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How to get a one-way Hertz UK car rental for just £1

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We have covered Europcar’s £1 car rentals a few times on Head for Points, and they have proved very popular with readers.

Hertz One also offers one-way UK car rentals for a flat fee from £1, including basic insurance.

The offer comes and goes but, at the monent it is back and active.

This is an interesting way for Hertz to save money when re-allocating vehicles across sites.  The idea is that you rent a car for £1 and take it back to its original depot, presumably after someone else paid a hefty one-way rental surcharge in the other direction.

The Hertz One rental page is here.

Your best chance of finding a deal is if you want to travel TO one of London’s airports. If I look at Plymouth to Heathrow, for example, there is a £1 car available for booking between 24th February and 1st March.

Included in the price are

  • Collision Damage Waiver (excess applies)
  • Theft Protection (excess applies)
  • Location service charge
  • Vehicle Licence Fee
  • Tax

Not included are:

  • Super Cover
  • Personal insurance
  • Premium Emergency
  • Roadside Service
  • Fuel
  • Additional Driver Fee

You need to complete the journey within 24-48 hours of when you collect the car, depending on route.  If it is a two day trip, your fee doubles to £2!

It also looks like Hertz One is currently only available:

from Newcastle, Plymouth, Exeter, Aberdeen, Inverness and Cadiff …..

….. travelling to a selection from London airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted), Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester

You will not earn Gold Plus Rewards points on Hertz One bookings and I am guessing that the chance of getting the standard 1,000 Virgin Flying Club miles for a Hertz booking is roughly nil.

That said, there might be occasions when this could work out nicely.

You can find out more on the Hertz UK site here.  If none of the Hertz pick up points work for you, check out the Europcar £1 options here.

How to get FREE car rental status and other benefits via UK credit cards

How to get FREE car rental status and other benefits via UK credit cards (July 2024)

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The Platinum Card and American Express Business Platinum

The Platinum Card from American Express and American Express Business Platinum come with two free car hire status cards. Your supplementary Platinum cardholder can also receive status in their own right.

From Avis, you receive President’s Club status in Avis Preferred. This gets you up to 25% off standard rates, a free additional driver and a guaranteed one class upgrade. For weekend rentals you will receive a two class upgrade, subject to availability.

From Hertz, you receive ‘Five Star’ status in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. This gets you up to 15% off standard rates, a free additional driver and a one class upgrade, subject to availability.

Hertz also offers Platinum cardholders a 4 hour grace period on rentals. Your final day is treated as 28 hours, so a 1pm pick up with a 5pm return the following day is only charged as one day, not two days. We wrote about the Hertz / Platinum 4 hour grace period here.

The Platinum Card also comes with full car hire insurance with no obligation to pay for the rental via American Express. You can refuse any attempts to sell you additional insurance at pick up. This benefit has substantial value if you rent on a regular basis.

You can find more details on the two Platinum cards, and apply, in our full reviews linked below. You can apply here for the personal card and here for the business card.

The Platinum Card from American Express

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There are two car rental benefits:

  • you receive Preferred Plus status in Avis Preferred
  • you receive a special package with Hertz – 10% off best available rates at participating locations, a one class upgrade for rentals of 5 days or more, subject to availability, and no additional driver fees

Find out more about the benefits of American Express Preferred Rewards Gold in our review. You can apply here.

American Express Preferred Rewards Gold

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  • C77 says:

    Europcar used to be quite good with these. They also offered a lot more UK pickup points. Not seen any offers from them recently

  • sayling says:

    Seems weird not to provide Roadside Service…

    • the_real_a says:

      If you read the T&Cs carefully, the extra cover provides protection from problems caused by yourself not mechanical failure. They are still responsible if the engine goes bang.

  • Shoestring says: gives you access to more Hertz £1 deals than the Hertz One site itself

    better availability as regards calendar as well

  • mark2 says:

    This looks good and I have considered it, but how do you get home when you return?

    • Shoestring says:


      saving 8 weeks of airport carpark fees this summer

    • david says:

      do the same in reverse?

      • Shoestring says:

        I don’t think you’ve quite understood why Hertz and Europcar offer £1 rentals 🙂

        • Dan says:

          The real question is: would Hertz be renting out wives for £1 if it wasn’t for Brexit? And are Europcar more likely to have younger models available?

          • Lady London says:

            My last Hertz rental had 25,000 miles on the clock so quite possibly 🙂

            Someone has mentioned Europcar had a bit of a rep for ‘fake damage’. The whole industry seems to be vulnerable to this. So if it’s been mentioned I’d be particularly aware. My travel pattern suits this and it’s why I haven’t grabbed one of the Europcar oneson this. Even though their choice is much much better.

    • Rich says:

      I think you might have missed the point!

      When you want to do a one way journey by car (which I often do), this is an exceptionally useful deal.

      When you don’t, it’s usually not! (But it can be.)

      • Derek Broughton says:

        Actually, from Plymouth, this is probably almost always a great deal if I can get it. Getting to Heathrow (or worse, Gatwick) by train or bus practically always involves leaving about midnight with a long wait at the airport. Taking a car (that, never mind the cost of petrol, is always going to be cheaper than driving—and parking—my own car) is a great deal that means I can get (most of) a night’s sleep before my flight.

  • LewisB says:

    Booked one last month from DriiveMe Hertz CWL to LHR. Would definitely do it again. They didn’t actually have any ‘£1 cars’ available so I was given an upgrade as that’s all they had left!

    • sloth says:

      thats interesting. i always wondered what they would do if they car you had booked was not available for some reason

      • Rich says:

        I was under the impression the could (and would) simply cancel your reservation if they no longer needed to shift a car.

  • Ron says:

    Hertz One came in very handy for me last weekend when most flights were cancelled from Edinburgh. (Europcar not an option as it needed 2 days advanced booking). Hertz honoured my £1 one way from Newcastle booked 18 hours in advance despite their desk being beseiged by people unsuccessfully asking for one way cars south after their flights had been diverted there.

  • Lady London says:

    OT @Shoestring how is your mother in law doing? Is she out of hospital yet?

    • Shoestring says:

      thx for asking, she’s too weak to do physiotherapy (they tried but she can’t lift the leg that was temporarily ‘paralysed’ with the stroke but improved when they put the stent in), looks like she’ll stay 1 week where she is (more serious ward) then get moved to an old people’s ward for 4 weeks, which won’t be much fun as my wife thinks that’s really a ward where quite a few patients fade away. I don’t think my m-i-l is in that category yet (not that I’m a doctor) but she can’t move/ walk at all at the moment so obvs needs care. Nothing my wife can do except provide support, she’s coming back Sunday or Monday & I’m trying to persuade her to go to Malaga short break next week with our daughter as arranged rather than cancel & go back to see her mum, I think she agrees. Sorry folks too much detail, I know

      • Lady London says:

        So not out of the woods yet. Would be great to find a way to keep her out of old peeps ward. Does she have any private provision?

      • Polly says:

        Sorry to read this, only catching up now. If she does have to go to long stay, and if any other relies around. Have them encourage intermittent deep breathing. When visiting etc. Keep her upright, they tend to slip into cosy positions..all helps. Best of luck, tough times, went through it with my mum..esp if living in another country.
        It’s where baec RFS came up top trumps for me back and forth to dub, last minute trips.

        • Shoestring says:

          not much in terms of rellies (my bro in law and his adult son) (and definitely no health plan)

          my wife is stressing a bit as at night my m-i-l has been going a bit loopy so they have strapped her into the bed with a ‘nappy’, I guess they’re worried about her falling and breaking a hip etc but doesn’t sound pleasant

          BA ticket pricing policy! there’s no Economy Avios availability for my wife to get back so I was going to get her one-way Business on points (ie about £175) – one-way Economy for cash is about £240! – then we realised return Economy ticket for cash is less than the one-way Avios ticket in Business, I could see it for about £125. So we’ll probably go for that, ie homeward ticket + effectively a free ticket back out to see her mum again which she might use and even if not, less than the Business single ticket on points

          • Lady London says:

            If you know anyone who’s Gold they may see more choices /flights available even in Y. I’d
            volunteer but I’ve sunk to Blue.

          • Lady London says:

            Good idea. If you phone rather than book online it’s just possible that a slightly higher fare class on one or both legs (check if needs to be both sometimes lowest conditions prevail) might get you more flexibility on the return for very very few extra euros. Not possible to do online.

            Also for Europe generally I saw TAP does reasonable OW pricing in Business longhaul, never checked if applies to short/Y as well but might do if they fly anywhere near.

        • Lady London says:

          @Polly isn’t restlessness at night a side effect of an anticoagulant drug or two? I am thinking warfarin.

          • Shoestring says:

            what’s the Avios flight cancellation cost if you paid £17.50 + Avios? is it really 50p in that case? I’m thinking of swapping out an existing flight already booked on points with the ‘free’ ticket I mentioned above

          • Lady London says:

            Someone said the 50p is a computer glitch if cancelled online currently but think you’d have to be prepared to lose the £17.50. iIRC it tells you how much before the final click?

      • Liz says:

        We are living a medical nightmare atm. MIL went in for planned knee replacement on 19/12 – had some complications. Finally discharged after 15 days on 3/1 – same day FIL fell and broke his hip. You couldn’t make it up! 8.5 wks later finally got MIL home to her own house after living with us. Now running up and down twice a day to visit her and FIL still in hospital so daily visits required there too. Very small family so all falls on myself and hubby. All travel plans on hold for the foreseeable. FIL 91 MIL 87 – all fun and games here.

        • Shoestring says:

          oh hard luck, Liz – though snap, my m-i-l is coming up to 87 as well

          tbf she has wanted to die peacefully in the night for the past year or so, she’s talked about it enough

          and my neighbour who died before Xmas was 89 as well, we don’t go on forever (though he was quite fit and mentally alert, so it was a big shame)

        • Lady London says:

          Sorry to hear that Liz. It will be making such a difference you are there especially FIL alone in hospital. Not a ‘picnic’ for you but thank heavens you’re there for them.

          • Polly says:

            Liz, and LL, Agree, just being there for them is so rewarding. They do so appreciate it. My car was worn out driving up and down the A3 into Barnes to my MIL for 4 yrs. then to her care home. Followed by 2 more yrs bk and forth to Ireland to mum. It’s not for too long, but when in another country it’s much more worrying.
            Dehydration is the worse thing with the elderly. They almost want to be allowed to slide away, and just stop eating and drinking naturally. Esp drinking as they hate the effort of the loo etc. It’s a natural progression, sadly, but they have had long lives. Anything over 85 is good innings we think, just hope we get there !
            Harry, hope you get flts sorted ASAP.

          • Shoestring says:

            Polly, good advice & yes I got her a return BA flight for £125 HBO cash, well under the £175 effective cost of Business on Avios one-way – and hopefully she can use the ‘return’ part back out to see her mum as I got it for Friday May 1st (ie with the May 4th bank holiday in mind).

            And amazingly managed to get her a £60 rtn from Bristol for weekend after next, never normally that cheap but I guess nobody much wants to fly in February month end – I checked and every following weekend combo is getting on for twice as much.

          • Shoestring says:

            I think I will have the old battle royal on my hands getting my wife to go to Malaga with our daughter next week (as arranged) rather than head back to see her mum. She is in floods of tears about her mum having hallucinations at night, getting strapped into bed at night with a ‘nappy’ (so that she doesn’t fall out and break her hip), basically not enjoying this old person’s stage of life pre-dying.

            Not that my wife can change anything or offer anything except family support – and my m-i-l doesn’t recognise her half the time, preferring to look up at the ceiling to see the insects & birds

  • Charlieface says:

    Just booked this for someone, they were given 350 miles and they needed to go over that, but the desk agent said it was unlimited after all.

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