We’re nominated for some prizes!

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I’m pleased to say that Head for Points has been recognised with four nominations in the 2019 Business Travel Journalism Awards.

Each member of the team has received at least one nomination.

These are:

Best Newcomer to Business Travel or Meetings & Events Journalism (Rhys)

Best Use of Digital in Business Travel or Meetings & Events Journalism 

Editorial Team of the Year (Rob, Rhys, Anika)

Features Journalist of the Year – Accommodation (Rob, for this)

Business Travel Journalism Awards

Winners will be announced in early October at a gala dinner at the Corinthia Hotel.

It could go either way – we won three in 2017, including ‘Editor of the Year’ and, for Anika, ‘Best Newcomer’, but last year came away with nowt …..

Virgin Atlantic flights to Sao Paulo now on sale for cash and miles
A big Vueling flight sale is now on

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  1. Wahooo. Just got Amex email saying Hilton at 3:1 as special offer. Not sure if targeted or general.

  2. Just received an amex email offering American express rewards to Hilton at 1:3 rather than 1:2 on my gold card. Valid until 31st Oct. Makes the conversion rate a bit more attractive

    • Spurs Debs says:

      We have email as well, in my quest for points this was my conversation yesterday with a family member “ you have a £6k bill to pay and no Amex card, I’ll pay it and pick up the cash” the things we do for points.

      • fivebobbill says:

        Just did the same for my mums knee replacement last week lol

        • Spurs Debs says:

          My Sons getting married next year, he’s already been primed all goes through BA Amex that should be the 241 voucher taken care off. And today’s transaction puts me £3k shy of gold card 10k bonus and 8 months left to hit that target.

  3. OT – availability for award nights at The Langley now open into July. I think you may need to book before Sep 14th to avoid peak pricing? Got it booked for both mine & my OH’s 50th, though one of them might get cancelled before then.

    • The stay, not the birthday 😂

    • Thanks for the heads up… have a winter booking, may go for a summer one too!

      Do you know how to check if the points have been attached to a reservation or not? – I have 3 redemptions at the moment, and think they’ve taken the points for 2 of these but want to double check!

      • We are a young couple, <30 yo, thoughts on this place? I don't have too many Marriott points to burn, so is 1 night enough? In my mind I was thinking I would rather go in the summer then the winter?

        • We did one night. If you arrive punctually, have enough time to use the pool and spa, have dinner, do breakfast (if they’ve sorted it out!), have a walk through the park, head off home … yes, 1 night works.

      • It should say on your booking if the points have been taken (and your account). I think as long as you have enough points, they are taken at the time of booking, it’s only when you haven’t got enough to cover the full amount that “payment remains outstanding.

  4. Shoestring says:

    O/T In addition to the £250 return flights on Virgin to San Francisco mentioned yesterday (£250 Economy return), Virgin have added in LHR-Miami (also about £250 Economy return) – date availability for October, November, December, February and March. Skyscanner but widely available similar price.

    • Booked at £260, but also got 12% back via my employer’s arrangement with Virgin, so net £230 when it triggers.

      It’s costing me less to fly Virgin to Miami for a long weekend than BA or Flybe to Edinburgh.

  5. Qatar sale: Belgrade-Doha-Hong Kong return in business for £847 through the app using discount code UPTO5OFF
    Availability wide open 12 months ahead. R class; 560 tier points in BAEC

  6. Anybody get the AMEX to Hilton offer, but when they click the link it still says 1MR = 2HH?

  7. OT: OH has had Amex Gold (now cancelled few months ago). Can she sign up for SPG card and earn bonus?

  8. Hertz question.
    I have a car hire to make for march but I’m confused with all the options and different codes.
    What is the best code to use with Amex Plat?

  9. OT: I have 30k american express membership points. I was going to transfer for 30k Avios. But at the moment I have been told of a 1:3 promo with Hilton Honors giving me 90k Hilton Honors points.

    Is this good at all, I have never owned a single Hilton point? I am going to Bali in April? Would this would this 90k get me like 2 nights in a plush place? Or can I go cheap and cover a week?

    • Taking a quick look for April, you can stay at Hilton Garden Inn Bali Ngurah Rai Airport for only 5,000 a night so your 90k points will give you 18 nights (more if you are Silver or above on 5 for 4).

      However the Conrad Bali is only 35,000 a night and is highly recommend on this site. If you can earn another 10k or 45k points from elsewhere, you can stay there for 3 nights or 5 nights.

      • Thank you Sanya. I have followed your advise and quite shocked at what I can get so this might what I will use them for.

      • The Savage Squirrel says:

        Don’t forget you can convert from various other schemes (e.g Virgin Flying Club). Rates aren’t great (you’re buying 66p of Hilton points per £1 of Virgin for example) but are certainly far cheaper than buying for cash – and if it gets you over the points threshold to get the 5th night free then all of a sudden that conversion rate goes from poor to excellent…

        • “but are certainly far cheaper than buying for cash”
          Using your own valuations (VS=1p, HH=0.33p) transfers VS-> Hilton cost 0.5p ea.

          Hilton was selling them for 0.4p cash ea very recently.

      • Lady London says:

        Dont Hilton do 5th Night free on award booking?

      • Wow only 35k… I am spending 120k on WA Maldives… lol I feel stupid now

        • And you’re not trapped at the resort. Good food options outside. But beach and sea not as nice. Different strokes and all that.

  10. Talking of prizes. Did I miss who won the flights comp ( the one before the Etihad one)

  11. since HfP reported last week that Virgin would be offering connections from Sao Paulo on GOL, thought i would have a look at the prices. from the examples i looked at, VS are charging over 500 quid more to book a consolidated fare than if you booked separate flights. whilst you might expect a modest extra fee for the protection of a consolidated ticket – over 500 quid is crazy.

    • Lady London says:

      Sounds like it could be because thé Brazilian govt bans YQ charges is so called fuel surcharges, on tickets starting in Brazil. But a return to Brazil starting in another country cannot take advantage of this.

      • if that’s the case, then i guess consolidated tickets will always be outrageously priced.

        i was wondering if it was just an early teething problem with the VS pricing.

    • it looks like prices have settled down

      there might even be a slight discount for a consolidated ticket !

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