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BA shakes-up how you earn Avios from Avis – and launches a 50% bonus

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British Airways and Avis, its dedicated car hire partner, have launched a shake-up of the way you earn Avios with your rentals.

If you want a one word answer to the question ‘Am I going to be better off?’, I’m afraid I can’t give you one.

(EDIT: I have amended this article to reflect the fact that the minimum Avios guarantee of 500 Avios, or 700 Avios for a 3+ day rental, has been removed.)

Avis Avios promotion

This is what has changed:

The earning rate has risen from 3 Avios per £1 spent to 5 Avios per £1 spent

The bonus of 250 Avios for paying with a British Airways credit card appears to have gone

The bonus of 1,000 Avios for renting four times in a calendar year appears to have gone

The minimum earning rate of 500 Avios (700 Avios for a 3+ day rental) has gone

Are you a winner or a loser?

If you are doing very short, cheap rentals then you are clearly a loser.  This is because the minimum earning floor of 500 Avios for 1-2 day rental, or 700 Avios for a 3-day rental, has gone.

You are a winner if you are spending over £100 (£140 for a 3+ day rental) because the higher earning rate offsets the loss of the 500 / 700 Avios minimum earning.

If you would normally pay with a BA Amex (you have now lost the 250 Avios bonus for doing this) or rent enough to trigger the defunct 1,000 Avios for four rentals bonus, you need to factor that in too.

Is this better than the Virgin Atlantic / Hertz deal?

For most people, probably not.

You can earn 1,000 Virgin Points with a Hertz rentalDetails of the Virgin Atlantic / Hertz deal are on the Virgin website here.

You would need to spend £200 with Avis before you would earn 1,000 Avios.  Since you can almost always get a car rental down to £20 per day for a Compact with the use of the right codes and offers, this would imply that most people won’t be spending £200.

British Airways Avis partnership

Are there any other Avios bonuses available from Avis?

Avis has retained one of the extra bonuses it used to offer.

If you join Avis Preferred for free you will collect an additional 1,000 bonus Avios on your first Preferred rental.

Is the ‘free additional driver’ offer still here?


If you book via the British Airways discount codes below, you will also receive a free additional driver. This can represent a decent saving and is one of key perks of the Avis / BA partnership.

How does the 50% bonus Avios work?

To launch this new earning structure, Avis is offering a 50% bonus on rentals completed by 28th February 2021.

This means 7.5 Avios per £1 you spend.

Here’s the small print:

Must book by 3rd December

Must book a Group C car or higher

Must book for 2+ days

Must book via the BA website or the Avis BA microsite

Must pick up car by 28th February

Not valid for collections between 15th December and 1st January inclusive

Valid for rentals in mainland Spain, Balearics and Canaries, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and United Kingdom

You can check out the full details on the Avis / British Airways website here.

Avis bonus avios

How do I book?

Avis and BA have a dedicated booking site at which you can find here and which automatically adds the correct discount code.

If you use, you will need to manually add the British Airways discount codes (AWD) which are, based on your British Airways Executive Club status:

Gold members – N744400

Silver members – N744300

Bronze members – N284300

Blue members – N744100

Full details of this offer and all of the partnership benefits are on the Avis / BA website here.

You can also book, and find out more, on the car hire pages of here.

Note that all of the above only applies to Avis rentals.  The British Airways partnership with Budget, sister company to Avis, works differently.  You can learn about the Avios / Budget car rental partnership here.

Comments (14)

  • Robman says:

    Hi Rob, you mention in the article about codes and ways to get a compact car through avis for £20 per day. Apart from using BA gold card holder discount, what are your key tips for achieving this rate? Thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Booking via Hertz Australia using the Amex Platinum discount code (there are two, try both, they strip off some insurance) should get you to £20 per day.

    • Harry T says:

      Another useful tip for Hertz. I just booked a car for around £13 a day for Tenerife and it was actually cheapest to use the US website, as it allowed me to use a prepaid rate in conjunction with the Amex Platinum CDP. The Australian sure is often cheapest but it wasn’t in this case. Make sure when you log in that you change the country at the top, as it will automatically switch it back to the country your account is registered to.

      If you have Hertz status through Amex Plat then you may get an upgrade too. I have President’s Circle, the one above the Amex plat status, and received a BMW X1 instead of a Yaris.

      • Optimus Prime says:

        Car rentals in Tenerife are very cheap. I rented a compact car in Tenerife for £52 for 7 days through Rentalcars

        • Harry T says:

          Nice work. I was booking mine the day before, so just decided to go with Hertz, as they were competitive and I’ve had good experiences previously.

  • Matt says:

    Is there a guide anywhere on booking hire cars? In this article you mention using “the right codes and offers”, and I occasionally see mentions in the comments of CDPs, booking via the Australian site and other stuff I don’t quite understand. I always find that booking via a complicated series of intermediaries, often starting at Kayak, is vastly cheaper than any price I can ever find going direct. That means that avios offers like this are never any use to me.

  • Rich says:

    The 750 minimum seems to have gone, which means short/ weekend rentals earn a lot less.

    • lgflyer says:

      That’s the real issue and it should be mentioned in the article!
      I used to rent for 2-3 days in Spain in winter and I usually paid around £10/day. Now a rental of 2 days (£20) will only give me 100 avios while before I would have got 500. A rental of £30 will give me 150 avios while before I would have got 750. That’s an 80% reduction in the number of avios.

  • ankomonkey says:

    Could someone please remind me of the rental companies that offer £1 ‘relocation’ rentals? Is it only Hertz and Europcar? Does anyone have experience of DriiveMe? Thanks!

    • R2 says:

      I only know of the three you listed. DriiveMe is excellent and pre-pandemic I had a few good £1 rentals from Avis/Budget (I was also able to drop the car off in T5 short stay car park). During the pandemic I have had two £1 rentals (old cars) with Europcar as they had availability.

  • David S says:

    One advantage of booking a flight plus car package with BA is that you get a free luggage allowance. However when I book this way I can never reconcile the final invoice from Avis to what I expected to pay and BA can’t provide an explanation. One trip it got to as much as 15% More so I now simply book direct with Avis. Do also watch out for some of the cheaper deals being with Budget and not Avis. Same depot, same car…..but no perks

  • AJA says:

    I find the free second driver to be a real benefit. Plus being an Avis Preferred member makes pick up and drop off a doddle. I tend to hire a car for 10 days when on holiday so the increase in Avios to 5 per £1 works to my benefit. I have never managed to do 4 rentals in one year so won’t miss the bonus for that. I will miss the 250 Avios for paying by Amex though I had to chase for it last time around.