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Evelop to fly London Gatwick to New York for British Airways – without fully flat business class

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Whilst British Airways continues to struggle with engine issues on its Boeing 787 fleet, it has chartered an A330 from Spanish airline Evelop to operate the Gatwick to New York flight.

It will cover flights between 27th October and 12th January.

It appears to be an ex-Singapore Airlines regional aircraft.  This aircraft does NOT have flat beds in business class – they are the ‘slope at an angle to the floor’ variety, which most airlines got rid of years ago.

Evelop operating New York flights for British Airways

British Airways is allowing anyone booked onto this service to switch, free of charge, to any British Airways-operated service from New York to Heathrow.  If you are on the day flight outbound then the 2 x 2 x 2 seating should be OK, especially if you are travelling with a partner and so don’t mind being directly next to someone.

If you are on the overnight return, I would be tempted to switch.  If you are smart, of course, you will try to switch to an A350 (although none are currently scheduled on JFK) or Boeing 777 service with Club Suite!

There is a photo below so you can make up your own mind.

There is also no Premium Economy on this Evelop aircraft, so those passengers will need to move to a Heathrow service or accept a downgrade to Economy.  Economy passengers can also switch to a BA service if they prefer.

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Comments (96)

  • Sean says:

    With regards to the £50 off £200 AMEX Marriott offer, does the foreign transaction fee count towards the £200? My card has just been charged and the total with foreign transaction fee is £200.86, is this sufficient or will I need to spend another £6 or so?

    • paulm says:

      Might help – it did when Hilton had a similar offer so would expect the same on this.

  • Bobbyd says:

    Family of 5, better to use family check in or business class?

    • Rob says:

      Here’s the thing. I’ve never used family check-in so I don’t know how busy it is. If you’re getting a taxi you need to decide in advance, because family check-in means being dropped at the first set of doors. It is quite a large check-in area but I’ve no idea how many desks BA actually opens.

    • Alex M says:

      Imagine queuing behind several families with small children – parents trying to manage them, fold buggies, weight suitcases all at the same time. Can take a lot of time. Whereas with Business class there are chances they will send you to the First class check in area if Business class area gets busy.

    • SimonW says:

      Family check in seems to be for confused first time travelling families…. It is slow and painful. Stick to Biz desk always. Self-check in terminals also better.

    • Andrew says:

      We found it preferable to the business class check in when we flew as a family last year (although we were travelling during term-time due to strategically planned inset days over a long-weekend). Very quiet and the staff were amazing. One of our children still remembers going behind the desk to push “the button” and the cases whizzing off into the bowels of LHR.

  • Alan says:

    For anyone wondering – Miles Booster works for partner awards too, did it on my VS redemption on ANA (which was superb!)

  • PAL says:

    Offering F tier points as an alternative would have been handy

    • sunguy says:

      BA pretty much NEVER give out tier points….they will give status, but NOT a single tier point! Though, your sentimernt is absolutely worthy of what they should be able to do….

      One time, for service recovery, I tried to turn down an offer of 50k Avios for 5 TP, they wouldnt do it….

  • Gordon says:

    Me and my wife had booked a Return flight LGW to JFK (for 20/12/19 Return 04/01/20) flight in BA sales in January for a good price. Then the email arrived regarding the change.we always fly BA as my wife is a nervous flyer.Until we received the email we have never heard of Evelop airlines and checked various reviews and there were quite a few negative ones so we decided to call BA to change the flight to a LHR flight.We had paid for our seats in January two together 53B & 53C (Wife being nervous flyer)so it was panic stations to make sure we acquired the same seats on the LHR service.we had also paid parking at LGW in January but looks like we won’t be able to claim that back and now have just paid 3 times the amount to park at LHR because of the short notice,Glad we booked economy and not premium economy or club world ?

    • lumma says:

      In economy you might have been better off staying at Gatwick as long as they guaranteed to seat you together, the 2-4-2 layout on an A330 is much better than 3-3-3 or 3-4-3 as you could get a pair of seats next to the window without a stranger.

      • Gordon Chalker says:

        Hi Lumma
        That is exactly what we got two seats together with no one else next to us but importantly on a BA flight and not a Evelop flight 53B and 53C

      • Gordon Chalker says:

        The BA 747 has 3 pairs of twin seats either side of the plane right at the back

  • John says:

    If you download the Virgin Red app, there’s £36 free credit for first time Zipcar users before 31 December.

    (Personally I’d prefer they brought back the Caffe Nero offers but…)

    • Scallder says:

      Ah I loved that Caffe Nero offer. Would get 4 stamps each time with two reusable cups as well. So for every 2 drinks paid for, you’d be getting (very nearly 5). Doubt it’ll ever come back though 🙁 Was great when doubling up with the Nectar 5 hot drinks for 1000 points too…

  • Paul says:

    OT. Leaving from Gatwick North in a few days what’s the best option £5 to reserve no 1 or £15 for clubrooms?

  • xcalx says:

    OT Looking to buy an I pad this week any good deals or point opportunities out there.

    • Nick says:

      Get a student to buy it for you.

    • Nate1309 says:

      gate365 often run bonuses on Apple, so would hold off for 12/£ if you arent in a rush. This works through the education store too with a bit of fiddling about.

    • sunguy says:

      Get someone in the US to buy one using the student discount….I saved ~£100 on mine last month…..(vs. off shelf price in Apple Store UK) – you should save more as cable is close to $1.30/£1 where as it was $1.21 for me!

      Otherwise student/educational discount here would be your best bet – anyone who has access to an email address can also register at theedustore – an Apple reseller with student discounts too…

    • memesweeper says:

      If you’re passing through consider buying with Heathrow Rewards from Dixons Travel. Discounted usually, and points too.

      • xcalx says:

        Had crossed my mind to set up a new HR account for the 3k sign up, so I checked the Dixons price and can get the same model ( 10.2 32gb will only get used on holidays) at Tesco for the same price. I also checked the US price as we’re in Florida in November for a couple of days post cruise but prices look the same (Walmart). All grand kids are pre and primary school ages.

    • xcalx says:

      Thanks for all the replies

    • Allan says:

      Morrisons 10% discount on Amex. Buy Currys gift cards, buy at airport.