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British Airways extends its ‘Book with Confidence’ policy (again!) for new flight bookings

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British Airways has once again extended its ‘Book with Confidence’ guarantee for NEW bookings.

The new bookings policy was set to expire at the end of August but has now been extended to cover bookings made up to 30th September 2020.

The policy waives the change fee for new bookings made between 3rd March and 30th September (was 31st August) for travel until 31st August 2021 (was 30th April 2021).  You will have to pay any difference in fare, however.

Alternatively, you can exchange the value of your ticket for a Future Travel Voucher valid until 30th April 2022.  Remember that, for bookings made purely with cash and with no Avios element, these vouchers now come as an eVoucher and can be used online without having to call British Airways.

This date extension is important as it now allows passengers to book for travel in Summer 2021 without any concerns over losing money if they cannot travel.

British AIrways Book with Confidence

What happens if you booked before coronavirus?

If you booked before 3rd March 2020, the rules are unchanged from those introduced two weeks ago.  You can change your booking for another date, or request a voucher, as long as you are flying before 30th September.  You will need to pay any fare difference if you change your dates.

Note that there is a clear difference here:

Booked before 3rd March?  You can change your flight, or request a voucher, if you are travelling by 30th September 2020

Booked on or after 3rd March?  You can change your flight, or request a voucher, if you are travelling by 30th August 2021

Remember that British Airways is legally required to offer a full cash refund if it cancels flights.  Before requesting a refund via a travel voucher, you may prefer to wait to see if your flight is cancelled, allowing you to ask for cash.

Full details of the ‘Book with Confidence’ guarantee are on here.

Comments (56)

  • James says:

    Three weeks notice isn’t much good really (see point iii).
    From BA Site:

    Eligibility to either “change” or “cancel your booking (in exchange for a voucher)”, using our book with confidence commitment, is based on the date your booking was made and the travel dates you have booked.

    The following booking and travel dates are eligible:
    i. Bookings made before 3 March 2020
    Eligible for travel dates up to 30 September 2020 | Notice required – 48 hours
    ii. Bookings made from 3 March to 10 June 2020
    Eligible for travel dates from 3 March to 31 December 2020 | Notice required – 48 hours
    Eligible for travel dates from 1 January to 31 August 2021 | Notice required – three weeks
    iii. Bookings made from 11 June to 30 September 2020
    Eligible for travel dates from 11 June 2020 to 31 August 2021| Notice required – three weeks

  • Derek Scott says:

    I still think the best option where possible is to book via BAH, with just a single night hotel or car hire to access deposit only, with balance not due til 3 weeks before departure. You’re likely to know if your flight is cancelled by then.

    I was told that when deposit due was 5 weeks they did apply a little flexibility on late payment, but they are pretty strict with the 3 week deadline (fair enough)

    • Harry T says:

      I agree. The only exception might be if you’d prefer to book your hotel separately. But then, I suppose a flight and car booking would still count as a package! Package holidays seems to have more robust protection too.

  • Chris says:

    I have a 2-4-1 booking LHR-JFK in business for Feb 2021. I’ve now seen that the prices for the same flights are only £500 more if I just book them directly (cash only, no Avios).

    If I cancel do I get my 2-4-1 voucher and 100,000 Avios back? Do I have to pay the £35pp cancellation fee?

    Booking direct will give me 280 tier points (you get 0 TP for a 2-4-1 booking), so I guess the question is, are 280 TP worth £500? I’m only Bronze at the moment, but figure that would push me to Silver? Thanks.

    • Chris says:

      Okay, I finally got through to BA on the phone. If I had chosen a Future Travel Voucher via the website, it would roll-up the 100,000 Avios, the 2-4-1 Companion Voucher and the taxes I paid (£1,350) into that one voucher.

      In order to use that later, I could:
      – Book the same flights for the same amount of Avios and taxes.
      – Book flights costing more cash and Avios than were on the voucher (say, 120,000 Avios and £1,500 taxes) and paid the difference (20,000 Avios and £150 cash), or
      – Book flights for lower amounts (say, 80,000 Avios and £1,000 taxes) and had another voucher with the remaining 20,000 Avios and £350 cash on it but no 2-4-1 CV as it would’ve been used. This seemed like a faff.

      I managed to get BA to waive the £35pp fee as I was immediately re-booking the same flights (I guess this was a one-off though). The 2-4-1 CV is back in my account. The Avios were redeposited and then charged for the new flights.

      In all, I’ve gone from 100,000 Avios + £1,350 taxes + 2-4-1 CV to 108,000 Avios (to save some cash) + £1,850 fare and taxes booking.

      Yes, it’s cost £500 more and 8,000 more Avios, but I now get 280 Tier Points and 12,100 Avios, and I’ve booked another flight to use the 2-4-1 CV (£100 + 25,500 Avios). So I’m actually getting 280 TP for 21,400 Avios and £100. I think. Well, it makes sense in my head 🙂

  • Richard Heap says:

    All – can anyone explain how the flight pricing works when presenting a BA Future Travel Voucher for another booking? I applied for a voucher, £800 in value. I have to call the call centre to use it (unlike an e voucher I have just discovered). Despite my new flights showing on the BA website coming in at £800 ish also, the call centre quotes me £1,600. Offset by the voucher, an additional £800. She is unable to explain why, all she could tell me is because it was not a new booking. I challenged several times and am still none the wiser. Can someone explain what is happening, and what I should watch put for? Are these vouchers really worth anything after all – in this case it would appear not.

    • Richard Heap says:

      Hello. Has anyone tried to covert some BA Future Travel Vouchers that can only be used by phone into one consolidated voucher under one PNR, which can be used online. I understand this can be done now but only by telephone. Any comments would be welcome, I think I’ll wait until September before I try calling BA again, maybe it will be a tad easier to get through on the phone post Summer. Thank you.

  • Dan says:

    BA have just confirmed cancellation of my return flight from Dubai in October. Does anyone know if I can get a cash refund for both the outbound and return flight or just the return? They are booked on the same ticket. Thanks