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Earn up to 301,000 bonus IHG Rewards Club points in their new Spring hotel promotion!

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UPDATE – OCTOBER 2020:  This article is now out of date, but don’t worry.  We produce a monthly summary of the top hotel bonus point offers – please click HERE or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ menu above. 

Click here for our article on IHG’s current ‘2x’ double points promotion which runs until 15th December 2020. You can register for the offer by clicking here and adding promo code 44480.

IHG Rewards Club, the loyalty scheme for InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn etc, is about to launch its Spring promotion.

You can see full details and register on here.

What is the new IHG promotion?

This is a version of the ‘4x’ offer that IHG Rewards Club trialled in December.

It is a very simple one which rewards people who commit a lot of nights.  You don’t necessarily need to be a big spender.

You will:

Earn 1,000 bonus points on your first night after registration

Earn 2 x bonus points on nights 2-5

Earn 3 x bonus points on nights 6-14

Earn 4 x bonus points on nights 15+

The maximum number of bonus points you can receive is 100,000 PER STAGE.  This means that the total number of bonus points you are earn is 301,000, made up of 1,000 + 100,000 + 100,000 + 100,000.

Ihg 4x Spring 2020 promotion

What is the small print?

Here are the details:

The promotion runs from 15th February to 15th May

The last day for registration AND BOOKINGS is 15th April

Existing bookings count

Only paid stays earn bonus points and count towards increasing your bonus multiple – a reward night won’t earn bonus points and will not push you along towards the next step up

Only stays costing $30+ after tax qualify for the promotion – this is unlikely to be an issue for HFP readers in Europe!

For stays of 2+ nights, your rate will be averaged out over your stay and it is the average rate which will be used to calculate your nightly bonus

Only one room per stay counts towards the promotion – you get no credit for multiple rooms at the same hotel on the same night

Bonus points will post in arrears, separately to your base points

What is the bonus worth?

I generally value an IHG Rewards Club point at 0.4p.

Most IHG brands earn 10 base points per $1 (77p) so you are getting (4p / 77p) 5.2% of your after-tax spending back in points.

Under this offer, you will earn back:

An extra 5.2% of your spend on nights 2-5

An extra 10.4% of your spend on nights 6-14

An extra 15.6% of your spend on nights 15+

This is ON TOP of your base points and your status bonus.  At the top end, a Spire Elite member who gets a 100% status bonus would be earning a 26% rebate on nights 15+!

If you have a very expensive IHG stay pencilled in for the end of the promo period, say late April, you may want to think about bulking up your IHG stays beforehand.  If you could push yourself to, say, six nights before that stay it would boost your points sharply.

IHG 4x promotion

Is this a good promotion?

Compared to IHG’s ‘Accelerate’ promotions, which have run virtually back to back for the last few years, this is relatively weak.

The downside is that there is no scope for getting an outsize reward.  If the cards fell in your favour, you could trigger a large Accelerate bonus with just a handful of stays as long as you covered your personal brand and night targets.

No-one is going to make out like a bandit here.  On the upside, everyone gets the same goal (heavy stayers tended to get legged over with ‘Accelerate’ with very tough targets) and if you can push a lot of nights to IHG over the three month period you should do nicely.

For someone like me who would have a handful of nights at best, there is less to get excited about.  That said, given that the only realistic competition is Hilton’s ‘2000 bonus points per stay’ – which I value at £6.60 – perhaps IHG has decided it can be cheap this quarter.

One effect of coronavirus, however, is that it will hit the hotel companies and may lead to more aggressive activity later in the year.

You can register for IHG’s new ‘4x’ promotion here.

Even if you have no stays planned yet, I would recommend registering anyway so you don’t get caught out by the 15th April registration deadline.  Remember that stays until 15th May count.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Comments (105)

  • John says:

    Same here

  • Ant says:


    Any idea what happens if your stay posts in between one of those bands? I expect to be staying 3 nights which will be my 5th-7th nights, so between the 2x and 3x bands?

    • Rob says:

      As per the article, your stay cost is averaged out per night purely for this reason. You get the bonus per night based on where you are for that night.

  • Andrew says:

    Works just fine.

    Go to the “Offers” tab on the App, select “Earn By Night” message, then key in your IHG number.

    Only a couple of domestic stays planned for me this spring though. Hoping for something decent for mid May to August.

    • Sharon says:

      Same here. Won’t work on the website as it asks for a promotion code. Go to the app, then Offers, Earn by Night, add your IHG number, job done

  • Sina says:

    O/T Amex Gold Charge Card: Does anyone know how long after renewal the 10,000 annual bonus posts? I see the message on my MR statement but no points, I want to upgrade so not sure if I’ll get the points if I do? its been a month since renewal!

  • Chrisasaurus says:


    Apologies if already covered but ‘up to 310,000’ points seems somewhat disingenuous – to hit that theoretical maximum 100k per band youd need to be spending $1,250 a night for nights 2-5, no? (=12500 points, so 2x bonus is 25000 points)

    • Rob says:

      It is, but I needed some sort of headline and it is technically possible! I was going to make a similar comment to yours in the article but deleted it.

  • Ted says:

    I had a nice surprise from IHG recently. AwardWallet told me back in January that I was now Gold Elite with IHG. I thought it was perhaps an error or would only last a month or so and thought little of it.

    Sure enough, the IHG app messaged me yesterday to say, “Say hello to Gold Elite status. You were so close we thought you deserved it. Here’s an upgrade to say thank you for staying with us.”

    Considering we only stayed seven nights in IHG properties in 2019 (and I auto-convert to airline miles anyway) I thought this was very generous of them. Perhaps it was because our stays were spread out across the UK, US, Spain and Germany?

    I know Gold Elite isn’t exactly anything to write home about but it’s the first status I’ve ever had in the miles and points game! Hopefully the first of many…bit of a slow-burner to be honest but HFP has helped hugely. 🙂

  • Neil says:

    I’ve been doing the math’s with this one and I cant make it work….

    For business travelers who don’t pay for rooms its fine. For people going on holiday that are already staying in IHG hotels, then fine. But for someone like me who is willing to stay wherever for the best deal (price and points) it makes no sense.

    I have 1 paid night in IC Hong Kong In early May in this deal. I may as well get a cheap single night in before then so I get the 2x points on that stay. However, the cheapest cost to get the 5 nights needed to get the 3x points is £210-250 and even then, id only get circa 28,000 points (…or £112 worth of points).

    interestingly the next 100% purchase points bonus will be a lot more rewarding so ill wait for that next time (hoping there will be a next time)

    A great shame if this is the end of Accelerate. As other have said, the challenge aspect always drew me to IHG brands and I even invented trips away to hit the targets. this was a great way of getting me to use the IHG brand over other brands. Now the existing challenge is only of value to high turnover users which may have already used IHG. great for rewarding existing customers but unlikely to do much to attract new ones!

    I wonder if there is anyway of feeding this back to IHG

    • marcw says:

      It looks like Accor is having the most generous promo. 6000 points for 3 stays (min 2 night each stay).

    • Rob says:

      Your lack of bookings will do the trick.

    • Lady London says:

      I agree with you that whoever has been advising IHG on their loyalty offerings has completely missed the ‘gaming’ aspect of a good offering that will create extra bookings for IHG.

      Not just incentivise nights that would have been booked quite likely with IHG anyway. Such as your corporate employee or consultant that books 4 nights a week at client site. For past 6 months IHG promotions have lost their lustre. But I’m sure all the Accenture and Shell and IBM (as examples) employees are happy to get discount on all the nights they’d corporately have been obliged to give IHG anyway. Where there is a choice of hotel for these travelers IHG is now doing nothing special compared to other major chains.

  • Dace says:

    OT. I want to go to Japan/Hong Kong this Summer and have found some flights. For this I want to use my 241 voucher and get HK at it’s real tax cost. Is there anyway of doing this? I.e. book the return first then call to book the outward flight? I ask as I am aware in the past that if you book it in one go, they wack you with taxes/fees as if HK charges them.

    • memesweeper says:

      If you are hoping BA will ‘forget’ to add the Taxes, Fees and Charges for the London to Heathrow leg when you call up to add the outbound to the inbound and add a 2-4-1, I think there’s little chance of this. My understanding is they will have to cancel the inbound and start again to make the booking at all, as you can’t use the 2-4-1 inbound to London only (it can only be used inbound as part of a return from London). But do please try, and report back here if it works, in deeply obscure coded language of course …

      • HayMow says:

        Memesweeper – with a BA/Amex 241 the trip has to start in the UK, so don’t think that will work as you won’t be able to get 241 pricing if you book inward leg first.

    • Chris says:

      Book the outbound using the 241 voucher and the return separately with the lower taxes. Then call up straight away to link the bookings. They refund half the avios for the return journey but don’t recalculate the fees. Did this for Tel Avis as it saved a few quid each

      • Dace says:

        I know I have to pay the taxes outbound and accept that. What I take umbrage at is having to pay £250+ for the Hong Kong leg when it should be minimal fees. From reading this, it looks like I may be able to lock in the Hong Kong fees if I book that first, then add the outbound Japan leg. I will update you all as to how I get on.