Aer Lingus cancels all flights on two US routes to Miami and Minneapolis-St Paul

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Aer Lingus has done an excellent job of building out its North American routes over the last few years.  IAG has been trying to position Aer Lingus as a ‘value’ carrier across the Atlantic, but the truth is that it has a very good business class product which is substantially better than British Airways Club World.

Here is the business class cabin:

Aer Lingus drops Minneapolis and Miami

… and here is Anika’s review of Aer Lingus business class from Dublin to Boston in 2017.

Aer Lingus is currently receiving 14 Airbus A321LR aircraft as we covered here.  These are single-aisle aircraft with an extended range, allowing them to fly from Ireland to the US East Coast.  The photo below shows the flat bed business class seat being used.  The plan was to serve small cities that could not justify a long-haul aircraft.

Unfortunately, it seems that coronavirus is causing the plan to unravel.

Aer Lingus drop Minneapolis and Miami

The first cancellation is Minneapolis-St Paul, which is now confirmed.  Perhaps more surprisingly, flights to Miami have also been removed from sale.

We need to see what the future holds for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Newark, New York JFK, Hartford, Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Washington and Orlando.

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  1. ChrisBCN says:

    That’s some IT issue! Wonder why they couldn’t roll back whatever caused the issue.

  2. I assume if they were having some sort of hack / crpto issue we would have heard about it by now in the press by now, but it does seem like this length of time its almost like they are locked out the systems also!
    I guess it could be their IT support is significantly affected or the how FC side of things is to dependant on to few a people!

    • Hack would be notifiable under dpa, crypto possibly too but a good old fashioned catastrophic failure not so much.

      Although: Is there and provision under dpa/gdpr for there to be circumstances to delay notification of data subjects eg active investigation?

      • EasyJet took months to notify so my money is on a hack – time to change all those passwords yet again me thinks!

        • Assuming you FC password wasn’t reused elsewhere then changing passwords offers no extra protection.

          But a hack could have been already relayed to the ICO ‘without undue delay’ without it being publicly known yet and the lack of any acknowledgement on VS’s part is pretty incriminating in my eyes.

      • Charlieface says:

        Yeah, just realised our S3 login details are saved by our server, so anyone with access to the server can delete backups also. We need to make separate users on S3 so the server can only write, not delete.

        • Lady London says:

          Um….traditionally “delete” was a type of “write” function. You might have some embedded overlap for that.

        • Charlieface says:

          Sorry I think the term is “create”
          Back to the topic, they quite clearly have had a serious meltdown, most likely a whole server with few if any backups or failovers. I do IT and if it had happened on my watch I would have been sacked within the month

        • Lady London says:

          I’m going back to early coding days when operating systems required someone to have ‘write’ access (as compared to ‘read’) in order to be able to delete a file.

        • Lady London says:

          and yes you prob do mean ‘create’
          Yes I agree you would have to use some fast footwork if you hadn’t useable recovery files for this. More than a week down forva customer-accessible system is a bit embarrassing 🙂

        • memesweeper says:

          “Vault lock policy” is your friend. Like a WORM drive of old.

  3. Sharon says:

    I have a reward flight booking with aerlingus to Miami in December. I’ve messaged them 3 times and they say there’s been no changes to the schedule. Confused.

    • I am in the same boat but my reward flight is in August.

      On twitter they advised me:

      Flights to/from Miami in August are operating as planned. Unfortunately, our timetable is changing so frequently at the moment that we’re unable to confirm new bookings to be made on some routes via the website.

      I don’t believe this and it annoys me I will have to pay a £35pp admin fee to cancel/rebook if they insist on pretending they haven’t cancelled it. Sadly I need the avios refunded to re book something otherwise I would just hang on till 24 hours before for them to have to cancel it….

      • Lady London says:

        Sounds a bit cheap of BA.
        Could they be hoping the US will reopen by then so you would have to take the flight?
        Could they be right?

  4. C F Frost says:

    My wife spent £100 on her supp Amex in Waitrose on the morning of last week’s Amex supplementary giveaway screwup.

    £100 of statement credit has just landed.

    • Stu N says:

      I got my £!00 credit from spend at Apple on my supplementary card as well.

  5. Henry Young says:

    Virgin Club IT has been problematic for months. I had a failed Miles Booster back in September 2019. After a lot of back and forth I had to end up requesting a refund which they seemed happy and swift in fulfilling. Then in Dec 2019 I tried a minimum points transfer from AMEX to Virgin, based on reports that the initial “set up” transfer can take a while but subsequent transfers are immediate. It was never processed, while transfers to other schemes went through to the various expected schedules. So with 8 months of IT issues, don’t hold your breath … It’s a shame because redemption on VS207 one way out of HKG still offers fantastic value, although HKG is not yet open for non-interlined transfers and the off peak window just closed until 7 September.

  6. They have definitely been hacked…

    • Not a lot of value in hacking Virgin Flying Club accounts is there?! What are you going to do, book a flight for September on stolen miles?!

      • Alex M says:

        You don’t understand how stolen data could be used, Rob…

      • memesweeper says:

        I might pop round and burgle your house when I know you’re away. Or impersonate you and steal real money, not points, from your bank or other institutions. If they’ve lost the contents of the FC database they are duty bound to tell those affected.

      • James says:

        Can’t points immediately be redeemed for Virgin Wine and other tangible goods?

        Also Rob, don’t forget, someone could get a list of logins (from Pastebin and other sites) and sit on them for 6-12 months, hoping Person X won’t reset their password

        • No, there are no online redemptions you can redeem immediately. All require a call which has security checks.

      • Craig says:

        The value is what happens if Virgin go bust or keep cancelling flights. Having email addresses and flight details make scam emails promising compensation very easy.

    • Charlieface says:

      Hanlon’s razor:
      “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”
      They probably had their single server go down with no good backups. Happens more often than people think.

      • Lady London says:

        Yes especially if key parts of their discdropped out they could have saved corrupted backups going back quite some time as well.

        But based on what a pain logging in to their database has been anytime since I’ve been a member.,and the number of other times their website has not been working properly, I think Rob’s comment about Virgin having always had rubbish IT is probably what’s going on.

        Pretty unacceptable though.

  7. James says:

    I’m still 100% convinced it’s a breach. Reset Password also fails which is usually one of the first signs of rogue access as it would prevent further accounts being compromised from the email addresses they already (Clear text) vs the passwords (should be hashed). It wouldn’t be too hard to guess from a list where people have reused passwords.

    Tip: Use the iCloud Keychain / strong passwords (Apple folk)
    Use 1Password (everyone else)

  8. ian_h says:

    Radisson Rewards Question – does anyone have any experience of receiving points from a partner / same household etc (no status) and whether this counts as activity to reset the expiry clock?


  9. Greg Caplan says:

    There is still an issue – Whilst you can see Virgin Atlantic as a partner on the Amex MR page, you cannot add a new account – you add the number and then it reverts back to the previous page and doesn’t take you to the page that allows you to transfer the points.

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