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How I made £108 using my Amex Platinum Business £200 ‘Business Bundle’ credit

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Back in May, American Express rolled out a number of generous cashback offers for holders of American Express Business Platinum.

One of these, which is still running, was called ‘Business Bundle’:

American Express Platinum Business £200 offer

You received £200 to spend online with Currys PC World, Carphone Warehouse, Google Store or O2 Business.

How does the ‘Business Bundle’ deal work?

It wasn’t that simple though.

You get TEN x £20 statement credits, which trigger on separate purchases of £20+ at any of these stores.  It is ONLY valid for online purchases.

You CANNOT buy 1 x £200 item and get £200 back.

To be honest, between May and November I ignored this offer. With time running out, however, I didn’t want to leave any money on the table.

Currys PC World (home page here) was the most interesting place to look for deals.  There are lots of household appliances, video games, smart toys etc and EVERYTHING comes with free UK delivery.

Currys PC World has a few things around the £20 mark. For example, if you’ve got a coffee machine, they have pods with free delivery – see here.

What was my plan?

In order to spend 10 x £20 I needed a better plan. I decided to resell console games. Whilst eBay is an option, it is a bit of a faff – especially when you have 10 to sell.

Here are the console games that Currys sells online.

Instead I decided to sell them to CeX, a chain of 380 UK stores which buys and sells second hand games and other electronics. There is very likely to be one near you.

CeX is easy to use. They publish their buy and sell prices online. There is no haggling. You can arrange the sale online via ‘Drop & Go’ and then either post the goods or, as I did, drop them off at your nearest shop. You are paid by bank transfer.

What did I buy?

The key thing, of course, was to buy 10 games which costs as near to £20 as I could get. I also wanted ones which had a decent CeX resale value.

I ordered two games per day over five days. This may not have been necessary but I didn’t want to risk Currys bundling up two separate orders into one American Express charge. In reality I doubt this could happen because Currys using an external payment processor.

I decided that each game should cost at least, but very close to, £20. I didn’t want to risk buying multiple items which totalled £20 in case one went out of stock and was refunded, leaving me with a sub-£20 transaction and no cashback.

It doesn’t take long to look at the few games costing around £20 and then looking up their resale price at CeX. This is what I ended up with:

  • 4 x Playstation 4 – Minecraft Dungeons: Hero @ £22 – CeX purchase price £14
  • 4 x Playstation 4 – Streets of Rage 4 @ £21 – CeX purchase price £10
  • 2 x Playstation 4 – Avengers @ £23 – CeX purchase price £15

Note the the Minecraft game above has now fallen to £15 which Avengers has come off special offer and is back to £45. I made my purchases in mid November. You can see the current prices here.

American Express paid the cashback within 24 hours of the original charges hitting my card. See here:

Here’s an important thing to remember

Some Nintendo Switch games are sold as digital downloads. This means that Currys sends you a plastic box, but all that is inside it is a code which allows you to download the game.

For obvious reasons, CeX does not buy these. Do NOT buy any Nintendo Switch games where the ‘Product features’ on the Currys website include the words ‘Download code’.

How much money did I make?

I made less than I was expecting.

Streets of Rage was selling for £14 when I ordered them but had fallen to £10 by the time I came to sell. Avengers was £22 but had fallen to £15. This reduced my profit by £30.

Note that you must drop off your stock within three days of placing your ‘sell’ order so you cannot lock in the price at the time you order from Currys. They are slow at delivering – each took around five days.

My total expenditure on games was £218 on which I received £200 cashback from American Express. My total expense was therefore £18.

I sold the games for £126 to CeX.

My profit was £108.

The total work involved was minimal, although I was lucky in that there is a CeX store near me. That said, I could have posted them off for a modest postage charge.

If you have this offer on American Express Business Platinum, you might want to try something similar. I would act sooner rather than later as CeX demand will be far stronger this side of Christmas.

Here are the console games which Currys sells.

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Comments (29)

  • Yuff says:

    This offer was the first on my card 😄

  • Alan says:

    Whenever I’ve sold mobile phones via CEX (even really cheap ones) they always offer free postage for sending the item in, valid for a couple of weeks. Don’t they offer that for games? Sadly no sign of the offer on my Biz Gold, suspect they just added it to cards in one batch though back in May before I had the card.

    • Rob says:

      Not sure to be honest. Frankly dropping them off was more convenient than posting them irrespective.

      • TomH says:

        Wouldn’t free postage over a few weeks allow you to lock in the price before purchase?

        • Alan says:

          Yep exactly – would have guaranteed the profit level. For me it’s as easy to drop off at one of the Royal Mail or Collect+ locations – lots of them near me.

  • Mr(s) Entitled says:

    I bought 10 Gen 2 Google Minis direct from Google for £24 each during black Friday. Net cost to me was £4. It will be less when one considers the positive tax impact.

    • Jonathan says:

      If you’re booking them as an expense then presumably you’ll declare them as a sale/income when you dispose…

      • Mr(s) Entitled says:

        I’ve already got them at a bargain price. I don’t really need the agro of then trying to make a tenner flogging them. Some are for office use, other will be corporate gifts.

    • The Streets says:

      I got my misses to do something similar with her allocation and now have a load of minis and echos we give to friends and family for taking a referral!

  • Ian says:

    One thing to be aware of with Cex is that they reserve the right to impose a bulk buy discount on your stuff if you sell multiples of the same item to them in one go. It’s not a huge sum (10% iirc) but worth bearing in mind.

    In your situation, I would have taken credit instead and bought something I needed. Their testing and warranty schemes for electronics are really decent.

    • Benilyn says:

      Yes I did this with Facebook portals, sent 2 in and they reduced their bid significantly so maybe safer going in store of local, or sending in different names if possible.

    • Rob says:

      There is nothing I need! It is a function of getting old 🙂

    • Genghis says:

      I did it with my Now TV boxes from Tesco direct and whilst I can’t remember the exact figure, the bulk buy discount was definitely more than 10%. Times might have changed, I guess.

    • BP says:

      I took in 9 copies of Fifa 21 split between Xbox and PS4. No bulk buy discount was applied but it was the week the game was released so there was massive demand for it.

  • Andrew says:

    All that for £100?!

    • Singleton says:

      Not everyone bleeds the NHS dry for their shopping trips to Harrods. Weren’t you also crying about missing out £400 from AMEX? How about seeing one more patient to cover that?

  • Freddy says:

    Best return is to buy stuff you actually want

    • L Allen says:

      Absolutely this. I signed up for the offer but haven’t gone out of my way to see how I can make a profit from it. If there’s something I’ve wanted/needed then, great, I’ll get some money back. Buying things you don’t want is just wasteful.

      • Rob says:

        No waste at all. In fact some kids are going to get a good deal buying brand new second hand games.

    • Peter K says:

      I had the business gold version (so only 5 uses, not 10) but found 5 items over the that I wanted which were bargains with the discount.

  • The Streets says:

    I wont be running out of apple TV anytime soon with my ten apple iTunes gift cards @ £25 each

    • Genghis says:

      I got a year free with my new iPhone. Seems pretty useless vs others.

      • The Streets says:

        Yeap got myself a new iPad too with a year free so this will kick in after that

  • grammer says:

    Would a £20 gift card trigger the offer?

    • Nick says:

      I would be raising a formal complaint with Amex if that happened to me. All it would take is the person who set up the deal to contact their counterpart at Currys and it would be sorted overnight.

    • The Streets says:

      The xbox gc worked too

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