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IHG extends the booking period for its generous 4x hotel promo by a month – jump in!

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UPDATE – JANUARY 2021:  This article is now out of date, but don’t worry.  We produce a monthly summary of the top hotel bonus point offers – please click HERE or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ menu above. 

IHG Rewards Club is not currently running a global points promotion.

There’s some good news.  If you’ve been cashing in on the generous new IHG Rewards Club promotion, you have an extra month to book.

The promotion is called ‘4x’ and you can register here.

You originally had to book your stays by 15th December, and stay by 31st January.  This has now changed.  You can now register and book your stays until 15th January although the ‘last day to stay’ remains 31st January.

This promotion doubles up with Accelerate

I know what you’re thinking – IHG is already running an Autumn promotion!  The latest version of Accelerate gave everyone a set of personalised targets and until 31st December to achieve them.  You can read our full article on Accelerate here and register by clicking here.

Get your Accelerate offer going at the same time as ‘4x’ and you’re in for some very generous earning indeed!

IHG 4x promotion

What is IHG’s ‘4x’ promotion about?

A lot of people were unexcited by their Accelerate targets this Autumn.  It is possible that IHG Rewards Club had already seen this flowing through to lower booking numbers which led them to launch this offer.

‘4x’ encourages you to compete four or more stays by 31st January:

Your first stay earns 1,000 bonus points

Your second stay earns DOUBLE base points

Your third stay earns TRIPLE base points

Your fourth stay and subsequent stays earn QUADRUPLE base points

The key is that ALL stays from your fourth stay earn quadruple base points.  Anyone who has done a couple of IHG stays per week over the promotional period will be positively swimming in bonus IHG Rewards Club points by 31st January.

IHG Rewards Club 4x bonus

What is the new booking date?

Following the extension, you need to register by 15th January and, more importantly, book by 15th January

The link to register is here.

The final stay date is 31st January.

A bit of cunning thinking may be required …..

Because of the way the bonuses increase, it may be worth pushing more stays towards IHG if you know you will have an expensive stay coming up.

Let’s imagine that you have an IHG stay coming up which you know will cost £1,000 excluding VAT.  At 10 base points per $1, you would be earning around 13,000 points (+ status bonuses) from that stay.

However, if you could slip in three other stays before that one, your £1,000 stay would earn quadruple base points – 52,000 points in total!

How to register

You should register for ‘4x’ if you may have an IHG booking coming up – the link is here.

With registration now closing only two weeks before the end date (it was previously six weeks) there is less chance of you getting caught out because you didn’t register in time.  However, I still recommend you do it now – if you haven’t done it already – and get it out of the way.

This is certainly a generous offer – especially if you can make those third, fourth and subsequent stays into expensive ones.

IHG Rewards Club update – January 2021:

Get bonus points: IHG is not currently running a global points promotion as of 1st January 2021.

New to IHG Rewards Club?  Read our two-part overview of IHG Rewards Club here and here and our article on expiry rules here.

Buy points: If you need additional IHG Rewards Club points, you can buy them here.

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Comments (78)

  • Stefan Bard says:

    In all honesty moving the booking date forward by 2 weeks make no difference. If they Had pushed back the stay date by 2 weeks or a month that would be a different story and very generous. This is what I thought IHG did from the title of article.

    After reading this I just feel disappointed.

    • Crafty says:

      For you, sure. But it does make a difference for others, including me, who have less long term visibility of their travel requirements. So your comment isn’t really very useful.

      • Miguel says:

        Likewise this works out really nicely for me and means I can get at least a couple more stays in at quad points. This has been a fruitful promo – hopefully the generosity of it doesn’t mean there’s a significant devaluation incoming with the Mr and Mrs Smith tie up in the new year.

      • ThinkSquare says:

        The comment is useful if IHG see it and have a rethink. They will get a lot of business from me in February if they extend the end date another week.

        ps. “This email has been sponsored by Hilton”. Was that meant to happen?

      • Stefan Bard says:

        though the flip side is that a huge amount of Business for IHG has nothing to do with business travelers. Hence my thought is valid and has a (possible) commercial impact on IHG.

        not everyone is a business traveller

      • Stefan Bard says:

        though the flip side is that a huge amount of Business for IHG has nothing to do with business travelers. Hence my thought is valid and has a (possible) commercial impact on IHG.

    • Rob says:

      Few business travellers have 6 weeks notice of what they are doing. Two weeks is far more like it.

      We only work about 12 weeks ahead for our mega review trips.

  • Robert McBrain says:

    I found the IHG promo a huge disappointment. I saw your recommendation and signed up.

    After staying at Intercon Shanghai for 7 nights back in November I was rewarded with merely 1000 points!!

    Upon checking, was told 1000 points was all I would earn for my first ‘stay’. The number of nights is not the factor here, only the number of ‘ stays’ ie one night or 7 nights makes no difference during one ‘stay’!!

    Seems to me nuts and no reward for my length of trip/number of nights. Airlines reward based on where you are flying to and (effectively) how much the ticket costs!
    Thoughts ? Or have I got this all wrong ?


    Robert McBrain

    • The Original David says:

      Yep, as Rob says, a bit of cunning thinking may be required. You could have jumped between a few different properties in Shanghai, or done a couple of mattress runs before your stay. You presumably still got the normal base points for the stay, but if you want to benefit from the promo it seems fair enough that you should check the terms first! IHG isn’t a charity…

      • Alex Sm says:

        Though mattress runs are a bad thing from many points of view, I would agree in general- the rules were there in black and white and there are ways to bend them in your favour

    • Crafty says:

      You have to read the terms before deciding which promotions to try and exploit.

    • ChrisCfonthe says:

      But you are being rewarded for the cost of the hotel as the normal points are based on the cost of the stay. Just like those airlines that give you points based on the fare you paid.

      And it’s pretty clear that the bonus is per stay not per night.

      I find that the terms and conditions of IHG offers to be pretty well written and easily understood whereas some others are woefully written.

      I’ve just checked the offer in the app and it clearly says 1000 points for the first stay. Not nights

    • Lady London says:

      Nights vs stays required is thé first thing you need to verify on any hotel promotion and adjust stays accordingly. As in comments of other posters. I’m a bimbo and that’s something I’ve never missed.

    • Doreen says:

      Welcome to the world of T&C’s 🙂 I had a 3 day stay at the IC Park Lane coming up in Nov, so switched a would be very easy, comfortable arrival night in LHR Sofitel to trying out the CP in Terminal 4 as my first stay. My fourth stay (again at IC Park Lane) just netted 87,812 points !!

  • ChrisC says:

    I’d forgotten about this even though I’d registered.

    I have a stay next week which will get me 1k points.

    I then have a stay on a Friday at the start of January in Manchester then switching hotels for Saturday and Sunday so then I’ll get double for the 1st night and triple for the Sat and Sunday.

    Why the hotel switch? I’m anticipating a ‘stay in 3 IHG brands’ target for the next accelerate offer which should start soon. If it doesn’t well I’ve got these extra points plus I’ll get 2 free drinks on arrival lol for not much inconvenience!

  • Scott says:

    With this many points being “given away”, I’m wondering if it’s a pre-cursor for something we’re not going to like?

    • Peter K says:

      More likely they have had a poor year and are making up for it.

      • Lady London says:

        But @Scott’s comment will prove correct in due course.

        Grrr as pretty sure I still can’t make use of this one. IMV I would need to be sure I will do at least 3 stays and better 4, before I give IHG even one booking. Sadly due to impossible Accelerate targets, those stays I am doing are already fixed with other hotels than IHG. January being quiet I may rack up 4 nights but would not be able to predict more than 2 of them. So not worth giving IHG any stays.

        Not happy at missing out but that’s the rational decision. Useful improvement in the booking period but it’s come too late for me to have given IHG any of this year’s stays so as to start a set that would definitely become 4 within the stay period.

  • Alex Sm says:

    Hope to make some use of it soon!

  • The Original Nick says:

    Sorry, O:T, has anyone travelled to Cuba flying Iberia from Madrid? I’m just wondering wether I can get a tourist card/visa onboard? Or should I apply elsewhere?
    Used Avios and looking forward to our trip.

    • dgsupersonic says:

      Just apply online. You’ll get your card through the post.

    • Marcw says:

      You can’t get it on board. I’d suggest you other it beforehand.
      There’s an option to buy it at MAD airport T4 (Viajes el Corte Inglés). They charge a premium, around 50€.

    • Hugh says:

      We have just got back from a trip to Cuba using Iberia’s 90K Avios promotion. If you google Cuba Visa we got our visa from the first one on the list. I am not sure is posting the link is allowed! It took about 5 days to arrive. They asked to see it at Checkin and again at boarding.

      The Iberia flight was great, we even managed to catch GBR beating Germany in the Davis Cup during our positioning night in Madrid! I am actually now considering cancelling an Avios BA flight to the States booked for next year and using Iberia again!

      Oh yes, and we loved Cuba. I am sure you will have a fantastic time!

      • The Original Nick says:

        Thanks Hugh. Our trip is in February but I like to be organised well in advance of all my travel plans so will apply today.

    • Pablo says:

      Hi Nick. I went in February this years. Got my tourist card from for £19.

  • Jimmy says:

    Slightly OT but looking to status match my IHG Platinum to Hilton Diamond, Have a load of stays to book. Does anyone know if I should wait to book until the last possible moment or is it stays that complete within the 90 days that count?

    • Rob says:


    • Donny says:

      I don’t think you can match to Hilton Diamond anymore. Gold with 18 stays within 90 days.

      • Brian W says:

        You match to Gold regardless for the 90 day period of the offer, stay 10 times in that 90 day period, you keep Gold, stay 18 times, you get bumped up to Diamond.

        You can still achieve Diamond but it requires a lot more stays than previously and you only get Gold benefits throughout the 90 match period.

  • Harry T says:

    Looking at booking the IC Amstel in Amsterdam for four nights in January. I am Platinum Ambassador. The estimated points earned for these four nights (£1130.21 prepaid) is 87507! 58338 base earnings and 29169 elite earnings. This seems extremely high! I’ve never stayed at an Intercontinental before and I’ve only recently become Ambassador – can anyone confirm if the points for this booking seem realistic? If they are, then I’ll certainly sneak in a couple of nights at a local Holiday Inn too.

    • Doreen says:

      That must be a mistake … I’ve just tried a random 4 nights there in Jan, total 1331 euros – Base points given as 14,640 plus elite earnings of 14,640 as I am a RA. That 14,640 would then be multiplied by 3 in my case (having done at least 3 stays already)

      • Harry T says:

        Thanks, seems to only generate this mistake on the app.

        • Doreen says:

          Wow, I see what you mean – via App, I’m now seeing 150k plus points on a cost of 1750 euros and something similar for IC Park Lane. However, 4 nights in the IC Amstel’s Dom P suite (1,000 euros a night). is showing 0 points !,

    • Lady London says:

      Only if it’s your 4th stay. 4 nights isn’t 4 stays. So to get 4x points per dollar you must have done 3 stays anywhere in IHG.

      Pretty sure you know that Harry. But its worth reinforcing so people will get what they expect.

      IC is definitely the IHG brand to go for on this if you can.

      • Harry T says:

        @Lady London – this was just the app showing me a strange set of estimated points earnings for a planned stay at the Amstel, not my calculating the possible points I’d earn from 4x. Sorry for being unclear.