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ANA’s new business class seat, THE Room, really is very good ….

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Back in July we wrote about ANA’s new Business Class and First Class products, which are debuting on the Heathrow to Tokyo route.

This is worth knowing about because one of the best uses of Virgin Flying Club miles is redeeming on ANA flights from London.  You only need 95,000 miles for a return business class flight.

Using your Virgin Flying Club miles for a trip to Tokyo has just got a whole lot more interesting.  ANA is launching a new Business and First Class seat on its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, and the London route has been the first to get it.  It looks rather good, to put it mildly.

The First Class suites are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration.  Finished in dark woods, there are two only rows which make this an intimate cabin:

ANA first class the suite

The seat almost takes the full width of the suite, with only a thin slither along the side given over to storage or as an armrest. There is also an exceptionally large 43” screen which has a 4K display – apparently the first time this has been used for a commercial aircraft.

THE Room is ANA’s new Businesss Class product.  Club World style, half of the seats face forwards and half face backwards.

If you look at the photo below the first thing that will strike you is how disproportionately wide the seat is.  Look at the head rest.  You can see the protective cover, which is about what you’d expect the seat width to be.

THE Room looks like it is twice as wide – more sofa-like than a seat. ANA says that THE Room has twice the width of their old business class seat (click for Anika’s flight review) which is not hard to believe.

Of course, this is business class and the trade-off is that it does taper into a cubby hole where your feet end up.  Nonetheless, the extra width at torso and shoulder height should make sitting and sleeping in this seat feel a lot less cramped.  It is a very clever piece of design.

ANA business class the room

Last week I attended the media launch of THE Room, and there were seats available to try out.  It is, genuinely, huge.  At one point there were two of us sat side by side on the seat and we were able to have a normal conversation, with a decent bit of space between us!

Not content with a sliding door, THE Room also has a second opening which slides up and down.  This allows the crew to pass food to you whilst the door is closed, getting around one of the biggest issues with Club Suite and Qsuite.  The 24 inch 4K TV also looked very impressive, although it was not operating.

ANA business class the room

If you need to head to Japan in the near future, I strongly recommend giving this a try.  It is currently on both of ANA’s daily Heathrow services.

You won’t earn Avios or BA tier points as ANA is a member of Star Alliance, although you can credit the flight to Virgin Flying Club.

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  • Summer says:

    As far as I can tell the “use Virgin Flying Club for ANA Business/First” thing is a fable. There are never pairs of business or first seats available from London at any time in the next year (when searching via the United website). Given up on trying. Can anyone prove me wrong- am I doing it wrong?

    • Lumma says:

      Try Frankfurt to Tokyo. Great availability when over 6 months out. Taxes are over £150 cheaper then London

    • Rob says:

      No problem with one, not sure about two. Lots of other EU starting points though, I doubt Vienna is heaving.

  • James says:

    ANA have just made BA look like a joke.

    • Shoestring says:

      Good job for shareholders they command Fortress Heathrow, then.

      You exaggerate to make your point: the new BA Business seat is pretty good & rolling out. Might be a bit cramped if you and your wife try & sit side by side on it, though.

      • Shoestring says:

        talking Fortress Heathrow: Virgin wants to add 84 new destinations to its network if it can get the LHR slots

        • Ken says:

          Or it could just rent the slots to someone else.
          Much easier.

          • Rob says:

            The issue with the 3rd runway is that most people, secretly, intend to close or massively shrink at Gatwick and move across. The new runway is pointless in this scenario.

          • Spaghetti Town says:

            Gatwick probably shouldn’t exist if Heathrow had had 4 runways from the start

          • Russ says:

            @Spaghetti Town. Gatwick serves a different function from LHR; it’s where all the crap gets dumped. As soon as slots at LHR become available and finance able, carriers move to LHR. It’s shining light is it’s open 24 hrs a day, something LHR greatly coverts.

          • Spaghetti Town says:

            @ Russ – my point exactly. if Heathrow was like Amsterdam and the only option. Everyone would fly from there.

          • Lady London says:

            @Russ really annoying, that. Even if my flight is really late out of Gatwick, and going to land really late at m’y home airport too, both d*** airports are 24hr. So I will never, ever earn any eu261 compensation shorthaul. As – if there’s no curfew – a plane can always be magicked up from elsewhere in Europe.

            It might take 2 and a half hours starting at 10pm. But alwsys, always it will take less than 3 hours for a replacement plane to be brought and depart at these airports – if there is no curfew in the way at either end of the journey.

            So without my eu261 compo as the replacement plane is never quite 3 hours late, meanwhile I can always get my duty of care refreshments once the delay goes over 2 hours. Except – every coffee bar closed 6 hours ago, by the time the replacement plane no is ready to depart.

            Never mind, there will be refreshments on the plane. Er…. Not. The plane is either doing its 4th or 5th rotation that day, or it’s a rapidly conjured wet lease, which the absence of curfew at LGW and my airport has made possible. But they sold out of snacks and most refreshments on rotation three earlier in the day (rotation 2 if school holidays) or they didn’t have any loaded (wet lease).

            So to or from LGW, easy to arrive nearly 3 hours late (but not quite), in the early hours of the morning, with no transport for another 3 hours to leave the airport, and get nothing. One of my evening flights is regularly late every single week throughout the summer. As it uses Gatwick, i get the above happening time and time again. Grrrr at LHR I’d be putting in a claim every second week. I don’t like 24hr airports!

  • Lumma says:

    Is there any info as to when this seat will appear on other routes?

  • Shoestring says:

    cf – coming your way in 2020

    LXR sounds a pretty good ‘acronym’ / identifier to me

  • Jday says:

    The layout and design does look a lot like Qsuite

  • BJ says:

    O/T: Just saw this video on the BBC so I’m posting it as a reminder to those thinking of heading to south east Asia. If you have a choice then choose your time carefully. The smoke can spread over all of Malaysia and Singapore, and into Thailand. It is dangerous and can get very unpleasant, it totally spoiled our last trip to Malaysia.

    • Matt says:

      Sitting here in KL I can confirm that it is ghastly, and Indonesia is even worse. Wish someone had told us this before we moved to Malaysia…

      • Spaghetti Town says:

        Great… got a trip to Bali and Singapore in less than a month

        • Louie says:

          I’m currently in Singapore, arrived this morning. Both the taxi driver and the guy checking us in at the hotel warned us about this, saying it was the worst for five years or so. The hotel chap even went out to the chemist and bought face masks for us without prompting whilst we were sorting out some stuff in reception. Today’s not been bad though, let’s hope it stays that way.

    • Zoe says:

      I just watched the clip. Would you expect it to be bad in December? Heading to KL then on to Cambodia.

      • Axel Heyst says:

        Read up on your Joseph Conrad. The Sumatra Squalls come in October. These trade winds will resolve the haze.

        The KL skyline is polluted around most of the year though. I haven’t seen a clear blue sky in KL for about 30 yeara.

    • Andy says:

      Hmmm wonder if it will end before November…

  • Mike says:

    Harry – please could you remind me what is the generic Barcode/Library card No to be used on ?

  • Halo says:

    There appears to be a typo in the ANA article as it initially refers to”an exceptionally large 43” screen” and then refers to a 24” screen. Confusing 1st with business class perhaps?

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