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Got a Tesco credit card? Jump on a GREAT promotion

Links on Head for Points may support the site by paying a commission.  See here for all partner links. has teamed up with Tesco Bank to offer a special promotion for Tesco credit card holders.

EDIT: amended the landing page around 5pm to add a new bullet point: “5. You must complete your stay in full at your chosen property otherwise you will not be eligible for this offer and will not be credited the additional 750 Tesco Clubcard points.”

It is VERY interesting and well worth a look if you qualify. Many Tesco credit card holders have been emailed the offer directly – if you are opted out of Tesco Bank junk emails, the rules imply you can still take part.

Full details are on this page of

Got a Tesco credit card? Jump on a GREAT promo

What is the deal?

It is a very simple one.

If you book a hotel via before 30th September 2021, and stay by 9th January 2022, you will receive 750 Tesco Clubcard points.

You must pay for the stay with a Tesco Bank credit card. The Tesco Bank Bonus Credit Card is excluded.

What are 750 Tesco Clubcard points worth?

Tesco Clubcard is no longer an Avios partner.

However, it IS a Virgin Flying Club partner. 750 Clubcard points will convert (x2.5) into 1,875 Virgin Points. You could get more if you are willing to wait to see if a 10%-30% transfer bonus reappears in the future.

You can also use them at 3x face value with other Tesco Clubcard partners. This HfP article looks at the best Tesco Clubcard travel deals. Good options include:

  • itself (750 points gets you £22.50 off a room)
  • Hilton UK & Ireland (750 points gets you £22.50 off a room)

Both of these deals have small catches which mean that you won’t receive a true 3x face value, but you will get at least 2.5x. With, for example, rooms booked with Clubcard points don’t earn Rewards stamps which are worth 10% of what you spend.

This article explains in detail how to redeem Tesco Clubcard points for Hilton hotel rooms.

Got a Tesco credit card? Jump on a GREAT promo

What is the small print on the / Tesco Clubcard deal?

Here’s the thing ….

There are a lot of rules, as you can read here, but they don’t actually restrict you in any way.

EDIT: amended the landing page around 5pm to add a new bullet point: “5. You must complete your stay in full at your chosen property otherwise you will not be eligible for this offer and will not be credited the additional 750 Tesco Clubcard points.”

  • You can earn the bonus as many times as you want
  • There is no minimum stay required
  • There is no minimum spend required
  • There are no geographic restrictions
  • You will still earn Rewards stamps if you are logged in whilst booking

The bottom line is that, as long as you pay with a Tesco Bank credit card, you will earn 750 Tesco Clubcard points on every booking.

This offer is even better if you are backpacking

If you are backpacking around India and South East Asia this Summer, there is a great opportunity to maximise this deal.

There are lots of hostels in cities such as Delhi which can be booked on for £3 to £4 per night.

Do check the promotion rules for yourself, but it seems to me that these stays will count. You will earn 1,875 Virgin Points or £22.50 of Hilton credit, credit etc for each £3-£4 hostel stay you book.

The only think you can’t do, as per the rules, is book back-to-back stays in the same property and receive the bonus twice. You can book consecutive nights at different properties and receive the bonus each night.


If you have a Tesco Bank credit card, this is a potentially very lucrative promotion from which you should take very seriously.

You MUST book via this page of

I strongly recommend studying the full rules here before booking.

best hotel loyalty promotions

Hotel offers update – June 2024:

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Want to buy hotel points?

  • Hilton Honors is offering a 100% bonus when you buy points by 23rd July 2024. Click here.
  • Marriott Bonvoy is offering a 25% to 50% mystery bonus when you buy points by 24th July 2024. Click here.
  • World of Hyatt is offering a 20% bonus when you buy points by 1st July 2024. Click here.

Comments (134)

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  • BJ says:

    Spelling it out will very likely get it pulled or relaunched in hours to day! Somebody keeps posting stuff fro HfP on the hot and cold place within a few hours. Anybody having a go should do so today to be on the safe side.

    • Dubious says:

      I can see his term being enacted…
      [• Tesco Bank and reserve the right to withdraw the promotion or amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice at any time, for whatever reason, and without any liability to customers for doing so.]

      However I must say if not for this post I would have missed this offer, despite Tesco emailing it to me (I get so many emails from them that turn out to be superfluous that I’ve started ignoring them).

    • Mouse says:

      What’s the hot and cold place?

  • Polly says:

    Almost back to the old days here.. better book up quick. The hostels will be glad of the custom, as am sure there are not many backpackers around. Especially in SE Asia too…

    • BJ says:

      Sadly no Tesco card for me. Bet the wrong way a few years ago and ditched both the CA and CC in anticipation of a new variant with sign up bonus thst Hever came to pass.

      • Polly says:

        Same here, cancelled then too. But other family member can benefit from this tho, as they have the card. They are supposed to be coming to Bali w us in Nov, so may well use some nights booked. If not, it’s a donation to the locals.

    • Si says:

      The virtual trip around India i’ve just booked myself might be the nearest thing to an actual holiday I get for a good wee while. Even if doesn’t come off, I’ll happily donate my various £3-4s to the local infrastructure

  • Andy says:

    Just so people are aware, many cheap hostels in Delhi etc are cheap because they know people are going to eat and drink there. So the room cost is kept minimal to get people in and they then make any money from the food/beers (which, from my own experience, I know backpackers have a way of finding budget for!)

    I suspect these hostels will be pretty empty just now so this may well be a moot point but it would be a shame for a hostel to fill up with ghost bookings.

    • BJ says:

      That’s a discussion we’ve had many times before, a difficult other.

    • ash says:

      They know, they don’t care!

      They will be crying about capitalism and disadvantage UK children later on – from their city job!

  • meta says:

    People please stop commenting…

    • BJ says:

      Makes no difference, Rob spelled it out but that made no difference either because somebody would have done so in comment anyway… why he probably used ‘jump’ in the title.

      • meta says:

        Although now reading the terms, it will take some time before the points are awarded.

  • Rui N. says:

    When I go backpacking like this I usually book the sub £2 hostels.

  • Peter says:

    Jaisalmer, will be busy 😀

  • YC says:

    Which is the Tesco Bank Bonus card?

    • Rob says:

      No idea, and we have been covering Tesco cards for years!

      • YC says:

        Do you think its safe to take out a 0% Purchase card for this? On top of it, seems like a decent product for 0% purchases (earn clubcard points on top of free period)

        • Rob says:

          It would work, whether the offer lasts long enough though ….

          Aside from that, it is the only 0% card which earns points I think so is decent from that point of view.

      • WillPS says:

        It was sold about 20 years ago. Doesn’t earn Clubcard Points on regular spend, so I would guess that is the reason it won’t work here.

  • Dubious says:

    Last time I booked at hostel in SE Asia to keep my account alive…ended up having to get my Credit Card blocked and replaced as I started getting Netflix Charges posted to it.

    • Blenz101 says:

      Odd because the hotel never charges you. Your card is charged directly by who in turn make payment to the hotel after taking their commission.

      Just an unfortunate coincidence. It would also be a very odd thing to put on a credit card given many in SE Asia know how to get around having to pay for accounts with any streaming provider so would be a very silly risk to using a stolen credit card for in that part of the world.

      • Dubious says:

        I have a feeling that essentially sends and email through to the hotel to confirm the booking and that includes all your booking details, including the credit card (even if charged it in advanced). This gives the hotel the ability to charge you for any incidentals or might consume (or damage you might cause). Whether or not the fraud is related to a hotel employee, I suspect they leave printed copies of the reservations lying around. This part of the world is not known for their consideration of personal data protection nor cyber security.

        • Blenz101 says:

          I’ve never had a booking where I was not again required to leave a personal credit card swipe for incidentals where available at reception.

          That isn’t to say your data isn’t being processed offshore in some way as anybody who has dealt with their customer services will attest.

          Given most credit / debit cards now seem to want to use a OTP or app verification for anything out of the ordinary I’m personally pretty relaxed.

          It would be pretty major news if suffered a significant data breach impacting customers card details.

          • John says:

            I’ve never had a booking where I had to present a card at check-in. But my stays are generally at small independent hotels with no incidentals available anyway.

            Occasionally hotels would make me sign a check-in form which contained a redacted credit card number, but this was never the same as the card which I used.

            I have been led to believe that those credit card numbers were “virtual cards” belonging to expedia that the hotel can charge via its card terminal – though some hotels get a bank transfer from expedia.

        • John says:

          That has not happened to me – and from check-in forms that I’ve been asked to sign, the (redacted) credit card number forwarded by is never the same as the card which I used to pay.

        • Fenny says:

          But I have a completely different set of cards I use when travelling abroad. If I book via an online agent to be billed in sterling it wouldn’t be the same card I used if paying in currency abroad.

    • WillPS says:

      Just thought I’d chime in here to say that it would appear the full details do get sent to the organisation – I placed several bookings in Bangkok this morning and had a fraudulent transaction for Delta Airways spotted just now. Obviously it could be a co-incidence but I doubt it.

      Tesco Bank have now blocked the card so I guess I’ll have to stop at 25 unless this offer is not ‘fixed’ by the time the new cards arrive.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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