REGISTER NOW: Earn double Avios on British Airways flights and via BA Holidays

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British Airways has launched a new ‘double Avios’ offer for the Autumn.

This has the potential to be very lucrative if you can work it around your travel plans.

For the first time, this offer has also been extended to BA Holidays.  Not only will you get double Avios on BA flights booked as part of a BA Holidays package, but the bonus Avios you earn for using BA Holidays are doubled to 2 Avios per £1.

The sign up page for the offer is here.  You MUST register before making any bookings.

Earn double Avios on BA Holidays

The offer is simple on the face of it:

Registration is required via this page of

The offer is open to all BAEC members globally

You earn double base Avios, excluding cabin and status bonuses, on your next 10 qualifying BA flights (a return trip = 2 flights)

You must book your flights between 18th September and 13th December

Existing bookings prior to registration do not count UNLESS you booked during the current British Airways sale.  There is a form on the registration page here which you can fill in to request that sale bookings are counted.  It is not fully clear how you are meant to know if a flight you booked recently was at a ‘sale’ price or not, however …..

You must fly before 30th June 2020

Looking at the small print, the offer is also valid on American Airlines, Iberia and Finnair flights when travelling between Europe and North America on a BA flight numberDon’t be fooled by the statement at the top of the registration page that AA, Iberia and Finnair flights to North Ameria count – the terms and conditions say they do not, unless there is a BA flight number on your boarding pass.

British Airways flights booked as part of a BA Holidays package WILL count.  You also get an extra bonus for booking via BA Holiday which I discuss later on.

The offer is also valid on Comair-operated BA services in Southern Africa.

However, apart from the exceptions above, no other BA codeshare or franchise flight will count.  You won’t get double Avios on, for example, a Bangkok Airways, Vistara, Aer Lingus, Qatar Airways or Vueling flight with a BA flight number.

Note that double Avios are awarded on the first ten qualifying flights that you fly after registering and booking. The order you book them makes no difference.  If you book 15 flights, you will get double Avios on the first 10 you fly and not the first 10 you booked.

Earn double Avios on British Airways flights

Here’s a snag though ….

You only get double Avios on your first 10 segments. 

If you have a number of long-haul flights coming up before the end of the year, you don’t want to use up your 10 flight allowance too quickly.  This means, bizarrely, you may want to consider moving some short-haul flights away from British Airways.  This will preserve your 10 flight ‘double Avios’ allowance for long-haul flights which will be far more lucrative.

And an extra bonus when you book with BA Holidays

Regular readers of Head for Points will know that we are big fans of booking your flights via BA Holidays if you can, adding in a hotel or car rental.

The main reason for this is that a ‘flight and hotel’ or ‘flight and car’ package is often cheaper than booking a flight on its own, especially in Club World.

There are two other good reasons to book with BA Holidays:

you only need to pay a deposit at the time of booking, with the balance only due five weeks before travel

you receive an extra bonus of 1 Avios per £1 spent, on top of the Avios you receive from your flights and from your credit card spend if you use a BA Amex

The only downside is that flights booked via BA Holidays do not qualify for On Business points in the BA small business loyalty programme.

During this promotion, you get two extra bonuses for booking via BA Holidays at or via the BA call centre:

your flights will earn double Avios, as long as they meet the definition of ‘qualifying flights’ and originate in the UK

the extra Avios you receive for booking with BA Holidays is doubled from 1 Avios per £1 to 2 Avios per £1

The same rules apply as with the main promotion – you must register before booking, you must book before 13th December and you must travel by 30th June 2020.

Don’t forget to register before you book

You can register for double Avios here.  I would do it now, even if you don’t have any immediate plans to book and travel, just in case you forget.

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  1. Bookings through travel agencies will count.

    To Nick C above, Base miles will be the relevant miles for the booking class. If you’ve booked ‘O’ class you will receive double the relevant miles for ‘O’. If you’ve booked, say, ‘Y’ class you will receive double the base miles for ‘Y’ etc.

    • So if I book R or I class – a Club World ticket on sale – I would normally get 5187 for LHR/JFK, or 150% of miles flown (3458). Does that mean the bonus Avios in this promo is 3458 which is paid, and the cabin bonus is 1719 which is not paid?

      I.E. Will I get 8645 Avios instead of 5187?

      • Correct. Only genuinely double for non-status economy passengers.

        • Actually, for lowest economy – it’s 5x the Avios they would normally get as it’s 0.25% or miles plus 100% of miles. Works the same when a Gold member books a lowest economy, they actually get 5 times what a Blue member would get.

      • Lady London says:

        As you illustrate @Nick_C this promotion is worth doing but only in higher classes.

        In Y it’s not worth diverting flights to BA for this as base Avios earned in Y is peanuts. So if you’re travelling in Y you stand to gain more by just choosing on basis of best flight/cash and not particularly preferring BA unless they are your best offer.

  2. So just to be 100% clear, let’s say I booked a fully flexible prem economy flight a couple of days ago through my company’s travel agent (Egencia).

    If I were to register for this promo, then cancel the ticket, and rebook…it would count for double avios? Or how do i know if bookings 2 days ago automatically count (don’t think it had any link to a BA Sale)?


    • TGLoyalty says:

      They don’t automatically count, sale fare flights have to be manually added to the promo via the form. Better off cancelling and rebooking If still the same price.

    • I would fill in the sale form anyway. But, yes, for certainty get the ticket cancelled and rebooked.

  3. Can you still get this bonus if you book through a third party agent?

    • Should be ok, yes, as long as the ticket is issued during the promo period (which could be an issue on a package holiday where the ticket may not be issued until nesrer departure).

  4. Peter Taysum says:

    So if I’m reading right, my flights from CDG to LHR to SEA will count, but I won’t get the bonus Holiday points as flights don’t originate in the UK. My positioning flights to XCDG from NCL will count as will holiday bonus (booked Hotel for stopover)?

    Annoyingly my positioning flights are Economy (as gold)

    • TGLoyalty says:

      The bonus is if you book a package using BA holidays rather than where your flight originated from?

      • Peter Taysum says:

        During this promotion, you get two extra bonuses for booking via BA Holidays at or via the BA call centre:

        your flights will earn double Avios, as long as they meet the definition of ‘qualifying flights’ and originate in the UK

        So I think I’ll get the Avios from the flights I take, but NOT the bonus on the “Holiday” as it starts in France. I think… 🤪

  5. FlightDoctor says:

    Registered this morning and have since just upgraded a flight from ATH-LHR tomorrow from ET to CE on MMB. Would this count, given the original booking was made some time ago (and not in the sale)??

  6. Gareth Oakley says:

    Any idea if the recent US First class deals are classified as part of the sale?

    I booked on the 31st August (inside the sale window, so potentially eligible for double Avios)

  7. Sam Bessey says:

    I am looking at doing a WTP/PE flight to MEL with BA and CX – I am assuming as long as the CX leg is BA ticketed, it will all be good? My question is how can I ensure I am getting this ticketed as a BA flight if I am booking through a third party travel agent? There are some fantastic fares knocking about for New Year time at the moment.

    I am seeing a potential haul of 41,000 Avios rtn for this with the bonus if BA ticketed all the way through which at £1700 rtn is a good haul of miles IMO.

    • Sam. I don’t think you get the bonus on the CX sectors, unless it is part of a BA holiday. Have you read the T&Cs?

      4.4. A Qualifying Flight is a flight with a British Airways prefix on any selling class or cabin on any British Airways operated service (excluding Reward flights or upgrades using Avios) or any flight included as part of a Qualifying Holiday and any flight with a British Airways prefix on a transatlantic flight operated by British Airways (BA), American Airlines (AA), Iberia (IB) or Finnair (AY) between Europe and North America. The promotion also applies to travel on domestic flights within the UK, and within southern Africa (operated by Comair), Sunnair and CityFlyer.

      4.4.1. Any other flights operated by any other British Airways franchises, codeshare partners or oneworld® alliance members will not qualify.

      • Sam Bessey says:

        Seems you’re right. Still double points on the LHRHKG leg is still a nice little bonus

  8. Stephen W says:

    Any idea what the eligibility rules are? I’m BA gold but got “Your registration has been unsuccessful, unfortunately you are not eligible for this offer” when I tried to register:

  9. Sorry off topic but wife and I sure to go on holiday Sunday to Corfu (BA) and my passport is missing.

    We are looking through the house l. I live in London.

    Does anyone know if I could get an emergency replacement tomorrow.


    • Passport Office at Victoria can do it in 4 hours (I did it in June) BUT you must have an appointment and the slots may have gone for Friday.

      • Rob

        Thanks. We have are having a massive look.

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          I’m afraid you can’t get next day slots anymore. You have to leave at least 1 clear day so the earliest you could do would be Saturday.

          They have slots on Saturday morning in London.

          Make sure you book it today if you need it.

          Good luck !

          • I can’t see where to book a slot for Saturday.

            No luck finding.

          • Sussex Bantam says:

            Go here .. and then answering the questions gets you to the booking page..


          • BlueHorizonuk says:

            You cant get next day appointments for lost and stolen passports.

            Minimum is 1 week.

          • Sussex Bantam says:

            Yes – actually you are correct. The premium service is just for renewals.

          • I had this issue about 18 months ago. Was told by phone agents that lost/stolen couldn’t be replaced same/next day but I booked an appointment and was told I could pay for a 1 week turnaround. We rebooked flights/hotel for the following week but when I turned up to the appointment (at the Liverpool Passport Office) the first question the lady asked was whether I’d like same day service. I clarified that I’d lost my passport & had been told couldn’t get same day to which her response was we can do anything once you’re here. It was very kind of her but I was also pretty annoyed as if I’d realised this was available we wouldn’t have booked new flights! Moral of the story, book any appointment you can get and then see what they can do face to face. Remember to report it lost the day before though.

  10. Anthony L says:

    Tried to register and BA website says I’m not eligible for this offer. Any suggestions?

  11. Have we decided which is the best card to put theses on? Have Gold and if same-ish price would go through Amex travel. Could temporary get free BA card which would give me an extra 6000 points I suppose, worth another 6000 avios on top (twice if recommend wife) = 12,000 avios.

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