. Not sure if that is still the case.

  7. Thanks for the review. There’s a little editorial work in these articles to move some of the phrasing into the third person. May make it easier to read and, ultimately, present a review about the hard and soft offer rather than the individual taking the trip.

  8. C de Zurich says:

    And what meat was in the coconut noodles ? If you write about flights – you SHOULD know about pre-ordering special meals!

  9. Anika, for your peace of mind and for future reference, smoked salmon is perfectly safe during pregnancy, as the smoking process kills any of the bacteria that could be harmful.

    Raw fish / sushi is also safe (provided it complies with food safety regulations and has therefore been frozen beforehand).


  10. It is so hard to find impartial airline reviews.
    Anyone know any site or YouTube channel where they tell it like it is without fear of losing their complimentary flights?

    • Say No to SWISS BUSINESS CLASS says:

      Aniqa. Did Swiss Air have to pay you for writing this post? When was the first time you flew Swiss Air business class? I started in the mid 90’s. Back then Swiss Air Business was really something special. I took the London- Zurich flight just last month – overpriced ticket for a make-shift moveable ‘business class’ with no screens, ordinary seats, lousy food (unsigned to the what was claimed online). I could go on. Today, Swiss Air business class short haul and long haul is NOWHERE compared to best industry practices you find in Etihad or Emirates. Looks like you need to try the better carriers to find out what Business Class should really mean :-).

      • We’ve reviewed all those people too! Remember that UK residents work from a very low base and are easily pleased!

    • Since you have clearly never reviewed anything in your life, let me explain how it works. People are different. People like different things. Our flight reviews are more like a presentation of the facts. You can look at these facts and decide – factoring in, importantly, price, convenience etc – and decide if a certain service is right FOR YOU. No-one should be claiming to make ‘definitive’ calls about what you should fly.

  11. Being a linguist your reviews are interesting. Written very methodically!

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