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British Airways extends its ‘Book with Confidence’ policy (again!) for new flight bookings

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British Airways has once again extended its ‘Book with Confidence’ guarantee for NEW bookings.

The new bookings policy was set to expire at the end of August but has now been extended to cover bookings made up to 30th September 2020.

The policy waives the change fee for new bookings made between 3rd March and 30th September (was 31st August) for travel until 31st August 2021 (was 30th April 2021).  You will have to pay any difference in fare, however.

Alternatively, you can exchange the value of your ticket for a Future Travel Voucher valid until 30th April 2022.  Remember that, for bookings made purely with cash and with no Avios element, these vouchers now come as an eVoucher and can be used online without having to call British Airways.

This date extension is important as it now allows passengers to book for travel in Summer 2021 without any concerns over losing money if they cannot travel.

British AIrways Book with Confidence

What happens if you booked before coronavirus?

If you booked before 3rd March 2020, the rules are unchanged from those introduced two weeks ago.  You can change your booking for another date, or request a voucher, as long as you are flying before 30th September.  You will need to pay any fare difference if you change your dates.

Note that there is a clear difference here:

Booked before 3rd March?  You can change your flight, or request a voucher, if you are travelling by 30th September 2020

Booked on or after 3rd March?  You can change your flight, or request a voucher, if you are travelling by 30th August 2021

Remember that British Airways is legally required to offer a full cash refund if it cancels flights.  Before requesting a refund via a travel voucher, you may prefer to wait to see if your flight is cancelled, allowing you to ask for cash.

Full details of the ‘Book with Confidence’ guarantee are on here.

Comments (56)

  • Waribai says:

    Remember that British Airways is legally required to offer a full cash refund if it cancels flights.

    How about if they rebook you on a flight leaving within two hours of the original? Can you still receive a full refund?

    • pauldb says:

      Yes, if the cancel your original flight the they must offer a reroute but also the option of a refund.

    • Lady says:

      eu261 has text on how many hours glights can be moved depending on distance. Some airlines have better offering – in their own policy, BA has it in ts in and cs on their website. I think 2 hrs is borderline so would phone and ask nicely.

    • Waribai says:

      Yes, that’s what I did. Took a while to get through but no trouble cancelling. Incidentally, not pressing any options ended with me ultimately getting hung up on every time. The time when I did select an option then I managed to get through to an agent albeit after a lengthy wait. Not sure if it’s coincidence!

  • memesweeper says:

    Great to see this offer extended, I’ve had to use it several times. Sadly the process of spending the vouchers is inordinately painful given the very lengthy BA call centre wait times, and it is often just impossible to get through at all.

    • meta says:

      And once you have ticket, you might need to call them to get ticketed. Always check that you actually have eticket number. It took them more than 3 weeks to ticket my partner. He had to call several times BA and it was less than 72h before the flight that he got his ticket. All this time you can’t select your seats, etc.

    • ChrisC says:

      But they have started reissuing the ‘old’ – cash only flights – vouchers where you do have to phone up to use for ones you can use online.

      I had one of mine switched over and the email came earlier this week.

  • Mike says:

    My issue is my travel insurance is only valid if I book (and travel) when the FCO are not advising against travel, otherwise I’d happily book for next year in the hope the advice changes.

    • Pierre says:

      Have you tried looking at a policy from Battleface? They seem to offer insurance which covers travel to places against FCO advice. We’ll be looking into it for Portugal over the next few weeks, if the advice doesn’t change…

  • Andrew says:

    How are Avios bookings dealt with under this policy? Are they refunding the Avios and keeping the taxes and charges as a voucher?

    • Jonathan says:

      No, Avios & cash élément are included on same voucher so you can only use for a future Avios booking. Has to be same passenger as well I believe.

      • Andrew says:

        Rubbish. £35 cancellation fee it is then.

      • LB says:

        When I cancelled a 241 flight last week, over the phone, I was charged £35 each (2 people) AND a £30 (£15 each) “service” fee. Should I have been charged this “service ” fee – I couldn’t cancel the booking online.

  • John says:

    Used this twice recently, got voucher by email within 2 hours both times and instantly worked for rebooking online.

    One of the flights I had actually wanted to cancel in the 24 hour grace period, but filling in an online form is so much easier than calling, as long as you are pretty sure that you’ll spend the money with BA again

  • Jon says:

    Is anyone else finding they still get the “Let’s get ready for your flight” emails, even though the flight has been cancelled (by BA) and rebooked etc? Plus my cancelled ones are still showing in the app / website MMB, making it a bit of a faff to dig down and see the rebooked ones (same PNR).

    Sigh. IT. Marvellous. 😉

  • Mr Angad Singh says:

    So BA just cancelled my flight back from Lisbon to Heathrow on 16th August. They told me yesterday so that was only 10 days notice. They haven’t mentioned why.

    I’ve now been re booked on another flight the next day which is 30 hours after the scheduled original flight.

    I called BA, waited on an hour on the phone but got no answer. I wanted to ask what my rights are. Can I get a hotel for the overnight stay and food. How much is the allowance for hotels, food, taxi, etc.

    Also, as the notice was less than 10 days, will I get the EU 561 flight Compensation?

    Thanks for any response and help on this.

  • Simon says:

    I have to give credit to BA for this policy, compared to other airlines, the ability to cancel anytime before online check-in closes is much more flexible than anything else I’ve seen.