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Tier 4 travel: Full legal wording now published, in force from 7am Sunday

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The Government has published the Statutory Instrument which pushed the Tier 4 regulations into UK law at 7am on Sunday.

The full legal text is here. As usual, you should ignore anything said by any Government representative yesterday and focus purely on what is written.

Tier 4 travel: Full legal wording now published

It is as I expected, because it is the same structure as used in November. There is no ban on travel per se for anyone living in Tier 4. There IS a ban on leaving your house, however, and so travelling the airport would be in breach of this unless it meets one of the exceptions.

As usual, you are allowed to travel abroad if you are planning to visit an estate agent or show home or view a residential property for sale or rent.

Unless you are planning to look at houses whilst away, you should have left your home in Tier 4 before 7am this morning.

Hotels in Tier 4 areas are allowed to remain open if they wish. Guests must be travelling for work or for one of the other reasons stated, such as moving house or to attend a medical appointment.

The regulations do not discuss travelling to/from Tier 4 areas to fly from Heathrow, Luton or London City (which are in Tier 4) but this is presumably covered in the earlier legislation to which this is an amendment. Gatwick is not in Tier 4.

Comments (223)

  • vinny says:

    I have flights booked for Boxing day to barbados for the family, I reside in wales so now a Tier 4 area, My question is if I decided to try and Fly, would the actual airline refuse this ? or is this purely a decision by the traveler ?

    • Rob says:

      You won’t be refused by the airline. They have no legal liability if they carry you.

  • Novice says:

    I’ve been banging on about this but most ppl don’t seem to understand including my family and friends; why is anyone even questioning what is right and wrong when this virus has the potential to affect one’s own life and health.

    It’s like everyone thinks that they are invincible and immortal. There’s always a first time for everything; you might be the healthiest person on earth 🌍 but how can you be sure your immune system will put up the right kind of fight.

    Also, if everyone in the world had been washing hands like us ocd ppl and not mingling with strangers or getting in personal space of others then this would have never been going on for a year.

    A virus needs a host to survive and if you don’t feed it a chain of hosts then the chain breaks and virus dies.

    It’s common sense but ppl who can’t wait; due to their own foolishness are extending this and changing this world forever. Has it ever occurred to selfish people that you loved your pre pandemic lifestyle so much so do you want this to go on so long that ppl forget what pre pandemic life was actually like. You have more chance of things going back to the way they were if it was a short period of time.

    I don’t know why I bother. I really can’t be bothered with humans anymore.

    • Stuart says:

      I agree with what you are saying – too many people think they know better than experts. They are privy to information and have an understanding of things that most people don’t , so whether we like it or not, if we all do as we are asked, the sooner restrictions can be lifted and we can carry on life that is slightly more normal than now.

    • Peter North says:

      @Novice, I salute and completely agree with you for the first time sir. If more people took the advice and stopped trying to find and tacitly support loopholes then the sooner we would be able to defeat this damn virus.

  • Brian says:

    Only Spanish citizens and residents will be allowed into Spain on flights from the U.K. from tomorrow.

    • Jake says:

      Good, I see Italy have identified two people who arrived from the UK bringing them the new strain as a Christmas gift.

  • james says:

    I cant find any information with regards to the exceptions to be able to travel abroad. Is this information anywhere?

    • Rob says:

      Read the article.

      There is NO ban on travelling abroad. There IS a ban on leaving your house, except for the reasons in the legal document linked to in this article. If you are leaving your house for one of the reasons listed, it doesn’t matter if the task (eg viewing a house) happens in the UK or abroad.

      • Jake says:

        From “Those in Tier 4 areas in England will not be permitted to travel abroad apart from limited exceptions, such as work purposes. Follow all the rules that apply to you.”
        What’s the difference between a ban and not being permitted?

        • Jerrry Butler says:

          @Jake, its semantics really, we all know the responsible thing is to heed the govts advice ,however late its been, given, or whatever you feel about them.

          • Jake says:

            Indeed, I wonder if all these people looking for loopholes would be just as happy with foreigners exploiting loopholes to come to the UK if a new strain popups there. I doubt it. Everybody knows international travel is the main driving force in the spread, yet it seems many of the people who travel most, take the least responsibility.

        • Rob says:

          The only thing that matters is that is in the legal document. You have fallen into the same trap as other people. The legal document makes no mention of travel.

          • M R Bennett says:

            Absolutely the so called ban on travel is purely advice not law. In answer to Jake there is no new strain of Covid 19, purely a variant.

            There seems to be a massive overreaction by some people, I was reading an article this morning in the Spanish newspaper El Pais, a couple were complaining that people in London do not wear face masks in the street!

          • Aeronaut says:

            Is “the legal document” really “the only thing that matters” though?

            There is a wider picture.

      • Djr2000 says:

        Left our house on Saturday (London tier3 at the time) currently residing in hotel in tier 2 as had job interview.

        We are due to fly out tomorrow lunch time.

        Was told by airline that as hadn’t been in tier 4 then was ok to fly.

        Going to confirm with which legal in morning.

        Had been isolating prior to this as was going stay with my 98 yr old Nan

  • Jon says:

    When living in Tier 4 is one allowed to leave home to, say, meet up with a person in a support bubble in Tier 2 and then go to a restaurant (or to a holiday cottage) after meeting them?

  • Jade says:

    And what happens if you are in tier four and you go to Heathrow to take your booked flight (that aren’t for exempt reasons)?

  • Garet says:

    I see a exception 8 page 7, attending a marriage ceremony. I presume attending my son’s wedding qualifies, even if it is in Barbados, safe as you test before , quarantine test again

  • Garet says:

    Reading many of the comments, not everybody who wants to go abroad is selfish. We’ve been staying in for 9 months to reduce risk no going to pubs etc. My future daughter in law is a front line doctor, only thing keeping her going is looking forward to wedding. Getting tested twice before going to Barbados will be the safest thing she’s done for nine months

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