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British Airways drops plastic cards for Executive Club status members

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British Airways has decided to end the practice of automatically sending out plastic cards to Gold, Silver and Bronze members of British Airways Executive Club.

It has also stopped issuing paper ‘Golden Tickets’ to hand out to staff members who provide excellent service.

Gold members will still be able to issue digitial ‘Golden Tickets’ via an upcoming new feature on, which will have the added advantage of allowing you to nominate multiple people.

British Airways drop plastic cards for Executive Club status members

Intriguingly, Gold Guest List Members, Premier card holders, Gold for Life and Gold Guest List for Life Members WILL continue to receive membership packs and physical Golden Tickets.

Anyone who does still want to receive a Bronze, Gold or Silver plastic card – and the associated luggage tags – can order one via their Executive Club account.

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Comments (185)

    • Mark says:

      Cue lots of cancellations though until 30th June….

      • Shoestring says:

        [The period proposed covers the four-month period between March 2020 and June
        2020 for all flights. ]

  • AJA says:

    On a lighter note I’ve just seen the Matt cartoon in the Daily Telegraph. It has a man sitting at a desk (Alex Cruz?) in front of a British Airways sign and someone at the door saying:

    “Good news. We could be a zero carbon business by next week”
    It’s behind a paywall but is fully visible on the main page in the panel “exclusively for subscribers”

  • Liz says:

    I have tried to cancel our upcoming trip to the USA using the actual credit card number I used for the booking but it keeps telling me it’s the wrong number when I know for certain it isn’t wrong as I have checked the statement and still have the card. It won’t let me proceed. Of course trying to phone just says they are busy and hangs up. Any other suggestions for getting through.

    • Liz says:

      By stroke of luck someone answered the phone really quickly as it was his first call of his shift. Sad to cancel but we are living in strange times. Stay safe people!

      • Anna says:

        Sorry to hear that Liz, hope you can re-schedule the trip. Just interested in why you’ve cancelled – e.g. fear of catching virus, not being able to get home? Currently in a similar position but going to hold out till as late as possible before making the decision.

        • Liz says:

          I was going to hold out but feel in reality the USA numbers are going to be huge in the coming weeks. Don’t want to be in the USA if we fall ill and Washington State where we are going has many cases already. Fear of catching it, not being insured sufficiently, getting home to elderly MIL who is 87 and on her own and dependent on us. So with a heavy heart I have cancelled. The guy said to phone back nearer the time and get the 241 voucher extended – currently 6 mths he said but maybe more depending on how it progresses. If i lose it, I lose it. Now have £2k being refunded to my current BAPP which means I need to spend that £2k again to earn my next 241. Also where will BA be financially in the coming weeks/months.

          • Anna says:

            All completely understandable. I’m now imagining a US road trip is going to be like a scene from Mad Max!

          • Lady London says:

            Good decision Liz. Mostly for the family reasons. You had no choice really. Got a feeling it will come right for you – now was just not the time for that trip.

  • Shoestring says:

    odd – my 8 Virgin miles/ £ offer disappeared from VA a/c (mine & my wife’s a/c) but I either sneaked in or else it was there all the time, hidden – transaction from 9/3, points posted fine to pending

    I ran the miles calculator just now & it’s only awarding 1 mile/£, so I probably just sneaked in

    be aware that they might have removed the old 25/3 deadline from your a/c if you are planning on a Morrisons run 10%+8%+1%+1%=20% discount

  • Shoestring says:

    (data from China)

    Underlying Conditions
    Heart disease: 10.5%
    Diabetes: 7.3%
    Chronic respiratory disease: 6.3%
    High blood pressure: 6%
    Cancer: 5.6%
    None: 0.9%

    0-9 years: N/A
    10-19 years: 0.2%
    20-29 years: 0.2%
    30-39 years: 0.2%
    40-49 years: 0.4%
    50-59 years: 1.3%
    60-69 years: 3.6%
    70-79 years: 8%
    Over 80 years: 14.8%

    • ChrisBCN says:

      You are missing the context again.

      1 – this is of those who have been tested, not of general population, so actual population rates for China will be lower.

      2 – you also need to be careful extrapolating these numbers to other countries due to the way the virus has been ‘managed’ in different ways in different countries, as well as behavioural and genetic differences and multiple other factors

      • Shoestring says:

        I’m just reporting the Chinese data. I’m the absolute last person who would exaggerate the mortality rate, I’ve long said that since nobody knows the Chinese infection rate, it’s not possible to extract a meaningful mortality rate. My assumption is that unreported mild infections are at least a factor of 10 more (and probably higher) than seen above, so people can safely move the decimal point one place to the left.

        But the data are quite useful in pointing to underlying illnesses and age as being the most significant factors influencing mortality.

        Which is why my unhealthy 80YO dad is locking himself away from next week with no human contact for the foreseeable future.

        Box of groceries at the door, ring the bell, get out of touching distance.

    • ChrisBCN says:

      If anyone wants a data driven view rather than commentariat, you can get the analysis here
      and scroll down to ‘deaths from covid-19’

      Note the scientific view is ‘We therefore cannot give a definitive figure for the mortality risk of the disease.’

  • Justin says:

    Has anyone had any experiences cancelling/changing a Lloyds upgrade voucher redemption recently? Are they being any more flexible about getting the voucher back, or extending the cut off date?