New British Airways American Express 2-4-1 Avios companion vouchers are NOT being extended

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EDIT:  British Airways has now told us that all 2-4-1 vouchers earned by 30th June 2020 will be extended by six months at some point

On Monday we were the first to highlight the six-month extension given to all outstanding British Airways American Express 2-4-1 vouchers.

Whilst not unexpected, this was still a welcome move and one which allows voucher holders to plan ahead for trips later this year and in 2021.

New British Airways American Express 2-4-1 vouchers are NOT being extended

It is important to note, however, that this does not appear to be a blanket extension.  On Flyertalk yesterday, someone posted a screenshot of a voucher which had just been issued.  It only had the standard two-year validity.

It looks like British Airways did a one-off bit of IT jiggery pokery to extend all existing vouchers (and, for clarity, this includes used vouchers which will now be refunded).  This is not, it seems, a permanent change of strategy.

You should assume that any voucher which is close to being issued will come with the standard two-year validity.

This creates the odd possibility that your next upcoming voucher could expire before your previous voucher!  My previous voucher is now extended to May 2022, so if I spent £10,000 quickly on the card this year – which isn’t going to happen in the current circumstances – I could have my new voucher only running to March or April 2022.

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  1. I’ve followed the helpful advice to cancel my 241 flights turning on and off JavaScript etc . I end with a page saying we are refunding your ticket which may take 2 mins , but then it just freezes and nothing happens . I’ve tried that twice now .
    Any advice please ? ☹️
    Thank you

  2. LaserBeams says:

    Would BA switch out one voucher for another? I have a trip booked in Jan 2021 that I couldn’t use my older voucher for as it would have expired by that time so I booked using a newer voucher. However the extension of my older voucher would now allow me to use it and keep the newer voucher for another trip. Is switching the vouchers used on a booking possible?

  3. I just got my first “refund” voucher from BA – just an email with a couple of 10 digit numbers in it.
    No indication of what they are worth.

    Is there somewhere on your BA account that shows the actual value of the voucher? I cant see anything on the eVouchers page of my account.

    • Yeah, I have the same problem, and when I tried to ‘test’ my new voucher against purchasing a new flight the voucher numbers didn’t match – says the voucher should be 125-82**** but my voucher is 125-87****

      • Lady London says:

        If you can’t spend the voucher BA has just given you for a BA flight, with the system saying you have to have a much older-looking number on the voucher otherwise the system wont accept it….

        Is this another sneaky trick by BA so they don’t have to honour these vouchers they’re also pulling a sneak truck to make you take instead of the refund you’re entitled to due to them cancelling the flights you paid for?

        At least this sneaky block would have only required them to put in a field edit. Would have taken about 10 seconds compared to putting in extra JavaScript code so as take away customers’ access to the refund screen that they did already.

        • Lady London says:

          Has anyone managed to spend their BA voucher on a new flight that they got since BA’s website removed access to the refund screen in Manage My Booking?

          • Maybe they can only be spent by calling up. The email doesn’t state they can be spent online, although I would have assumed they’d work.

      • Charlieface says:

        Could be wrong but I have a feeling based on the fact they start with 125 they are airline credit notes issued by BA, which can be used via the GDS, so you could use them with a travel agent who knows what they’re doing.

  4. Hi Rob
    Just had a look at the M&S terms and it says its for online purchases only.

    • Didn’t say that two days ago …. perhaps they changed it due to most shops closing?

      • If they have a food hall, which this offer appears to be targeted at…they are still open.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Yup it was deffo instore and online before

        strange unless they realised all instore locations were now food stores only

  5. Alan Greenslade says:

    Hi Rob,
    On the M&S offer, it doesn’t seem to exclude gift cards ( unless I am missing something)

  6. Anti-bacterially clean? Wouldn’t anti-virally cleaning be more useful at the current time?

    • Youllnever says:

      I was about to say this as well. I guess some people wouldn’t have thought about this.

    • BrightonReader says:

      Most people don’t know the difference between bacteria and a virus so go with what most people understand rather than pedantry.

      • Lady London says:

        “Only on HfP” :-).I cannot imagine we’d get this level of expertise on any other blog.

        • BrightonReader says:

          May I introduce the honourable Lady to flyer talk where some take pedantry to the highest heights.

          I once saw a post there that basically said

          “Your entire post and list of complaints is wrong because you didn’t fly as claimed on an A330-300 but an A330-200”

        • Bagoly says:

          A cousin of Overhead in Waitrose

    • Novice says:

      I still wouldn’t trust it.

      How are you to know if the driver did it properly? I guess my OCD self just thinks it’s gimmicky. Taking advantage of this situation.

      I always wipe everything myself in planes etc.

  7. Sandra says:

    Both my 241 vouchers extended by 6 months. One originally expired Dec 2020 and the other Nov 2021

  8. Hello all,
    I have 241 flights booked 28th May, I just want to rebook to November, which there is an option for online but… It wont let me move the dates as it was booked over 365 days ago (when re-booking to November)… any suggestions? If I re-book to June- or July, and then re-book again to November will that combat this issue or will be charged? Hope someone can help! Thanks in advance

  9. O/T
    Paid Brigh with Curve linked to Virgin. Now wondering if should move it to MBNA Horizon – anyone know if fees are charged for this on Horizon?

  10. O/T: Great video:

    COVID-19: How Aviation is fighting for survival.

  11. Lizzie says:

    Thanks for the update team. That’s great news.

    Do you know if there will be any possibility of BA extending the tier point collection window as well as the 2-4-1 vouchers? I was due to fly business to Saudi Arabia in June (haven’t booked tickets yet as the news hit just as we were arranging them). This would have bumped me up a tier before my year ends at the start of August.

    Many Thanks,

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