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Got a Lloyds Avios Rewards Mastercard credit card? It’s a good time to get a Club Lloyds current account

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If you had the old Lloyds Avios Rewards American Express or Lloyds Duo credit cards, you have probably been switched to the new Lloyds Avios Rewards Mastercard by now.  If not, it will happen very soon.

For clarity, before you read on – the Lloyds Avios Rewards Mastercard is NOT available to new applicants.  There are no Avios-earning Lloyds Bank credit cards available to new applicants.

What are you earning on your Lloyds Avios Rewards Mastercard?

There were a lot of changes from the old American Express / Mastercard double pack:

  • the upgrade voucher is dead – the new Mastercard has no ‘long term spend’ bonus
  • there is no longer be an annual fee, saving £24
  • there IS now a foreign exchange fees of 3%

This is the earnings rate on your Lloyds Avios Rewards Mastercard:

0.4 Avios per £1 you spend in the UK

0.8 Avios per £1 you spend outside the UK

0.4 Avios per £1 transferred on a balance transfer

Because the Mastercard element of the old Avios Rewards cards was so poor, this actually represents an improvement.  You used to get 0.2 Avios per £1 on the Mastercard in the UK and 0.4 Avios per £1 elsewhere.

A lot of people missed the small print about Club Lloyds …..

There is an interesting bit of small print attached to the earnings rates above.

Holders of a Club Lloyds current account earn an extra 0.1 Avios per £1 (0.2 Avios per £1 for foreign transactions).

This means that a Club Lloyds accound holder gets:

0.5 Avios per £1 you spend in the UK

1.0 Avios per £1 you spend outside the UK

0.4 Avios per £1 transferred on a balance transfer

For this to kick in, you must have had a Club Lloyds current account for at least six months.

Why are we mentioning this today?

At present, there is a generous incentive available for opening a Club Lloyds current account.

Take a look at the Club Lloyds website here.

Until 5th November, Club Lloyds will give you £125 if you move your current account to them.

This applies to both the standard account and the Platinum version.  Note the terms and conditions which are lengthy.

Technically, the standard account has a  £3 monthly fee whilst the Platinum account has a £22 monthly fee.  However, the fee for the standard account is waived if you pay in £1,500 per month. 

The benefits are not bad, assuming you pay in enough to get the fee waived:

annual benefit of either 6 cinema tickets, an annual magazine subscription, or annual Gourmet Society membership

1% credit interest on balances up to £4,000 and 2% on balances between £4,000 and £5,000 as long as you have two direct debits set up on your account (you would receive £60 per year if you kept at least £5,000 in your account at all times)

The fee for the Platinum account is reduced to £19 per month if you pay in £1,500 monthly.  The benefits here look OK but you may already have most of them:

worldwide travel insurance, valid up to 80 years of age (appears comprehensive)

AA breakdown cover

mobile phone insurance

…. plus the benefits of the standard account listed above.

Plus the extra Avios …..

What isn’t mentioned in the benefits above is the additional Avios earned on your Lloyds Avios Rewards Mastercard for having a Club Lloyds account.

If you are spending £2,000 per month on your Mastercard, you’d be earning an extra 200 Avios per month as a Club Lloyds account holder.  This clearly isn’t lifechanging but is better than nothing.

If you use your Lloyds credit card abroad – not recommended due to the 3% fee, but perhaps your employer is paying – you will do even better due to the extra 0.2 Avios.

You can find out more about the £125 switching bonus on the Club Lloyds website here.

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The following offers will expire on 2nd November 2021:

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  • 40,000 Avios on British Airways American Express Premium Plus
  • 60,000 points on The Platinum Card from American Express

Here are the top current deals:

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Capital On Tap Business Rewards Visa

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For a non-American Express option, we also recommend the Barclaycard Select Cashback card for sole traders and small businesses. It is FREE and you receive 1% cashback on your spending:

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Comments (69)

  • Derek Broughton says:

    I got my upgrade voucher two weeks ago. Not dead yet!

  • Pierre says:

    Have the Lloyds MasterCard having been given notice from the old Amex. Trying to open the new club account but when logging in using credentials for MasterCard it keeps saying sorry there is a problem! Have tried using different browsers but same issue. Suppose one could apply for the current account without logging in first. Any thoughts?

  • iamfugly says:

    Has anyone had experience of using the upgrade voucher? Did you have do checks prior to using the voucher as to whether there are reward seats in the class you wanted to upgrade to?
    It is only redeemable via calling a dedicated call line so it seems a bit pot luck whether it is applicable to your booked ticket!
    Thanks in advance

    • Anna says:

      I don’t know if you can apply it to a flight you’ve already booked but there has to be availability in the cabin you want to upgrade to. You can redeem it by calling BAEC. If they don’t know what you’re talking about ask to speak to the staff who deal with Lloyds upgrade bookings.

      • PaulC says:

        Do people do this at midnight to avoid missing out on seats wehn they are released?
        Ive never done the midnight trick and have never struggled to book but I am currently looking to book one for October next year and was going to do this trick.
        Out Economy and back Business using Upgrade ticket.

        • BJ says:

          I could be wrong but I believe it is still the same old avios team that books it after being put through to them by BA. Therefore, they are only open avios hours. However, this could be easily checked by calling at midnight (or 1am currently). In theory you cannot apply the voucher to an existing booking, but there is no harm in asking as people have reported all sorts of helpful results from the avios team over the years.

          • Mikeact says:

            I have now upgraded two existing bookings with no questions asked, and I have moved existing bookings within the same zone, (important), again, no problem.
            I have a confirmed Lloyds Avios booking for two of us for next September which we have no intention of using, but will change nearer the time when we know where we would really like to go, (within the same zone)….as they are long haul, we are thinking of a couple of options.
            This sort of flexibility has been so useful…if only I had realised on day 1.

    • Gerry says:

      Hi iamfugly,
      I use to see if the availability I require is open. You can only upgrade one ‘class’, though not to 1st. I then double check on
      Then phone the number specifically for Avios rewards ( 0844 and 0344 numbers I’ve used in the past.)
      I have only used to my place in the sun in Europe but presently using one voucher for 4 flights in CE (Edi-Lhr-Europe) which is a bargain AFAIC. So I also have to find UK connecting flights too. (Be careful the agent doesn’t try to place you in economy for connecting flights btw, this has happened to me twice but is incorrect.)

      • Lady London says:

        There is an offer currently on BA where incoming in PE (Y+) your travel agent can book you in Club on a connecting domestic sector without any extra charge.

    • Nic says:

      Voucher still works. It’s just a bit more annoying to upgrade.

      1) Check the flights you want have Business availability on Reward Flight Finder.

      2) Call BAEC. Wait half an hour for phone to be answered.

      3) Immediately ask to be transferred to the department which handles Lloyds Voucher Upgrades, as the BAEC service rep won’t be able to help you.

      4) Make a cup of tea as you await the answer.

      5) Tell the Avios Dept rep your exact flight details and that you want to apply your upgrade voucher. They will see your upgrade voucher, your Avois balance and should quote the Economy Avios prices but assure you a Business seat. They will do the booking, Avios debit and you’ll get the email with the booking details.

      • Nick_C says:

        For clarity – Avios for Economy or Premium Economy, Redemption fee tor the next class up.

      • iamfugly says:

        Nic, thank you very much for the step guide. That is a much better method than the one I was going to make of first making a PE rewards booking myself, then calling BAEC after to request the upgrade to business.
        Thank you all your input, much appreciated.

      • Geoffrey Sheppard says:

        Or you can just call Avios direct, give them the flt numbers you want, and book them right there. They will take the avios required from your BAEC account.

  • lgflyer says:

    Are Revolut topups allowed and treated as a purchase with the Lloyds card?

  • Anna says:

    Spooky coincidence (possibly). In the past week my online Lloyds account has moved over to the new MC (though I now can’t see any of my statements, but again, this is Lloyds) and I’ve received a new PIN (though not a new card). Today a letter has arrived notifying me I’ve earned the upgrade voucher, even though I haven’t spent on the card since August and by reckoning am still £50 short of the £7k spend. Anyone else had this?

  • Kush says:

    Since the change, I have been contemplating changing my credit cards as the rewards scheme is now very poor, however this seems to be the only Mastercard that rewards you with Avios…
    Would you suggest any other card worth getting – I see the Amex Gold card now states you must not have held one for 2 years ( i think I had one about 1.5 years ago)

    • Dave says:

      The RBS or NatWest rewards mastercard allows you to payout your rewards at a rate of something like £50=5870 avios IIRC. Which is free of you have their rewards account which is also pretty generous for Direct Debits and such like

    • Genghis says:

      HSBC prem?

  • Liz says:

    How long from hitting the £7k spend does the email/letter arrive. We’ve just till the £7k spend a few days ago. Does the voucher allow you to upgrade the domestic part and the long haul part of a trip, I’m sure the last time I used one I didn’t get the domestic leg upgraded.

    • yorkieflyer says:

      yes all legs can be upgraded

    • John says:

      Hi. I recently got my new Lloyds avios mastercard. How do you know how long it is to go till the 7k target is reached ? I can’t see it anywhere on my statement or app. Thanks

  • Jeff says:

    I have 4 bank accounts with ABC Bank. Can I assign to ‘switch’ just one of these accounts to Lloyds (to get the £125 bonus) and safely retain the 3 ABC Bank accounts?

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