Avios and Barclays Premier agree a long-term points-earning partnership

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Last Autumn, Barclays Premier tried to do an ‘under the radar’ trial with Avios, offering 25,000 Avios to a small group of people if they opened a bank account.  The secret trial got ruined when we decided to tell everyone about it.  The good news is that Barclays got to understand how popular this incentive could be!

You can learn more about the 2019 Avios / Barclays Premier offer here.

Unsuprisingly, following the strong response last year, Avios and Barclays have signed a long-term agreement to promote Barclays Premier.

Barclays Premier and Avios

You should note the deal is NOT yet live again and won’t be for a while.  However, when it returns, there will be a generous Avios sign-up bonus for opening a Barclays Premier current account.

You will also be able to earn Avios on “other banking products as well as receive additional loyalty benefits and experience”.

There is nothing to do at the moment, although if you were thinking of moving your banking to HSBC Premier or another premium provider then you may want to hold off for a few months.  An Avios incentive from Barclays Premier will be along soon.

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on the top 10 reasons to get the British Airways Premium Plus American Express credit card.

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  1. Very confusing posts on the Revolut forum of credit card topup working again- was it blocked by some credit cards due to the change in MCC?

    Can anyone confirm if the MCC has changed back for VISA- as they told me it would?

    Regarding Monese, would a Barclaycard Hilton topup be a cash advance or a purchase? Does Curve play a role in this as I thought they were pushing the MCC as recorded by the merchant.

  2. OT: Are payments to Brighton via Curve – Virgin Atlantic still recorded as a purchase or does this now incur fees?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Only real way to find out it to use it and see. However, no reason to think it has changed.

      Curve is completely different to Revolut and each merchant is given an MCC. Curve doesn’t use their own MCC for purchases/card payments to vendors instead they pass on whatever the MCC of the original merchant.

    • Still as a purchase as of 12th Feb

    • yes, you can still pay Amex with Curve + Any credit card but Amex

  3. O/T Lloyds avios-earning balance transfers – has anyone had a fee-free offer recently? I’m only currently getting the 3% fee for 0% over 18 months.

    Just wondering if this little earner has now been closed.

    • Looks like I’m in the same boat. However, I think it’s come and gone before so this may not be permanent.

    • I received letter recently, you may have too, setting out conditions for balance transfers and interest but no fee was conspicuous by its absence.
      I fear that it is one of the many points earning opportunities to disappear.

      • No brainer, puts you in line for potential upgrade to First and insulates you against potential downgrade to economy. CW is essentially the same over all aircraft with minor differences that should not affect your decision. Even if it is the oldest and shabbiest it is still much better than WTP, well worth it IMO.

    • Gone for me too. Used this every month but think it’s another door closed now.

  4. Another OT sorry. In the BA 777-200 4 class old configuration, what would your views be on the business class product? I’ve never flown business class but could upgrade from WTP to Biz for 34k avios and £150 so I am considering it. Currently we have the first row of WTP. 2 adults, 1 child (3yo), 1 lap infant (1.5yo). Thanks so much in advance.

    • 34k and £150 each? It depends on the destination and which terminal you’re going from. I’m assuming it’s LHR.

      Middle 4 seats would suit you and lounge access if you don’t have this already.

      • Noticed the ages, maybe the middle 4 wouldn’t work.

        • No – it’s 34k avios and £158 taxes and fees in total between all of us which seems like a steal and a no brainer?
          Seats are 2-4-2 so not really sure if they’d work with an infant but just wonder given how low the cost is to give it a go even if they are the old seats.
          No longer have the platinum card so lounge will be handy if we manage to get there early enough with the two young children.
          Thank you

          • Do it. Whatever people say about CW for 34K Avios and £158 for the family it’s not even a decision.
            Out of interest what route?

          • TGLoyalty says:

            34k and £150 for all of you go for it. middle 4 would work if its child + parent in middle and 1 other parent to one of the sides. never know the single seat might even be empty.

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            Must be one way for that price & points. Excellent value for 4x, go for it.

    • Sounds perfect. If you can get row 15 it is designed for bassinets. Easy access to the middle pair – no climbing over other people. Close to the WCs and the galley. If you have the middle pair upright the kids will have a nice little private floor area to play in. And if the cabin is not full there is a very good chance the other aisle seat will be spare as well.

      • Thank you everyone. Done! And have chosen row 15 on your advice. It’s only the return leg which is a daytime flight as the outward was too expensive to do the same. And the great thing is not having to pay for choosing seats because of the kids. Route is not exciting for most as it is to Jeddah.

  5. Shoestring says:

    [RISHI SUNAK could be about to abandon a controversial overhaul of air passenger duty (APD) agreed as part of a rescue deal for Flybe – hurling the regional airline’s future into jeopardy.
    The new Chancellor is against a cut to the tax, industry sources said. His predecessor Sajid Javid had backed a reduction in a bid to keep Flybe afloat.
    One source said: “The change of Chancellor will make it significantly less likely to happen. The message was: ‘Don’t bank on it happening.’”]

  6. O/T – Is it still possible to spend 10k on the BA free card and call to upgrade to premium and receive the 241 voucher straight away?

    • Yes, but AI suggest you apply for BAPP online via a referral link. You are very unlikely to see any benefit hut you never know.

    • Yes, but the voucher comes as 1 year due to an IT bug and you spend months fighting over it. Better to upgrade when you’ve spent £9k.

    • aDifferentSimon says:

      it took three online chats and one month to reset the bug where I only got one year.
      First one said that’s the way it was as the majority of the spend was on blue. Second chat a few days later said it was 2 years at their end (but 1 year on BA) and assured all was fine. Third chat a week or so later passed me to a “supervisor” who said they would “raise a request with the dedicated team” and BA would be updated in 5-10 working days. Sure enough it was. So if you get one year, persist and you will get two.

  7. Revolut accounts are extremely risky. Not only they close down your account very easily and without warning but your money is not protected by FSCS. Using Revolut for a business account is very naive.

    The problem with Revolut is that is run by a dodgy ceo and a management team with questionable ethics. They also lack a banking license in the UK, meaning they don’t do proper due diligence as all banks must do before you sign up with them. Their due diligence comes only after their buggy algorithms decide your account looks suspicious and they freeze it for 2 months until you supply all the documents that a normal bank would have asked you from the beginning. Image 2 months with a frozen business account!!

  8. Hi. I usually send them the tracking ID number (you can’t see it on the app) and that shows that you have clicked through. That has always sorted the problem.


  9. Shoestring says:

    I see Raffles got briefly cited in the Money pages of the Daily Mail today – Avios article that most of you won’t need to read except perhaps to check the basics

    • stevenhp1987 says:

      Saw it on my Google Now earlier. Opened it out of curiosity. Read first few lines and then skim read thinking “I bet this is Raffles”, and there it was…

      Nothing for any regular to get worked up about. The type of article that might drive some extra members this way…

      In fact, thinking about it, I’ve never seen such an introductory look at Avios on this website… Won’t help the regulars but a basic article here and there after such a naming might help those who are introduced..?

  10. OT Creation, recent unexpected bonus seems to have ended, and I can only topup a certain amount per day – just me, or anyone in the same boat?

  11. Is there anywhere that says signing up to the £0/m Revolut Business plan wouldn’t qualify? 😉

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