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Bits: HSBC 25% Avios transfer bonus is live, cheap Avios via Groupon Ireland, Capital On Tap improvements

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News in brief:

25% transfer bonus from HSBC to Avios is working

A week ago, we wrote that we may be about to see a new transfer bonus between HSBC Premier credit cards and British Airways Executive Club.

This was based on the fact that a HFP reader, ZW, found this PDF on the HSBC website – click here.

It shows a 25% bonus on transfers made between 1st December and 31st December.

1st December came and went, but nothing appeared on the HSBC Premier website to imply that a transfer bonus was running.  The good news is that a couple of hardy HFP readers decided to test it out anyway.

The good news is that the transfer bonus appears to be working perfectly.

Here is a screenshot sent in by a reader from their British Airways Executive Club account, showing 1,000 points transferred from HSBC Premier and a bonus of 250 points being added immediately:

HSBC Premier to Avios transfer bonus

Cheap Avios deal on Groupon Ireland still running

A quick heads up that the Groupon Ireland deal for buying discounted Avios is still running.  This is identical to the regular deals run by Groupon in Spain, but with the advantage that the entire buying process (and, if you have issues, follow-up process) is in English and not Spanish.

Click here for details.

The Avios are not a steal at these prices.  There is no longer a ‘super cheap’ teaser package and the prices for the other packages are higher than they were a year ago.

On the upside, Sterling is currently stronger against the Euro than it has been for a while.  More importantly, if you have any issues redeeming your Groupon voucher, it will be easier to deal with AerClub and Groupon Ireland than Iberia Plus and Groupon Spain.

This is the deal:

  • 2,000 Avios for €29 (1.25p)
  • 4,000 Avios for €59 (1.27p)
  • 8,000 Avios for €109 (1.17p)
  • 15,000 Avios for €199 (1.14p)
  • 20,000 Avios for €259 (1.11p)
  • 35,000 Avios for €429 (1.05p)

You will need an Aer Lingus AerClub account to redeem your Groupon voucher, which you can open here.  You can then use ‘Combine My Avios’ via (your AerClub account details work at to move them across to British Airways Executive Club.

The page to buy if interested is here.

Capital On Tap Business Rewards

Capital On Tap announces positive changes to its payment cards

Capital On Tap finally announced the improvements to its two cashback or Avios-earning payment cards yesterday.

New applicants have been receiving the new cards for a couple of weeks now, but the official announcement and website switch had been delayed.  To avoid confusion, we didn’t mention it until now.

I will do a full article for Friday.  However, to summarise:

the two existing cards will be merged into one, called Business Rewards, retaining the best of both products

this is good news for holders of the £99 card, previously called Capital Club, who will now earn 1p of cashback or 1 Avios per £1 spent (currently 0.5p or 0.5 Avios)

this is good news for holders of the £199 / £249 card, previously called On Tap Club, who will see the fee reduced to £99

The sign-up bonus will be £100 cashback or 10,000 Avios (10,500 if you use our code below) for spending £5,000 in three months.

This makes the card VERY attractive to anyone with a small business of any sort:

your £99 annual fee in Year 1 is fully covered by the 10,500 Avios earned

if you take Avios instead of cashback, you will have the market-leading Avios earning rate on a Visa or Mastercard of 1 Avios per £1 spent

You can continue to get an additional £5 cashback or 500 Avios as a sign-up bonus (taking your total bonus to £105 or 10,500 Avios) by using promo code headforpoints when you apply.  The sign-up page is here.

The website was due to update overnight with details of the new card.

A full article will follow very soon.  We will also look at how the Capital On Tap Business Rewards card, at £99, compares with the £210 British Airways American Express Accelerating Business (BA Business) card.

You can apply for the Capital On Tap card heredon’t forget the headforpoints promo code!

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  1. Shoestring says:

    I think the article was written before yesterday’s further rise in GBP vs EUR as 35,000 Avios for €429 is now 1.036p/ point

    with any luck it’ll be 1p by tomorrow 🙂

  2. Wish I had periodically transferred my premier points to avios throughout the year!

  3. Ashic Mahtab says:

    What would be the break even point to keep the Cap on Tap card beyond the first year? Since hmrc and other debit mastercard uses are out, I’m finding it harder to hang on to it.

    • Depends on your Plan B. If you must have Avios then Plan B for Mc/ Visa is Tesco at 0.3 per £1. On the other hand, if you also want Virgin then Plan B is the free Virgin card at 0.75 miles per £1.

      Also depends on your tax rate to see how much of the fee you can write off.

      If you have a 50% marginal tax rate, vslue an Avios at 1p and insist on Avios (so Tesco is Plan B), breakeven is very low. COT wins with spend of just £700 per month.

      (£8.4k annual spend generates £84 of Avios for £50 net fee, Tesco generates £28 of Avios for no fee.)

  4. filipino_chino says:

    I am guessing that this transfer bonus makes it wise to move you’r miles over?

    I am sitting on a stack of HSBC points and unsure if i should hold onto them for longer, even though i am planning on binning the card shortly…

  5. OT – like many others have already commented on I have noticed the extra avois per £4 spend on our BA cards. I assume this means spend £8 get 2 extra etc?

    Also a few offers loaded this morning, nothing new I think though….waitrose, F&M, wineflyer…

    • Forgot to mention a nice quad-stack deal at waitrose on Sunday. Bought an Xmas tree and some food, total cost about £65. Used a £12 off £60 code they sent me, plus the avios from BA card, plus virgin miles from in-store linked card plus Amex 5% offer. And most of the food we got was yellow sticker, all in probably cheaper than Aldi.

    • Same here. It appeared on my BAPP and my partner’s and it also shows on supp cards too. Seems it will apply to everyone.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I now have it and sounds like £4 or more gets an extra Avios.

      • The e-mail I got said “Spending £20 on a gift? That’s 5 bonus Avios.”

      • Harry T says:

        I just got the email too. Looks like an extra Avios for every £4 spent. I will enjoy settling my Mum’s £1500 BA holidays bill.

    • fivebobbill says:

      I just picked up 72 bonus avios on my statement, so given I haven’t made 72 purchases in the last week or so I assume it’s 1 extra avios per every £4 spent

      • TGLoyalty says:

        I haven’t actually had any transactions post Avios since the 29th. Little odd since there’s normally only a 2 day delay.

        • fivebobbill says:

          I see that’s also now been mentioned further down the comments section here, good spot. FWIW, the only points that HAVE posted for me since 29th Nov are the 72 bonus ones!

        • same here

  6. OT Next batch of the Tesco/Shell 40% bonus Avios have hit our account today. Still waiting on another batch to post.

    • RussellH says:

      Mine too.

      Considering one last transfer.

    • Hi Liz,

      When did you make the transfer please? I did a small tester initially, then forgot to check for a while 🙁 When I remembered, the bonus had posted, but had taken over 6 weeks. I then transferred a big chunk, so I’m hoping it will post – 6 weeks would take it beyond 31st December, but I’m hoping that the ‘bonus to end of year’ means transaction date, not payout date!

      • The one just posted took 5.5 wks to get the bonus. I’m sure the offer was convert by 31/12 so bonus should post in to the new year. Last transfer was on 16/11.

    • My October transfers have got the bonus but not the November ones.

  7. OT: going to London this weekend to see the Xmas lights, do some shopping etc. Any recommendations for Shop Small stores to take advantage of the offers? We´ll stay at the Doubletree Hyde Park, and will probably be around that area, Harrods, Oxford street.

    • In my experience it is very random what triggers it. Just use your card as usual and see what hits.

    • There is a map on the Amex website, which is rather unreliable but is a starting point:,England,W1J%205RF&cl=51.50940463936529,-0.1481555966918222&ne=51.51684274390844,-0.12744357867882172&sw=51.50196532027617,-0.1688676147048227
      Liberty looks like it’s included, not my definition of small, but I guess it’s an individual retailer. In central London it does tend to apply more to bars and restaurants rather than shops.

      • Thanks Sarah. They also seem to list some Lola’s cupcakes, which my wife will be very happy about. 🙂
        At least where I live in Oxfordshire the map seems to be useless, most of the shops it lists don’t accept Amex – my guess is that Amex offered them a trial or something (a bunch of them have the Shop Small “open-closed” sign) and then after the trial they stop accepting Amex.

        • so just spend in said shop, when they refuse to take amex, complain to amex who will credit you the £5 anyway

          • @sloth, tried that 2 years ago, didn’t work. Amex just said, “the map should work, thank you for pointing us that there are issues, we’ll take a look at it”. Said stores (note the plural, it’s several of them) continue on the map.

          • @Rui N maybe you need to hammer the point home to them…if they advertise a benefit and don’t follow through with it that’s their fault and not yours. they are advertising that X shops are participating in shop small, its certainly not your fault if those shops refuse to take amex…false advertising. i speak from numerous experiences btw…

        • charbonnel et walker normally on it, one in the burlington arcade off piccadilly. as mentioned load of pubs and restuarants on it and in my experience the map gives you loads of ideas…

        • Ditto for me Rui N – the map of my town shows one shop as being part of the offer that closed over a year ago, plus at least 2 shops that I know definitely don’t accept Amex (unless they have started in the last couple of weeks which I think is highly doubtful).

  8. James M says:

    IIRC there was a bug with HSBC transfers for > 99999 points being processed at a time for transfer – any ideas if this is still the case?

  9. Alexander says:

    O/t – my amex membership reward account hasn’t updated since 29 Nov it seems, no spending from my gold credit or platinum charge is adding to my MR balance ….

    Anyone experiencing similar ?

  10. Dylan Tucker says:

    Personally I don’t see it as good news for capitalontap as the new cards will see a charge from HMRC (they confirmed this with me via email). The big benefit of these cards for me was paying corp tax/vat without fees so it’s a huge loss.

    • It is a loss, but that was going away anyway. The maths now means that more people will keep it even though HMRC has gone.

      • Lady London says:

        On not losing people who pay HMRC, it sounds like CoT is doing some deeper thinking than Curve then?

        • Curve works with the new COT Visa, so if you have £50k of tax to pay, you can get the COT card, link it to Curve Metal and max out your £50k Curve allowance that way.

          Total cost – £99 for COT (but covered by the bonus in Year 1), £150 for Curve Metal (which has some other benefits) and 50,000 Avios in your pocket.

  11. OT Anyone having problems referring from Amex. I keep getting error try later, yesterday and today.

    • It’s a cookie issue – it’s been going for a few days. Open inprivate browsing, paste in the link and you will see that it works just fine when there are no existing Amex cookies to conflict.

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