Get 10% to 50% off long-haul Avios flight redemptions – ALL ROUTES, ALL CLASSES

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British Airways has launched an Avios redemption sale!

Until 21st November, you can get 50% off World Traveller and World Traveller Plus (premium economy) redemptions, as well as 10% off Club World and First.  You must travel before 30th April.

You can see more on official promotion page on here.

We’ve seen similar sales before, but this is the first time that premium cabins on all routes have also been discounted.

Unfortunately, you are still on the hook for taxes, fees and carrier charges which are not reduced as part of this sale.

The other catch is that – of course – this depends on redemption availability being open. If there are no seats available to redeem, you can’t benefit! As far as we are aware, no additional Avios seats are being made available. Your best bet for checking availability quickly is with Reward Flight Finder.

For clarity, you CAN combine a British Airways American Express 2-4-1 voucher with this offer.  I am assuming that Lloyds Avios Rewards vouchers, ‘Gold Upgrade For Two’ vouchers etc can also be used.

EDIT: British Airways have confirmed that this sale works with the 2-4-1 voucher. If you had problems yesterday BA recommends you try again today.

Does this change the economics of redemptions in World Traveller?

Generally, redeeming your Avios for a long haul economy ticket is poor value, since you often end up paying almost as much as you would for a cash ticket.

For example, on a return trip to New York, you are paying £260+ on taxes and fees PLUS 26,000 Avios (off peak). Given that cash fares for New York in economy are often under £300 in the winter months you are using 26,000 Avios for a very, very small discount.

In this sale, however, you are paying 13,000 Avios plus the £260+ taxes and fees. That makes an economy redemption slightly better value, although it is still not a great use of points.

How do other classes fare?

Let’s start with World Traveller Plus or premium economy, again between London and New York. Taking a look at BA’s low fare finder tool, a cash ticket will set you back at least £750+.

If we look at an Avios redemption, you can expect to pay around £475 on taxes and charges. Outside of this promotion you’d be paying 52,000 Avios (return) on top of that, which means you’re redeeming an Avios at less than 0.5p – a poor redemption.

With the 50% off promotion, the Avios component is reduced to 26,000. This is virtually 1p per point based on a £750 cash alternative. It is likely to be a whole lot more if you are not flexible with your dates –  the cash price goes over £800 as we get into April.

The Avios economics are even better for redemptions in Club World or First, despite a lower discount of 10%. This is because – on the whole – redemptions in business or first class are typically the best value anyway.

Club World return to New York is typically £1,300+ during the sales. At the moment, the cheapest fare on for the next 12 months is just under £1,500.

A normal redemption sets you back 100,000 Avios + £668. That means you are using 100,000 Avios to save roughly £832, which works out at 0.83p per point. That’s not great, but if you wanted to fly in December, January or March, the cash fare is £2,500+. You’d be getting 1.8p per point or more.

With this sale, you’d save 10,000 Avios and the total Avios cost would reduce to 90,000. This means you would be getting almost 1p per point even during the cheapest months.

A redemption in First is even better value, as cash fares are almost always over £2,000+ and frequently top £3,000. Despite this, the taxes and fees portion of a redemption are identical to a Club World ticket, at £668.  136,000 Avios are required, reduced to 122,400 with the 10% off in this sale.  That means that you are looking at signficantly more than 1.2p per Avios regardless of when you redeem.


As an HFP reader you are most likely already familiar with the economics of Avios redemptions. This redemption sale obviously increases the value you get in the flat bed cabins which were already the best place to redeem.  It also means that some economy and premium economy redemptions become competitive when compared with the cash alternative.

As always, you should do the maths for your particular dates and ensure you are getting value for money.

You can see the full details of this sale on the BA website here.

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  1. Is it possible to re-issue a ticket via call centre? I already have my xmas flights via avios, it would be nice to get some extra discount, but there is no available seats any longer…

    • Shoestring says:

      see thread

      • Running out of patience Harry? I knew this would be one of those days. Wish I had a £1 for everybody who will have today booked a WT or WTP award flight when they would have been better paying cash. Not referring to HFP reader, most of whom are hopefully clued in.

        • Harry T says:

          I’m not very excited about this WT/WTP promotion because it still seems like a poor way to use Avios, especially in these times of diminished collecting opportunities.

          The 10% off the higher cabins isn’t bad if planning to use a 241 during this period.

          • There is value in in the WT/P offer in some circumstances and it is good to see comments from several readers capitalising on that today. I feel sorry for people blinded by the headline-grabbing 50% reduction who rush to take advantage of it without fully understanding it. Brings back memories of an infamous HFP article and associated TV stint where Rob tried to help out a guy who bought hundreds of thousands of avios only to discover he could not do anything he wanted with them. The circumstances and his lack of receptiveness to Rob’s advice and efforts to help made for painful but compulsive viewing. I think this was long before you joined the community HarryT so you should search out that article, or perhaps somebody who remembers the it can post the link for you.
            @Rob, any idea if there was ever a happy ending to that story?

          • Genghis says:

            I’m normally quite good but can’t find the article. It was Jan 18 as I remember watching it while waiting for Eurostar.

          • Shoestring says:
          • Lady London says:

            I was all excited. Then I realised the offer didn’t include Club Europe.

          • Shoestring says:

            here’s that BBC/ Fast track video (6 mins)

          • Harry T says:

            I agree with your thoughts, BJ. Thanks to you and Harry for sharing the article.

        • Only good for peak times

        • Shoestring says:

          no I’m cool, just plenty of help already on the thread

          I didn’t realise how much worse it is accessing HfP on a tablet (or mobile I guess the same) compared to using a desktop – if I were on a tablet, I could excuse a poster just skipping to the end and asking the same question.

          Definitely one to look at Raffles/ Rhys/ Sinead – usability on a tablet is pretty dire in my humble opinion as a sometime tablet user in airport lounges! Ease of navigation and getting to see all the recent posts (not just 3).

          Hey Raffles – if you want an easy Sunday how about another ‘HfP suggestions’ post/ thread?

          • Mikeact says:

            I disagree…I only view on my Samsung tablet, absolutely perfect.

          • iPad, in my view, is the most attractive version of HFP.

          • Sorry Harry, yes I really like HfP, but the usability is terrible, going through pages of “Older comments” every day and then having to come back later in the day to look for replies or checking if you missed something is just awful. Not to mention that if you ask or talk about thing later in the day, you might just be missed.

          • @Doug, if anybody has to be sorry in that exchange it was more me. You could cancel and the seats could become available again and you might be able to book them. However, it’s a huge risk, especially as you likely have much invested in that trip at that time of year. Personally, I would not take that risk. In this game we mostly win, sometimes we feel like we lost and when we do it is best just to grin and bear it Getting seats at Christmas at all means you are already a winner.

          • @BJ Yes sure, I would never risk my xmas flights over some avios, actually securing xmas flights with avios is a feat in its own and it is the best value possible in the scheme. Those who can enjoy the discount would have far less choice and probably looking at redeeming in April!

          • Lady London says:

            Maybe even a ‘before you ask…..’ repeating column wuth 1 each week repeated, of the top 10 questions on which repeated assurances are sought…

            1. Amex says if I cancel my card then I won’t be able to use the flight vouchers I’ve already earned. NOT TRUE (only a few hundred posts and several articles make this clear.)

            2. If I cancel my Amex card will the Priority Pass I received due to it still be valid. NO. Priority Pass stops working instantly the associated Amex is cancelled.

            3. Hotel or airline promotion terms say promotion does not apply to any tickets/rooms booked before the date named in the promotion.
            (a)Can I call up and ask them to credit me anyway. I am special and the normal rules dont apply to me. NO.
            (b)Can I cancel my ticket or room I booked before the promotion and book it again to qualify for the promotion. YES but the availabity might not come back. You might lose what you booked and get nothing. Plus any new booking will have its own price and may have different rules.

            4. Amex says…. NO. Best keep a screenshot of a live chat if you need to ensure what Amex said will be true. Note you might have to spend time arguing to get what they said, honoured.

            5. The airline cancelled my flight at less than 2 weeks notice and they say they don’t owe me EU261 compensation because the reason was weather or plane gone tech. VERY POSSIBLY UNTRUE. You may well qualify for compensation the airline is quite likely to deny as a uniform first statement. Look up the real reason on expertflyer or ask here or on flyertalk for someone to check for you. Note even at more than two weeks notice regardless if the reason the airline still owes you duty of care (hotel if delay is overnight, transport costs to and from hotel, meals at reasonable local cost). Look at flyertalk for in depth info or many posts here.

            (a)Can I apply for Amex Platinum personal card and get the signup bonus if I’ve had a personal MR-earning card in the past 24 months. NO.

            (b)Can I apply for Amex Platinum business card and get the signup bonus if I’ve had a personal MR-earning card in the past 6 months NO.

            (c) If I keep my Amex Platinum personal card can I still earn bonus for referrals that may far exceed the value of any signup bonus for any new card YES see Rob articles including associated comments which are still on record.

            (d) Why did IHG not approve my application for a second card so I could have both the free card and the paid card. WE DONT KNOW but it looks like IHG is operating a policy of only 1 of those cards per person. Some applications for the additional card type may have slipped through but generally now a second card type seems to be being refused by IHG.

            7…. ?

          • 🙂

  2. Have I missed the Monese comp winner(s)? I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get entered 😂

    • Yes, you missed them but don’t worry you are in great company!

      • 🤣

        • Lady London says:

          So who:s going to take one for the team and actually contact Monese organizers (who I believe had to be legally stated to entrants) and as someone who entered, ask Monese for the name and details of the winners? It is a legal obligation on Monese to provide this info to any entrant who asks them.

          I would happily do the honours but I never entered.

          Plus I am wondering if Monese has simply disappeared and not made the announcements via the 6 blogs? That each were supposed to have a winner, how can we know there was a winner for each as promised? I wouldn’t put any money into a company that acts like that….Gives you the feeling your money could just as easily disappear -if they behave with such an apparent lack of transparency.

          • Shoestring says:

            not me – I didn’t enter so have no rights in this

          • TGLoyalty says:

            I’ve asked but no reply as yet.

          • Takes them ages to reply to support questions and when they do it is usually only to ask another question, not provide an answer.

          • I hope Monese does not disappear LOL they have helped me along with amex coop and PO gain 122437 MR points in the last 12 days. Although 35000 came from supp cards for the business plat at 5k a pop. Time for my cruise now.

          • Harry T says:

            How the hell are you spending that much at the PO and Coop and not getting caught? I’m interested in your strategy.

          • The Urbanite says:

            You all need to be careful with Monese – I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them and the PO route is fraught with problems once they catch up with you.

          • Harry T says:

            @The Urbanite
            What happened to you regarding monese?

  3. My Hilton Honours Points from the Amex Transfer promo have just posted. I wasn’t targeted.

  4. I’m pricing up Moscow, but not seeing the discount neither in WT nor CW. Is it a case of BA treating the route as short-haul even though it has lie-flat seats, or am I doing something wrong? I’m looking at flights in December.

    • Lady London says:

      Moscow is not longhaul? If there’s RFS pricing it won’t be.

      • It does have RFS, but it’s also treated as longhaul in a certain sense (they operate a 787 Dreamliner on the route with First, CW, WTP, and WT). But yeah, no dice it seems.

        • Well…. Usually long haul flight are flights longer than X h, unrelated to airplane type. Otherwise we could say MAD is long haul because they send a widebody. Obviously, it’s not longhaul.

  5. Ronaldo says:

    Iberia is offering 40% off purchases.

    Could I purchase at 40% off in Iberia Plus then transfer those Avios to BA and purchase there??

    • Shoestring says:

      not exactly with you – do you mean buying Avios @Iberia (+50% bonus until Nov 17th, 1p/ point)?

      sure – you can transfer those to BAEC instantly

  6. Harry T says:

    Majorly OT:
    Has anyone ever gotten the Euro or dollar International Currency American Express Card and paid off the balance with a Revolut or Curve Card? Looking for an extra way to get an Amex bonus and I’ve got a few holidays in Europe coming up too.

    • memesweeper says:

      I don’t think you can pay for ICC with a debit card. $/€ bank transfer only.

      • You can do it with a transfer from Revolut etc. The problem is payment reference – if there is no reference box (and Revolut does not IIRC) you cannot input your card number.

        • You *can* input a reference with Revolut, which does open up possibilities!

          • Harry T says:

            Thanks, Ewan.
            How do you do that with Revolut? I’ve not tried it before.

          • HarryT – just the same way as you do traditional bank accounts. Create a beneficiary (sort code and account number). Set up a payment, and where you set how much to transfer there is an option to ‘add reference’.

  7. Delboy65 says:

    By the way… did anyone win the 1mil Avios from Monese last month?

  8. OT – Booked a 241 redemption for Oct 2020 for Orlando. Was looking at cash prices ticket prices for October for other family members and the cash price ticket inexplicably is 2 or 3 times the price compared to most other months in the year.

    I cannot fathom why, is it just because it so far far out and may drop in price as time goes on?

    • Michael C says:

      Possibly just entering half-term territory, Gary? Ours starts on Oct. 16.
      Boston, on the other hand, is an incredibly reasonable 299 GBP…but the Sheraton (an okay-ish cntral-ish conference hotel) is showing $650 night….all part of life’s mysteries, I guess…

      • Lady London says:

        Hotel prices can very often go down as well as up over a long period in advance of the booking. Obviously if it’s a known peak period or event then book early, keep it flex (cancelable) if you can and keep watching for a better price or offer.

    • I’ve found that on some routes BA will show a very high price in the first few days after releasing flights – I think this is because AA and other airlines don’t release them until slightly later so for that period BA is the only airline flying the route and can charge what it wants. I would be gutted if I booked a non-refundable at such an inflated price then found this out when the prices dropped to match AA etc. But also yes half term will be a factor.

      • That makes a lot of sense, thank you. I have checked the dates, 13th/27th return and presently no other airlines are flying this route. I expect once Virgin/AA/Norwegian/KLM and so forth announce pricing/slots the BA price will correct as you say.

    • Shoestring says:

      just the outward leg T-355? cash prices sky high on single legs

  9. Can confirm I got the 2for1 to work after previously posting that it didn’t work.

    Don’t know if it makes any difference, but I booked on my phone instead of a computer.

  10. I have just spoken to to check if my Lloyds companion voucher will work on this and they say No – it cannot be used with any other offer. Has anyone else had any luck?

  11. Is it worth cancelling and rebooking to get 13000 Avios back for cost of £88. Plenty of availability etc.

    • Shoestring says:

      0.68p/ point – yes if you would welcome the points, borderline if you’ve already got plenty in the bank

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