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Earn double Avios or Virgin points at Esso petrol stations with a Tesco Express in August

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Esso is offering double Tesco Clubcard points on fuel purchases during August.  As Tesco Clubcard points can be transferred directly into Avios or Virgin Flying Club points, this means double miles!

I thought you couldn’t earn Clubcard points at Esso any longer?

On 1st June 2019, Esso dropped its relationship with Tesco Clubcard and signed up with Nectar.  Most people thought that this was the end of earning Tesco Clubcard points, and therefore Avios or Virgin points, at Esso petrol stations.

This isn’t true.  You can still earn Avios at Esso.  Tesco and Esso have not done a good job of promoting this, however, which is why you might not know about it.

Tesco Clubcard

Can you still earn Clubcard points at Esso?

YES – but only if you shop at an Esso station which include a Tesco Express store.  The Esso website confirms this.

For clarity, this applies to purchases of fuel as well as shop purchases.

How do I find a participating Esso garage?

There are almost 200 participating garages across the UK.  The easiest way to find them is via the Esso Fuel Finder website here.

Esso Fuel Finder has an option for ‘Clubcard Points on Fuel and Shop’.  Select this box and it will only highlight participating garages near you.

How many Avios do I earn with double points?

At Esso garages with a Tesco Express store, these are the standard earning rates:

1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £3 spent on fuel, up to 100 litres per visit

1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £1 spent in the Tesco Express shop

1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £1 spent on car washes

During August, the points you earn on fuel are doubled.  You receive:

2 Clubcard points (4.8 Avios) for every £3 spent on fuel, up to 100 litres per visit

For clarity, the only points you can collect at Esso garages which do not have a Tesco Express store are Nectar points.  There is no double points offer with Nectar.

Esso petrol station

Is this a better deal than earning Clubcard points at Tesco garages?

Here’s the interesting thing.

Usually, it is more lucrative to collect Avios via Tesco Clubcard when you buy fuel at Tesco petrol stations.

At Tesco filling stations, you earn 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £2 spent.  The Esso rate is 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) for every £3 spent, so Tesco is 50% more lucrative.

However, during August, Esso garages are more lucrative than Tesco garages:

Tesco garages give you 1 Clubcard point (2.4 Avios) per £2 spent, so 1.2 Avios per £1

Esso garages give you 2 Clubcard points (4.8 Avios) per £3 spent, so 1.6 Avios per £1

You can find out more about this offer on the Esso website here.

PS.  There is one extra quirk though!  If you have a British Airways American Express Premium Plus credit card, you earn 2 bonus Avios per £1 on all Tesco purchases (and indeed Waitrose, M&S, Deliveroo and Apple purchases) until 12th September.  This includes fuel purchases I believe.  This would mean that it remains more lucrative to buy your fuel at a Tesco garage rather than an Esso one.

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Comments (31)

  • Bob says:

    I got Amex bonus on Tesco fuel

  • Tom says:

    Or we could all own electric vehicles, clean London’s air pollution and save a few quid in the process? 🙂

    • Paul Pogba says:

      It also creates much needed employment for Congolese children but they’re only cheaper if you charge at home rather than public points. Their range is also problematic when going on a long run.

      • Yuff says:

        I prefer to charge at public points as it’s cheaper and I rarely, if ever, drive anywhere further than 200 miles.
        Electric car saved me over £200 in diesel last month and I don’t drive long distances. Mainly chrildren taxi service.

  • Rob says:

    Rob do we think it will be likely there will be a Tesco bonus on Avios/Flying Club this quarter? After the pet insurance bonus I’m hoping they do.

  • Chris Heyes says:

    This is excellent news my youngest Daughters Partner fills all his works vans up and can fill up wherever he wants, he pays on card then gets reimbursed from the firm
    he as even used my card in the past (if i needed a big Avios/Clubcard boost)
    You would’t believe how much it takes to fill even one van lol
    Daughter will be well pleased thanks Rob

  • Anuj says:

    I have a BAPP and Amex told me that the 2 bonus avoid offer is only for selected accounts. Is that wrong ?

    • Michael says:

      Depends which offer you’re talking about. All BAPP accounts are getting extra Avios until September at select retailers such as Tesco, Waitrose etc.

      I believe some people reported being offered additional Avios on all purchases as a retention offer. I got offered the square root of FA.