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How can you maximise the American Express ‘£20 cashback on £25 Daily Telegraph spend’ offer?

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There is an interesting offer from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph showing on a lot of American Express accounts at the moment.

To see if you are targeted, you need to look under the ‘Offers’ tab on the statement page for each Amex card that you hold.  If you see the offer, click ‘Save To Card’.

This is the deal:

Spend £25+ on The Telegraph subscriptions and get a £20 statement credit

Offer valid until 28th February

That’s it.

Daily Telegraph subscription offer

The reason this is interesting is that The Telegraph has bonus offers running which would combine with the Amex statement credit.  This makes the net cost very low.

What are the best value Telegraph subscription packages?

Have a look at The Telegraph subscription website here.

On the basis that you want to maximise the £20 statement credit, these are the ones I liked the look of:

Best deal – a one year digital Student Subscription for just £5 net

Do you know anyone who is studying and has a or .edu email address?  You can buy them (or buy yourself, if you’re a student) a full year online subscription to The Telegraph for £25 via this page.

The cost of a one-year digital Student Subscription is £25.  With the £20 Amex cashback, your net cost is just £5.  £5 for a full year of The Telegraph app is an excellent deal.

The sign-up page for a Student Subscription is here.  There is an option to sign-up via Unidays – ignore that (in case you get charged by Unidays and not The Telegraph) and scroll further down where you can sign up directly.

Best deal for non-students – a one-year digital Standard Subscription for just £56 net with a free Fitbit

For non-students, the digital Standard Subscription looks like the best option.  This costs £76 for a year.

However, new subscribers also receive a free Fitbit Inspire 2, which sells for £89.  If you could sell the Fitbit on eBay for £56 then, adding in the £20 Amex cashback, your subscription is free.

The sign-up page for a Standard Subscription is here (switch to the ‘Pay Annually’ tab).

Daily Telegraph sports subscription

Best deal for sport fans – a one-year digital Sport Subscription for just £19 net

If you only read the back pages of the newspapers, you might be interested in a one-year digital Sport Subscription instead.  Full details are here.

The annual cost is £39 so, after the Amex cashback, you are only paying £19.

The sign-up page for a Sport Subscription is here.

With all of these offers, make sure that you pay upfront for the year.  £25 needs to be charged to your American Express card by 28th February to generate the £20 cashback.

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Comments (91)

  • Harrier25 says:

    Clearly today is a slow news day.

  • Andy says:

    If you have a library card, simply download Pressreader, and get free access to the digital version of The Telegraph, most other newspapers and hundreds of other worldwide publications indefinitely

  • Rich says:

    Odd the number of people desperate to point out how they will never subscribe to the DT. Fine! Nobody is forcing you. You don’t need to let us all know.

    Journalism costs money. Unless you want the world to be held to account by advertisers, it’s probably a good idea to get used to paying for your news.

    • Lou says:

      I do pay for my news. I happily pay for Private Eye and Guardian…

      • Ben says:

        Ahh good old fashioned unbiased reporting in those two. lol

        • Nick says:

          How is private eye unbiased? Fair enough on the Guardian, but PE?! They’re really the original ‘anti-establishment’, whoever that happens to be on any given day.

          • Nick says:

            I meant ‘biased’ of course in that comment. Silly me.

          • Toby says:

            Private Eye (and I say this as a long time subscriber and fan) has become more ‘liberal elite’ in the last few years. It is outwardly anti Brexit (again fine by me) but it’s far from bias free.

    • Kier says:

      I completely agree, journalism is important and i have a subscription for news. DT probably doesn’t fall in the category of journalism or news though

      • the_real_a says:

        As with all opinion pieces it should be read alongside other viewpoints. Its no more wrong than the Guardian is bonkers with its frequent torchlighing articles.

      • bafan says:

        My viewpoint is far more in line with the guardian, but sometimes you do just think…they are looking for something to be offended by. Marina Hyde in particular…she must go through life feeling offended and annoyed at all times.

    • Wally1976 says:

      I pay for the BBC which is enough for me!

  • Neil Spellings says:

    The Unidays sign-up route works just fine (if you have a valid account of course).

    They just verify your student status, then redirect back to the site to complete checkout.

    Unidays do not take payments.

  • Anon says:

    Is the fitbit any good?

  • Jimbo1000 says:

    The Torygraph survives by telling its advertisers loads of people technically pay to read it – even though most take advantage of some kind of Fitbit / Wine offer and the paper is a side thought. This is why for ages in WHSMITH at train stations it was cheaper to buy a copy of the Telegraph with a bottle of water and throw it in the bin, than to buy a bottle of water.

  • Anna says:

    I knew this would turn into a platform for people to parade their liberal elite credentials 🙄. Is it not important to consider a wide range of different viewpoints? There’s quite a bit of dubious and biased stuff printed in the Guardian as well as the right wing press, but you won’t realise this unless you widen your horizons.

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      You raise a good point. You can’t surely make a valid opinion on something unless you’ve covered all angles.

      However, just as much as I will never read the racist filth that is the Daily Mail, neither will I, and many of the readers here, read the DT. Just because it’s another news (?) outlet, it does not validate the opinions contained within.

      For balance, I also feel the the Guardian is indeed biased. But, as it has it’s roots in the working class city of Manchester, I believe that it serves the views of the working class a lot better than the DT

      Personally, I get news from the completely balanced Westmoreland Gazette.

      • Bojotheclown says:


      • Anna says:

        The Accrington Observer is also a quality source of news and opinion 🤣

      • Chris K says:

        Ah, would that be the (Manchester) Guardian who supported the pro-slavery Confederacy in the US civil war?

        Nothing is ever quite so clear cut, is it?!

        • The Savage Squirrel says:

          I’m not a particular fan of the Guardian, which veers dangerously close to the lunatic-leftie fringe at times, but if the best criticism you have of it is based on its stance on something 150 years ago then that’s a pretty poor grounds for criticism :D.
          Also a more balanced view of that issue was that the Guardian had to reflect the views of its working class Manchester base … which was that their gently favourable view on abolitionism paled into irrelevance behind their primary concern, which was wanting whatever political outcome they thought would result in the fastest restoration of a full cotton supply to their place of employment, the Manchester cotton mills.

          • Chris K says:

            Well it was a response to the point about the Guardian newspaper’s roots. The first owner of the Guardian did indeed have many investments in the cotton trade, and supported the pro slavery Confederacy in the US civil war as a consequence.

            Not dissimilar from the common (to this day) criticism that the Mail’s proprietor in the 1930s was a supporter of Mosley.

            You can either take both these points as a historical quirk of their respective times and circumstances, as I (and you as well it seems 🙂 ) would. Or neither. But the idea that reading a particular newspaper makes one a Better Person because of that newspaper’s roots is rather silly IMO.

      • DV says:

        The Guardian is the left-wing equivalent of the Daily Mail. Their readers are mirror images of each other, but too angry to see it.

    • Lou says:

      I don’t disagree, you do need to take a pinch of salt with some of the stuff in the Guardian. I feel like you need a pinch of a hazmat suit when reading the DT…

    • Doug M says:

      You undermine your own post about balance by “liberal elite credentials”

    • Harry T says:

      I like to read a variety of opinions, with a range of biases. Every news source has bias and one should never read uncritically! Guess I have a decent degree and broadly liberal views, so I can be the subject of Anna’s ire 😉

  • Jack says:

    Thank you for this Rob, I am a university student and I was completely unaware that there was a £25 student subscription available. I’ve got a very cheap subscription to the telegraph, so I’m happy.

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