British Airways St Austell Tribute beer now for sale to drink at home!

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Last week we told you how BrewDog’s Speedbird 100 ale, made exclusively for lounge and in-flight use by British Airways, is now available for purchase online.

A second British Airways beer exclusive has also turned up online.  All that unused stock needs to be sold somehow!

St Austell Brewery offers its Tribute Cornish pale ale in 330ml cans via British Airways.  Historically, these cans have not been openly for sale and your only option for home drinking was to buy the big (too big for some) 500ml bottles or cans.

St Austell Tribute pale ale

330ml cans of Tribute are now available via St Austell Brewery online – click here.

The cost is £24 for 24 cans or £45 for 48 cans.

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  1. Trevor Gardiner says:

    500ml “too big for some” HaHa, that’s not even a pint!

  2. Philip says:

    Kindle Unlimited offer says 30 Day Free Trial. (And I did click through your affiliate link)

    • You presumably have had a trial in the previous year?

      • Philip says:

        Nope. Have never previously even considered it. But the 2 month Freebie has me tempted. I might still give the 1 month Freebie a go. But 2 would have been better 🙁

  3. Thanks for the reminder about Kindle Unlimited..

  4. I did have a free Kindle Unlimited trial just a few months ago and still could use the link to sign up for another free trial, though only for one month.

  5. David R Livesley says:

    Thanks again Rob and team for another insight. One case of 24 just ordered!

  6. Nick M says:

    OT – Has anyone attempted to renew their passport recently?

    My daughter’s has expired, and whilst we don’t have any trips lined up at the moment we do have family abroad and are close enough to the South coast for a day trip to France – so don’t really want to be waiting too long once we decide we need one (and I imagine once travel restrictions ease there could be a bit of a back log….)

    • @mkcol says:

      Friend just hers within 10 days on a normal service.

    • the_real_a says:

      Yes but had a disaster with the electronic trasnfer of photos from the photo-me booths… If you haven’t dont this before the photo booth will give you a digital code that you enter on the passport renewal form online and automatically take the photo form the cloud. There is supposed to be validation on the booth to ensure the photo is complaint with the passport agency. Except by the 5th attempt that failed validation, I scanned in the Photo on my PC – touched it up – and uploaded it which was then accepted.

      Around three weeks processing time.

    • I need to do it soon and checked the website. It has all the info, no specific warnings against doing so. You might be even lucky to get a burgundy one before the switch completely to blue Brexit passports

  7. Crafty says:

    Free delivery too. Good deal.

  8. Hop on Board, the LNER ale, is also available on the Rudgate Brewery website. Just like with the BA beers presumably they have stock to shift due to LNER suspending catering during this crisis

  9. Novice says:

    I would rather buy a physical book. Reading on a device is not the same as a physical book hence my thousand books. I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy reading on a device. But I do understand the advantage which is that in a disaster situation, you don’t lose your books. I can’t count how many times I have woken up in terror when getting nightmares about something happening to my books.

    “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…the man who never reads lives only one” – Goerge RR Martin

    • Harry T says:

      Agree generally but my Kindle is good for holidays… and when I decide to emigrate.

      • Lady London says:

        Are you thinking of emigrating @Harry T? Oz is a nice place as you know.

        • He’s dreaming of Oz I think 🙂

        • Harry T says:

          @Lady London
          Lived and worked there for a year. Want to go back when I’m a proper grown up doctor.

          • Shoestring says:

            Don’t leave it too late. I believe from memory 36+ gets very difficult on points unless you’re a hairdresser, plumber or chippy.

          • Harry T says:

            I’ll be about 33 when I finish my training, so should be fine. I think the current cut off is somewhere in the 50s. And my profession will be on the desired list.

          • Shoestring says:

            Well I was a tad too complacent and failed to get in on points, still young at 36. Don’t make the same mistake.

            We migrated to NZ instead and there was a back door to Aus, just a 2 year NZ citizenship requirement, but by that stage my wife was missing Europe/ home/ family too much so we never tried to get into Aus that way. Went up to 5 years subsequently.

          • Harry T says:

            @Shoestring – thanks, I’ll keep my eye on the ball. Sorry to hear you missed out.

    • Genghis says:

      My wife loved physical books but when I bought her a kindle soon after we met she was a convert. I still prefer physical books; I like the smell of the paper and easier to read in the sun.

    • Love actual books (my OH despairs and is constantly trying to get rid of them), but I get through so many on holiday it’s an absolute godsend to have an unlimited number on my iPad. Also audio books so I don’t have to crane my neck while sunbathing 😂

      • Novice says:

        I’m now stressing about my library 😂 I have spent countless hrs thinking in a disaster situation which books should I save.

        LOTR is a definite as it’s limited edition but I love all my thousands of books.

        Omg, I’m stressed now. 😰

    • Especially if you are video conferencing and need some books for the shelf behind you

    • Try listening with text to speech or echo etc. Sounds rubbish but once you het used to it you can listen to unabridged books at same time as doing other things.

      • Lady London says:

        Is it worth the extra cost to add the voice version @BJ?

        • Do they still sell the voice versions? Never paid for those, they were too much. What I meant was enabling the text to speech engines that power the likes of ok Google, siri, talkback etc to read the kihdle books aloud. IIRC you have a kindle and I believe it aldo has text to speech built in for the visually impaired so you could give it a try. And then there is Alexa, the whole point of which is speech. However, I note too that audibles is increasingly unabridged.

    • Lady London says:

      +1 but I am reluctantly seduced by the compactness of Kindle. Books have stopped taking up do much luggage space on planes.

      For commuting though and taking public transport I always, always have a paperback on board. Not so much eyestrain when I am spending do much else if the day looking at another screen.

  10. Lady London says:

    What Bluetooth speakers are people using at home for music?

    I have 2 tiny Anker ones for travelling but looking for a step up in size for music at home. Are Sonos or Anker any good in lightweight home speaker category? Are the Echo ones any good? Any others worth considering? I don’t go for big bass.

    • Genghis says:

      I have Ruark Audio MR1 MKII. Good quality for what I need.

    • Nate1309 says:

      The Echo is good enough for me. Have a full size one in the kitchen and then a dot at work. Even the dot is better than any radio imo.
      In the lounge I have the Sky Soundbox connected to the TV (hdmi) but it can also pair with Bluetooth (and optical). Had it ages and been really happy with the sound quality over my TV sound.

    • memesweeper says:

      Beloit 17 in my kitchen. It’s the mutts.

      Anker Soundcore first gen in the bedroom. Absolutely fine, but they have an enhanced version 2 out now as well.

    • Nick_C says:

      I have Boom Ultimate Ears. Bluetooth only (no WiFi). You can pair them for true stereo. Mono sounds also good. I take just one when I travel.

    • Lady London says:

      Thank you all for the speaker info.

    • Michael says:

      Really depends what you’re looking for. If it’s just one speaker for a room then there are any number of BT speakers out there. If, however you would like to create a multi room system then I’d be leaning towards Sonos. In my living room I have a Beam and two Play Ones for a 3.0 system plus further Play Ones in the kitchen and bedroom. Yes you can probably get better sounding speakers but for ease of use and installation it’s hard to look past Sonos.

    • I love my Bose speaker, it’s really easy to take in the garage when I go on the treadmill and much better than headphones! The sound quality is awesome for such a compact piece of kit.

      • Lady London says:

        Which Bose speaker do you have @Anna – the one that’s about 12inx3inx4in? Just remembered I’ve got one somewhere that i’ve never used. I am probably looking to get at least 2 speakers operational though.

        Thank you to all for the suggestions.

      • Harry T says:

        I’ve also had a Bose Mini II Soundlink for years and I love it. Use it at home and on my night shifts at work. Surprisingly good sound quality and can be turned up to a very loud volume (not that I do that often).

        • Crafty says:

          Need more than one though, I spend half my time looking round the bloody house for where we’ve left it

  11. Dezbez says:

    Much cheaper than the Speedbird which was nearer £2 per can. And free delivery too – what’s not to like?

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