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Get yourself a bargain in the new British Airways luxury flight and holiday sale

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British Airways has launched a new flight sale and is offering savings on both premium flights and holiday packages which include a First or Business Class flight.

You must book by 29th October and travel dates vary by destination. You can see all the available deals on the BA website here.

British Airways luxury flight and holiday sale

Business class flight deals

There are some good value Club World deals to the US and Canada, although these are not the cheapest deals we have ever seen.  In North America the most competitive fares are:

  • Montreal £1398
  • Nashville £1499
  • New York £1367
  • Orlando £1579
  • Philadelphia £1383
  • Toronto £1374
  • Washington DC £1399

Remember that selected New York (selected Boeing 777 flights) and Toronto (the A350 flights) services have the new Club Suite seat.

You can save a couple of hundred pounds on fares to the Caribbean and Latin America.  These are not rock-bottom prices but then again it is peak tourist season.  In general, these fares are available during Spring 2020:

  • Antigua £1745
  • Barbados £1766
  • Cancun £1645
  • Kingston £1694
  • Lima £1984
  • Providenciales £1891
  • Punta Cana £1521
  • St Kitts £1766
  • St Lucia £1765
  • Tobago £1716

The real winners, though, are in the Middle East and Africa – again, whilst not bargain basement sums, you will rarely see better direct fares than this during peak season:

  • Cape Town £2581 (in previous sales it was £3,200-£3,500)
  • Dammam £1859
  • Durban £2727 (again saving £500+)
  • Johannesburg £1709 (almost half price from previous sales!)
  • Nairobi £1246

British Airways luxury hotel and flight sale

And in First class…

A lot of North American destinations are available for less than £2000 in First:

  • Atlanta £1899
  • Austin £1999
  • Boston £1998
  • Chicago £1999
  • Houston £1999
  • Miami £2099
  • Nashville £1899
  • New York £1798
  • New Orleans £2003
  • Philadelphia £1803
  • San Diego £2099
  • San Jose £1999
  • Seattle £1999
  • Toronto £1798
  • Vancouver £1998
  • Washington DC £1899

The sale isn’t great outside North America, but these are worth highlighting:

  • Beijing £2399
  • Shanghai £2399
  • Tel Aviv £1544

Travelling with a companion?

There are also fares for pairs, for two people flying the exact same sectors in Club World. These are extremely competitively priced:

  • Seychelles £2499 (£1249 per person)
  • Durban £2999 (£1500pp)
  • Nassau £3399 (£1699pp)
  • Santiago £3999 (£1998pp)
  • Singapore £4498 (£2249pp)

And in First:

  • Barbados £4930 (£2465pp)
  • Sao Paolo £5999 (£2999pp)
  • Santiago £5999 (£2999pp)

The full list of destinations offering ‘241’ deals in Business Class is: Seychelles, Kingston, Durban, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Islamabad, Chennai, Kuala Lumpur, Nassau, Santiago, Sao Paolo, Singapore and Sydney.

Get an even better deal with BA Holidays

There are also some good deals over at BA Holidays, assuming you are happy to package in a hotel with your flight (and you can often make substantial savings if you do).

Whilst it is hard to get your head around, the weird ways that flights are priced means that booking a flight with a car or a flight with a hotel can be cheaper than just booking a flight.  Note that if you add a car or hotel it must be for the full duration of your holiday if you want to trigger a package discount.

Some headline Club World deals are:

  • Abu Dhabi from £1409 per person – for travel between 15th November and 15th December 2019 including including three nights at a 4* hotel and return flights in business class from Heathrow
  • Barbados from £1999 per person – for travel between 16th June and 19th July 2020 including seven nights at a 4* hotel  and return flights in Club World from Gatwick
  • New York from £1579 per person – for travel in April 2020 including four nights at a 4.5* hotel and return flights in Club World from Heathrow

Remember that you don’t need to pay now when you book a BA Holidays package.  You just pay a deposit and can settle the balance up to five weeks before departure.

You also earn an extra 1 Avios per £1 when you book BA Holidays packages.  This is on top of the standard Avios you receive from the flight and the double Avios you would receive if you pay with a British Airways Premium Plus credit card.  The only downside is that flights booked as part of a BA Holidays package do not earn anything in the BA On Business SME loyalty scheme.


The BA luxury flights and holidays page is here. It is also worth using the low fare finder tool on to track down destinations and fares and which months they’re available. Make sure to book by the 29th October, which is when this sale ends.

To maximise your miles when paying, your best bet is the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card which earns double Avios (3 per £1) when you book at or via BA Holidays.  You do not get double Avios if you book with the free British Airways American Express card.  Another option is American Express Preferred Rewards Gold which offers double points – 2 per £1 – when you book flight tickets directly with an airline.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

Comments (144)

  • Nick_C says:

    Slim chance of finding an A350 to JFK. Far better I would have thought to take an AA flight (same price through BA) with the added bonus of using the Qantas or Cathay lounges at T3.

    Although the £200 upgrade to First would make BA tempting on the outbound.

    The days when these headline prices are available are few and far between. The recent ex CDG offers were much cheaper and there was lots of availability in June.

  • AJA says:

    I tried yesterday to book the 2 biz tickets for one deal to the Seychelles for several dates in March and the only return flights in biz were on Qatar Airways with an 8 hour stop in Doha and still priced up at £2.2k each. I couldnt find a direct flight back for a decent price and any of the short stop overs ~3 hours all had the Doha to London segment in economy! The other thing to bear in mind is the Seychelles-Doha flights are on an A330 with the old 2-2-2 biz class layout.

    • roberto says:

      BA only fly 2 days a week to SEZ.. Prehaps you are looking at prices for days they dont fly , try to look at other days/dates and you will see the cheaper non-Qatar deals.

  • John says:

    Interesting stuff from WW on Airbus, and how credit ratings do/don’t work.

    (Also on Brexit, if you follow link in Irish Independentstory)

    • marcw says:

      It’s old news – we now that already (remember IAG intention to buy 250 737 MAX?). The problem is no other manufacturer isn’t able to sell anything remotely similar to a 321LR.

    • Paul Pogba says:

      Willie Walsh prefers buying rushed Boeings that crash twice in 6 months and lose their airworthiness certificate. Willie Walsh likes penny pinching on IT and ends up paying a £183m fine for data breaches. Willie Walsh is a god damn genius.

      • Lady London says:

        Just wondering, as a matter of interest, are you American?

        • Polly says:

          Love it!
          Btw, we made into stn escape lounge last Thurs. Consider it a big achievement these days!
          In Thessaloniki enjoying da culture..gorgeous sites to visit.

          • Shoestring says:

            Made friends with a guy when we studied Italian together in Firenze, he invited me over to Saloniki, turned out his dad was the MP/ Senator so I got included in some visit to a newly discovered Roman underground gravesite!

            I also made friends with an amazing beautiful blonde girl on the Italian study course from Belgium, she also invited me over for a few days and her dad was also the local MP! A great couple of days.

            Try studying Italian, you meet all the right people lol

  • Secret Squirrel says:

    OT: Where is the VA credit card upgrade voucher found in your account?

    • stevenhp1987 says:

      It’s a line item in your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Account – “Virgin Atlantic Reward+ Credit Card – Reward Qualification”.

      It doesn’t appear anywhere else.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Thanks, I had that line come up on my statement 2-3 weeks ago but cannot see any sign of a voucher in my VA flying Club account?
        I even tried a dummy booking using E with PE available but all the way to payment stage no sign of a voucher?

        • Rob says:

          You don’t see the voucher, and you can’t book online. You need to call Virgin – they can see it and they can book it.

  • Travel Strong says:

    O/T: If my *only* need is for up to £200pm of ATM withdrawals abroad – is Curve with an underlying rewards card the best way? (e.g. Curve to MBNA Horizon, or Virgin+)

    All other abroad spending is of course on a suitable CC. I only need a small amount of cash – £200 is fine.
    I’ve done the sums and estimate curve will net me 3-4% extra compared to exchanging cash on the highstreet or withdrawing on a debit card abroad.

    …. but am I missing any other tricks?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      you won’t be penalised for going too far over £200 per pcm. If you take the mic they will of course.

      • Mark says:

        Interesting. I’m not clear on whether the £500 loading free monthly allowance on the Blue card only covers purchases, or ATM withdrawals as well (I realise there’s the separate £200 monthly limit on that). Including the latter I went slightly over last month, but it didn’t seem to impact the rate. Does anyone know?

        Not many credit cards these days offer rewards for foreign spend and no loading so I find it’s actually quite useful for purchases as well (though not for anything where you’d want Section 75 – I do have a Tandem card as well).

  • Princess says:

    OT: i just want to thanks Rob and everyone that with comment contribute to this website. I’ve just manage to get Business Class seat from Hong Kong booking with full Avios and £60. Then I got half of the Avios refunded when I called to link them to the booking I already have with a companion voucher, but taxes didn’t go up!

  • Steve says:


    Can anyone remember from that Tesco Mobile deal what the deal is when you get a SIM from Tesco?

    I’m in this situation at the moment where my contract has ended with 3, I’ve taken out a new SIM only deal via the website that can not be named also with 3, but can not keep my number as you can not switch number 3 to 3.

    Thinking the best thing to do is switch from my recently ended contract with 3 to a PAYG with a different provider then switch that to my super new SIM Only deal with 3 (£5.16 for Unlimited Calls, Texts and 8G Data) so that way I should be able to keep my number.

    As the PAYG SIM will just be used to facilitate that, would be good if I could get one that can be activated without having to be credited with a top up.

    Can anyone remember if there is any credit pre loaded on to a PAYG SIM when you buy one for 99p from a shop?


    • sloth says:

      no there wont be (unless you get lucky), you will need to top up

    • Alice says:

      I’ve used GiffGaff for this purpose. Cash back declined. Twice. Also 3 is 3G. No 4G roaming.

    • e14 says:

      Asda free

    • xcalx says:

      Tesco free sim comes with 20p credit.

    • Lady London says:

      How to get a SIM?

      Poundland is good for SIMs. Most seem to want an initial £10 topup though. But they have usually 5 or 6 brands. So perhaps there is still one that comes with 50p-£2 credit as they used to.

      Amazon also has quite a few SIMs available for practically nothing as an add-on.

      You could try googling maybe if you are looking for one that comes with tiny credit. Mostly was with new mvno’s and not seen any for a while.

  • Shoestring says:

    Here we go in a Cathay sort of way 🙂

    And a big thanks to IB for the 90K upgrade!

    Looks like while I don’t exactly have the Topsham 10, I *do* have the T3 Four, so starting with Order et File, a Brewgog IPA & some dim sum and noodles