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British Airways extends its ‘Book with Confidence’ policy (again!) for new flight bookings

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British Airways has once again extended its ‘Book with Confidence’ guarantee for NEW bookings.

The new bookings policy was set to expire at the end of August but has now been extended to cover bookings made up to 30th September 2020.

The policy waives the change fee for new bookings made between 3rd March and 30th September (was 31st August) for travel until 31st August 2021 (was 30th April 2021).  You will have to pay any difference in fare, however.

Alternatively, you can exchange the value of your ticket for a Future Travel Voucher valid until 30th April 2022.  Remember that, for bookings made purely with cash and with no Avios element, these vouchers now come as an eVoucher and can be used online without having to call British Airways.

This date extension is important as it now allows passengers to book for travel in Summer 2021 without any concerns over losing money if they cannot travel.

British AIrways Book with Confidence

What happens if you booked before coronavirus?

If you booked before 3rd March 2020, the rules are unchanged from those introduced two weeks ago.  You can change your booking for another date, or request a voucher, as long as you are flying before 30th September.  You will need to pay any fare difference if you change your dates.

Note that there is a clear difference here:

Booked before 3rd March?  You can change your flight, or request a voucher, if you are travelling by 30th September 2020

Booked on or after 3rd March?  You can change your flight, or request a voucher, if you are travelling by 30th August 2021

Remember that British Airways is legally required to offer a full cash refund if it cancels flights.  Before requesting a refund via a travel voucher, you may prefer to wait to see if your flight is cancelled, allowing you to ask for cash.

Full details of the ‘Book with Confidence’ guarantee are on here.

Comments (56)

  • BrightonReader says:

    Does this include AA etc flights booked via ba website / app?

  • Billy says:

    BA have cancelled my third Inverness to London booking. Taking the train now instead.

  • Billy says:

    Since BA have cancelled my flight again within 7 days of departure is it cheeky to try for EU261? Does that even apply these days?

    • Anna says:

      I think the compensation element is suspended due to it being exceptional circumstances, if that’s what you mean. You’re still entitled to re-routing, duty of care etc.

  • Stephen says:

    Rather disingenuously (no surprise there), if you want to change an Avios booking you still (as of last week) have to phone the call centre. If you try to make a date change online you will be charged £35/pax.

    When I asked why this was I got some vague hand-wavey excuse, but the cynical might conclude that they are hoping to pick up some extra cash from the uninformed, at the expense of clogging up the phone lines further…

    • Louise K says:

      What are the rules for changing an Avios booking?

      I thought there was a £35 change fee regardless? Unless of course BA cancel.

      • Rhys says:

        I imagine Stephen is referring to a change within the ‘book with confidence’ terms, in which cases the £35 fee shouldn’t apply.

        • Louise K says:


          So just to confirm, if I make an Avios booking using a 2-4-1 for a flight next summer, I can change the booking if I need to and not incur a fee?

        • Stephen says:

          To clarify my experience, when I phoned up the agent was happy to change my Avios booking, for no fee, under the book with confidence guarantee.

          • Ben says:

            I’ve also had it confirmed that Avios bookings get “one free change” in the words of the person to whom I spoke!

  • HannahLucy says:

    Help please!!

    So, as per: “Remember that British Airways is legally required to offer a full cash refund if it cancels flights.” – what if one used a travel agent to purchase BA flights that have been subsequently cancelled:

    BA are offering a full refund however the despicable travel agent are trying to charge a further “£50 transaction handle fee” which is absolutely bogus. What are my rights here in making sure I get said full refund in full as due please?!

    • Anna says:

      I think it depends on the Ts and Cs when you made the booking with the travel agent; some of them do charge cancellation fees which you would be bound by if you agreed to them initially.

    • ChrisC says:

      The agents T&Cs apply and if they say they can charge an admin fee for a flight cancellation then they can and will.

      These aren’t ‘absolutely bogus’ they are what you signed up to when you bought the ticket from them.

      How. U h did you save using the OTA over going direct?

      • HannahLucy says:

        Chris … Thanks but I said what I said, they’re absolutely bogus. My opinion not yours.

        And huh?! “How. U h did you save using the OTA over going direct?“

        • Doug M says:

          Chris means why did you use a TA. Unless there’s a specific reason to do so, complex ticket, cheaper fare only available with TA you always book direct for the reason you’ve now encountered. A TA is just another layer to deal with when things happen as they often do.
          You can call the fee whatever you like, but the TA did the work booking the flight, and then processing the cancellation. They still have to pay staff and other costs, so I agree the term bogus is quite unfair.

        • ChrisC says:

          Fat fingers should have been ‘much’

          And yes it’s your opinion but you did sign up to the T&Cs

    • Rob says:

      You have no contract with BA. You do have a contract with the travel agent. If that contract said, at the time of booking, there was a £50 handling fee for a refund then you agreed to it.

      To be honest, I doubt £50 covers their costs in recovering the money and then paying it to you.

      • Dan says:

        That does not sound right. You purchased a trip from London to X, your contract is with the travel agent, now the travel agent is not able to deliver the product you purchased (because BA has cancelled the flights), therefore it does not matter what the terms and conditions say. As long as it is not the customer cancelling, as the travel agent is basically breaking the contract, they cannot be deducting any fees. An abusive clause in a contract is not enforceable.

  • James says:

    Does this cover all elements of a booking, such as flight & car when booked together via BA website ?

    • Rob says:

      You are a BA Holidays problem if you do that, so no ticketing help. They would book you a spa treatment.

  • Nigel Gibbs says:

    Hi, can anyone let me know the US telephone number for midnight Avios bookings 355 days ahead?

    many thanks

    • Ruth4325 says:

      It’s 00 1 18777677970 – I phoned it last night just before 1am UK time to add a return to a 241 and I think was re routed to India. Agent was very helpful and secured the seats immediately. All done and dusted in 15 mins, via skype!

  • Alex Sm says:

    I made bookings for Eurovision flights to/from Rotterdam (yes, those which fly back into the past!) for May next year. Bookings made back in July. Will they now be covered?