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I’m pleased to say that Head for Points has been recognised with four nominations in the 2019 Business Travel Journalism Awards.

Each member of the team has received at least one nomination.

These are:

Best Newcomer to Business Travel or Meetings & Events Journalism (Rhys)

Best Use of Digital in Business Travel or Meetings & Events Journalism 

Editorial Team of the Year (Rob, Rhys, Anika)

Features Journalist of the Year – Accommodation (Rob, for this)

Business Travel Journalism Awards

Winners will be announced in early October at a gala dinner at the Corinthia Hotel.

It could go either way – we won three in 2017, including ‘Editor of the Year’ and, for Anika, ‘Best Newcomer’, but last year came away with nowt …..

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  1. OT: Does anyone know what the chances of the Heathrow Rewards 100% bonus offer from last year returning is?

    • Lady London says:

      I’ll bite. No one knows the future. But I will take a bet that by the end of the year at least a 50pc will be announced.

      • Rob commented recently that there is now a new team at HR so we may have seen the last of those offers.

  2. Jill (Kinkell) says:

    BITS: we’re all packed and ready to go , checked in, boarding passes issued for domestic and TATL flights. Less than 5 hours to go and BA send out the ‘your flight is cancelled’. We’ve already had the cancelled /not cancelled emails more than 14 days ago. BA have had loads of time to sort things out and its really annoying that at this late stage BA now decide to cancel and let us know. The early 0705 flight made it to LHR this morning, but I had deliberately booked the early evening flight , relaxing stay at the Sofitel , time in the CCR before jetting off next morning.
    Disruption all round..car parking needs sorting out, Sofitel needs cancelling, getting up in the middle of the night for the early 0705 tomorrow instead (lets hope its on time) a quick mid morning Champagne and off to gate for IAD flight. Not quite what I’d planned, and we’ll be knackered when we get to Washington
    BA email invited me to accept the new arrangements on MMB……needless to say , its the usual IT glitch ‘ error…try again later’ Finally phoned the You First line to be informed ticket is fine, all confirmed and accepted, get passes at airport.
    I suppose we are no different from many others in getting late notifications and if all goes according to plan with the new flight times, we aren’t losing any holiday time….just the relaxing easy, bags-of-time approach that suits us more mature travellers!

    • 250 Euro per person compensation should help Jill, and the Kessock Bridge won’t be too busy at 6am.

      • Shoestring says:

        EUR600 each methinks for LH – not that I can exactly see the timings

        [If you received less than seven days’ notice of the cancellation, you can claim compensation based on the timings of the alternative flight:

        If your new flight arrives more than four hours after your original flight, you can claim €600 – no matter what time it departs.]


        • I suspect that Jill had booked INV-LHR (overnight) -IAD, and will now do INV-LHR-IAD without the gap, so will probably arrive at the same time at ultimate destination. In that case I would expect that the length of the first flight would be the basis for compensation, but would be happy to be proven otherwise.

          • This is quite complicated.

            Definitely looking to hear views on this. I had a Lufthansa claim refused where the flight to MUC was cancelled. I had deliberately booked an overnight to have a meeting in MUC, but I arrived to the final destination on time.

            The Regulation for cancellations seems to say compensation is payable. My understanding is the issue is about delays on the feeder, not cancellations. Remember the Regulation was created for cancellations and expanded compensation for delays by case law.

          • Shoestring says:

            @Don give your flights and timings, planned & actual, & I’ll venture an opinion!

          • Jill (Kinkell) says:

            Thanks David and Shoestring. Kessock Bridge will be a doddle! I reckon we get €300 each as compo ,as its 50 % given that we will hopefully arrive within 2 (or is it 4 hrs) of normal arrival time at destination . Checked up…today’s 0705 BA flight to LHR didn’t actually leave until 1055 . The IAD flight departs at 1100.! So let’s hope there is no delay.

          • Lady London says:

            I haven’t read other posters’ replies yet. I would have told BA to *”* “%%. At that late stage I would not have been able to present myself for the earlier flight.

            What happened? Did one of British Airways’s planes suddenly go missing? That amount of notice for that length of journey is not acceptable. I would have rejected that reroute and cooperated with them for the next available reroute following my original departure time on the Transatlantic leg, that they could offer.

            Btw and this is not thé point I think the 600 EUR compo is safe as IIRC it’s outside the number of hours earlier you can be asked to depart on a reroute.

            [email protected] K is nicer than me though…and would happily accept loss of a key paet of the pleasure of her trip.

            So sorry for you, @Jill K

  3. Anyone noticed their Amex offers not triggering?
    Had three offers not trigger now when spent.

    • Shoestring says:

      doesn’t mean too much if you don’t get the emails

      I failed to get emails for the Europcar £20 x2 this week but am happy they’ll get credited

  4. Hertz
    Is there anyway to book through US site with log in?

    It is much cheaper to book without logging in but will lose the perks I usually get.

    • Book without log in then phone up to add

    • Lady London says:

      I guess you know the Hertz USA site defaults to a much lesser insurance coverage? Will Amec Plat fill the gap?

    • Charlieface says:

      Check your settings in your profile match the type of booking available when not logged in. So CDW and TP and SLI include or not, probably you want all not included. That should fix the issue

  5. OT — US-only but Lyft will now give one Delta mile per $1 spent (two miles if it’s an airport ride) if you link your accounts. They’ve had a similar offer with Hilton running for some time so I’m curious to see whether a ride can earn both Delta and Hilton points at the same time.

  6. Shoestring says:

    [So many fraudulent cards hit the market after the data breach at BA (as well as others at Ticketmaster and Marriott) that black market prices have collapsed, from £18 for a Mastercard or Visa card in June 2018 (around the time of the BA hack) to £13.50 today. Fraudsters can acquire an Amazon gift card with £800 balance for £80.]

    Daily Telegraph

  7. Shoestring says:

    Hotels.com – obvs no VAT receipt as not VAT-able – the TOMS scheme – but does anybody run into issues with employer when you just claim the headline amount without splitting out VAT? What do you tell employer?

    • Memesweeper says:

      I’ve found it’s got better lately. I can often download a VAT receipt from the site. When I first started using hotels.com it was impossible to get a VAT receipt.

      As a rule through I try and book ‘pay on checkout’ rooms with hotels.com as that way you get a normal paper receipt with just the hotel name and taxes showing.

  8. OT: The Accor offer posting on here says “complete three x 2-night stays at Accor properties between 13th September and 19th January 2020”. The Accor page simply says to stay within those dates.

    So is a stay from 11-13 Sept going to count as completed on the 13th, for the purposes of the offer? Thanks

    • Lady London says:


      Dont ever take any risks in any grey areas with Accor. Their Customer service is worse than useless. Even things their own mistake or a hotel’s misbehaviour they don’t dix.

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