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IHG Rewards has launched a new ‘fast track’ promotion for status. It is, on the face of it, very generous but you still need to accept the fact that IHG Rewards status has virtually no concrete benefits.

How does the IHG Rewards Fast Track promotion work?

Full details, and registration, can be found here.

IHG Rewards status fast track

You will get:

  • IHG Rewards Gold Elite status until December 2022 when you stay two nights within 90 days
  • IHG Rewards Platinum Elite status until December 2022 when you stay five nights within 90 days

It’s probably best not to register now

Since you only have 90 days to achieve the five qualifying nights, there is little value in signing up today with hotels closed.

You can register until 31st August 2021 which would give you until late November to complete your five nights if you registered at the last minute.

As stays booked prior to registration count, the best time to sign up would be the day before your next IHG Rewards stay.

Reward nights do not count towards your five nights.

What happens if I already have IHG status?

It isn’t clear. The terms and conditions are badly written and do not say what would happen to existing members.

Can an existing Gold Elite member do this, and get upgraded to Platinum Elite after five nights? I would imagine that you can.

Can an existing Platinum Elite member do this, and get an extension of their status until December 2022? I would imagine not. There is even a risk that IHG could downgrade you to Gold Elite after your 2nd night!

This is all speculative, unfortunately.

Does this offer work alongside IHG’s current promotion?

Yes. However, IHG’s current promotion ends on 31st March and we don’t yet know what will replace it.

Details of the current IHG Rewards offer are here although you are unlikely to be doing many stays before it ends.

Is IHG Rewards Gold and Platinum status worth having?

You can see the benefits of IHG Rewards status on this page of their website.

I used to say that IHG status was better than nothing and would ‘stop you getting the room overlooking the bins’. I then did a night at Holiday Inn Rotherham and did get the room overlooking the bins, so I don’t say that any longer.

Gold Elite members get a 10% points bonus whilst Platinum Elite members get a 50% points bonus. A Platinum Elite member will also be considered for upgrades, but you need to remember that Spire Elite members will outrank you.

At most European hotels, you will also receive a welcome gift – usually 500 points or a drink and snack. The trick here is to take the drink and snack, partly because it is worth far more than 500 points (worth £2) and partly because the hotel will probably give you points anyway.

Does this promotion help me get Spire Elite status?

No. Because you are upgraded via a status change, rather than by being given an equivalent credit of status nights, you would still need to complete the full number of nights required for Spire Elite. This currently requires 55 nights.

I think this is a mistake by IHG Rewards. A member who is given Platinum Elite (currently 30 nights) via this promotion could easily be encouraged to do the extra 20 required to get up to 55 nights for Spire Elite.

I doubt anyone who does five nights and is given Platinum Elite is going to be motivated to do another 50 for the marginal extra benefits of Spire Elite.


There is no way that you can justify a mattress run for this promotion. However, if you need a few hotel nights anyway and a Holiday Inn or other IHG brand is suitable, this may be a reason to jump in.

You need to register for the IHG status fast track here.

IHG Rewards update – July 2021:

Get bonus points: The current IHG Rewards promotion is ‘Triple Your Points’ – our full article is here. It runs from 15th May to 16th August. You receive double base points on your second stay and triple base points on your third and subsequent stays. You can register on this page of

New to IHG Rewards?  Read our two-part overview of IHG Rewards here and here and our article on expiry rules here.

Buy points: If you need additional IHG Rewards points, you can buy them here.

There is a 75% bonus when you buy IHG Rewards points by 13th August.

Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from IHG and the other major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Comments (41)

  • Craig says:

    Off to the HI again tonight for 4 nights with work, just to be able to sit at a table to eat would be a bonus right now!

  • Mark says:

    The Holiday Inn Ariel pictured is now a Best Western.

  • Benilyn says:

    Once you get Paltinum Elite – what’s the best places to do status matches?

  • Barry cutters says:

    I never really understand why everyone complains about the lack of perks at IHG .
    I’ve been spire elite for years and use IHG for around 50% of my work travel . I use HI , indigo, CP . I find it the easiest scheme to earn in as the locational spread across the UK is much better than the alternatives. The accelerate program often gives a fair chunk a couple times a year , and the 25k spire bonus also helps .

    For me the main benefit isn’t perks – it’s the sheer amount of points you generate and are then able to use for personal travel .
    I’m sitting on 1.7m points , not normally that height but obviously personal travel has pretty must ground to a halt the last year . But in normal times I save £1000s on hotels on trips to US city’s . NYC as an example a 4 night stay would maybe be £1300 vs 200k points . I’d much rather have more free nights over free breakfast , and either pay for breakfast at the hotel or eat out .

    Upgrades often happen at CP , indigo and I think at HI but I hardly notice as the room category’s are very similar at that brand.

    I personally find IHG coupled with,for when there’s something more boutique available, the best business stay strategy. Although I appreciate depending on where you stay for business – this might differ .

    One slight issue I have is I would like to see more high end beach properties – some of the Asian intercontinental sea have been lovely over the years – and I have had some decent free basic all inclusive stays at the Montego Bay Jamaica and in zihuatanejo ( the beach from shawshank redemption ).
    But clearly the high end properties are lacking .

    On that note has Anyone got any IHG recommendations ?

    • Craig says:

      IC Da Nang, email in advance and you can usually sort out a mutually agreeable upgrade fee for lounge access. I’d say this is essential here as there isn’t anywhere else to go and it’s expensive. Following your strategy I’d combine this with a few nights in Hoi An using or similar.

      • Barry cutters says:

        Already done – stayed at Danang IC a twice and Was ambassador at the time and used a free weekend night plus stayed on points . 1st time was an upgrade to the club room – which is essentially a suite anyway , 2nd time was a truly amazing villa on the beach .

        It’s frightfully expensive but both times we have only stayed 2-3 nights as part of a longer and much more budget friendly trip up and down the coast from danang.

        • kitten says:

          What is there to do/see in that area?

          • BP says:

            Hoi An is down the coast. Really nice place. We done 3 nights at IC Danang. What an amazing resort. The detail put into designing it is breathtaking. I don’t remember it being super expensive back when we went maybe 5-6 years ago.

            In Hoi-An we stayed at the MGallery Royal which had just opened at the time and was excellent.

          • Barry cutters says:

            It’s not really a place you are looking for things to do. Both times we have been we just switch everything off and relax . Take a book etc .

            If the question is more around what to do/ see then best to just look on trip advisor – it all blends in to one for me . But natrang & danang area has loads of temples , beaches , golden bridge , hiking , cable car , monkey mountain, we hired motorcycles and did a few days on those , mud baths , food is decent .

            Both times we paid for club to hkg and then used avios for a dragon air (cathay) short haul business connection to Vietnam .

          • kitten says:

            tx to both.

    • The real John says:

      That’s all that IHG are good for – getting points and free nights.

      Why does this mean we shouldn’t complain about their status being useless?

      • Barry cutters says:

        I’m not saying you can’t complain – just that the higher the status you get the more points you get . It’s externally generous in terms of what you get back – especially if you utilise the offers and have a high status .
        The upgrades are frequent in my experience

        as I said in the first post – I just don’t understand what’s wrong with IHGs program aside from the lack of free breakfast . Surely the main thing you want from a hotel program is free stays ?

        • BP says:

          I’ve never had a “Wow” upgrade with IHG. But I have been lucky to snap up villas and suites on points when hotels have made them available by mistake.

        • Peter K says:

          “Surely the main thing you want from a hotel program is free stays ?”

          Almost. What I want is free stays *in places I want to go*. IHG rarely cuts it for me when looking at places I want to holiday to.

          I also personally like having breakfast in a hotel rather than leaving the building to eat in the morning, so a “free” IHG night costs £11-25 per person depending on where you stay.

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      But Barry that’s a part of the problem too – I have a similar number of points and that’s because there’s nowhere to redeem the damn things!

      Earning way faster than redeeming isn’t a great strategy and the worst room in the hotel on a room-only basis subject to availability and with no guaranteed benefits is really not appealing

  • Alan says:

    The 90 days doesn’t seem to be correct.

    I hit the register button without scrolling down to see the 90 days restriction. However according to my account, I am registered from the 11th Mar to 31st August.

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