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easyJet blocking use of overhead bins for most passengers from February

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easyJet has changed its baggage policy for travel from 10th February.

If you want to put a bag in the overhead locker, you may be out of luck. Don’t think that you will be excused because you have an existing booking.

easyjet new overhead locker rules

Historically, easyJet has offered more bundled fares compared to its rivals. When Ryanair and Wizz Air reduced the free cabin allowance to a small item only, easyJet was still letting you take on a larger, wheeled cabin bag.

This is about to change. From 10th February, easyJet will be aligning its cabin bag policies with Ryanair and Wizz. You will only be allowed to take a small cabin bag onto the aircraft which must fit under the seat in front of you.

You can see the new policy on here.

The new easyJet cabin baggage allowance

Here is the new easyJet cabin baggage policy which will come into effect from 10th February 2021 for bookings made from today.

easyJet new cabin bag allowance

All passengers can bring one small cabin bag on board for free, with a maximum size of 45cm x 36cm x 20cm including any handles or wheels. This bag must fit underneath the seat in front of you (ie. backpacks, handbags, laptop bags etc).

Customers who booked Up Front or Extra Legroom seats will get one additional, larger cabin bag included in their fare. This must be 56cm x 45cm x 25cm or smaller, and can go in the overhead locker. This could be a duffel bag or wheely bag, for example.

easyJet Plus (see our review of easyJet Plus here) and FLEXI fare holders will also be able to bring a larger bag.

Anyone who has not booked an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat will be charged £55 each way to put their larger bag in the hold. It will not remain in the cabin.

luggage baggage suitcase

Can I pay for the larger cabin bag?

Sort of. Like Ryanair or Wizz Air, easyJet offers a ‘Up Front’ seating which includes the additional, larger bag as well as Speedy Boarding and use of the easyJet Plus bag drop.

There are typically between 42 and 63 ‘Up Front’ seats on an easyJet flight and we are told you can upgrade from £7.99 each way.

The other option is to purchase easyJet Plus for £215 (more info on that here) or buy a FLEXI ticket.

It is not possible to pay for just the larger cabin bag; it must be part of a larger bundle. If you turn up at the gate with an overhead bin bag it will be taken from you, placed in the hold and you will be charged £55:

What about hold luggage?

As before, you can add hold luggage, with options in three different sizes: 15kg, 23kg or 32kg. Here are the prices between Gatwick and Berlin. Note that these prices are ONE WAY, so for a return trip you are paying twice:

easyJet hold luggage prices Berlin

Yes, it costs over £40 return for a 15kg checked bag, or £70 for 26kg.

What about existing bookings?

If you were to look at this page on the easyJet website announcing the new baggage allowance changes, you’d think that existing bookings had been left out in the cold.

This does not appear to be the case. According to the official press release, anyone who booked an easyJet flight prior to today with travel dates after 10th February will be given the ‘Hands Free’ product free of charge, which lets you check in your larger sized cabin bag.

For clarity … if you have already booked a standard ticket (ie not ‘Up Front’ or ‘Extra Legroom’) you are stuffed. You cannot get your bag into the cabin even if you are willing to pay. It must be checked in, albeit for free.


Like all airlines, easyJet is facing some difficult conditions at the moment. The airline suffered a £1.27 billion pre-tax loss for the year until 30th September and its capacity has shrunk by almost 50% in the same time.

Nonetheless, easyJet is removing one of the key benefits that set it apart from its low cost rivals Ryanair or Wizz Air, and opens some clear water from British Airways. I have always preferred booking easyJet over Ryanair or Wizz thanks to its baggage policy.

That won’t be the case from 10th February and will affect what flights I book.

There also appears to be some strange logic at work here. Since the only people who can put something in the overhead locker are sitting in the extra legroom seats at the front or centre of the plane, the lockers in the rear half of the plane will be empty!

Details are on here.

Comments (137)

  • Bill says:

    Share price up 7% today

  • Leigh Hicks says:

    Which is cheaper/ Upront seat for larger bag in overhead locker, or putting larger bag in hold?

    • Rob says:

      It will vary by route but unless you want your bag smashed up a 20kg suitcase I wouldn’t recommend the latter.

  • Lady Lon says:

    Didnt Easyjet’s COO join late last year having come from Ryanair?

    • r* says:

      Wont be long until people are intentionally split up unless they have paid for a seat like what ryanair do then!

  • r* says:

    The only advantage easyjet have over ryanair now is that they’re generally not flying from stansted, as easyjet flights are generally a lot more expensive than ryanair.

    I wonder if this is the first of a number of changes, or they will be increasing the number of seats that include cabin bags as currently theres 8 rows of non-standard seats (48 seats) and 23 rows (138 seats) of standard seats.. so no one in those 23 rows has any way of getting a fullsize cabin bag or bag of any type on without paying £40?

  • Simon says:

    Looks like they’ve increased their change fees as well, it is now £49.00 if made 14 days or less before departure.

  • Ian says:

    easyJet hasn’t “quietly” changed its policy. It’s on the front page of its website and it’s e-mailed affected customers. Don’t over-dramatise, just report the facts.

    • Rob says:

      It wasn’t at the time the article was published. Neither had they informed the press at that point – they have now.

  • Andrew says:

    As someone who always pays to check a bag I don’t actually disagree with the charges. It’s a simple fact that there isn’t enough room in the cabin for everyone to bring a larger item on board. Those doing so were relying on others not to. They were essentially free loading off the people who’d paid to have a bag in the hold. (I’d rather see all baggage fees removed like the days of old but these are the times we live in)

    How Easyjet have gone about it is weird though. The lockers at the front will end up full and cabin crew will have to spread out the load. People who have paid to bring a large item on board won’t be happy about having it put 10 rows behind them. It would have been far simpler to just charge a fee to anyone who wanted to bring a larger item on board.

    • Matthew says:

      Perhaps the hold luggage/cargo will be towards the rear if required?

  • cinereus says:

    Saw this on my booking today. Where do you get the idea it’s “most”?

    In any case, I almost always avoid using overhead bins if possible, it’s not exactly a challenge to survive the short amount of time of take off and landing with less legroom.

    • Rob says:

      We know how many Up Front seats easyJet sells and we know how many exit row seats there are, and this number is under 50% of total seats, so ‘most’.