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IHG Rewards has extended its ‘fast track’ promotion for status. It is, on the face of it, very generous but you still need to accept the fact that IHG Rewards status has virtually no concrete benefits.

EDIT: The link has now been updated to automatically include the promo code needed. If you still need the code, use 52392.

How does the IHG Rewards Fast Track promotion work?

Full details, and registration, can be found here.

The offer was due to end on 31st August but is now open for registration until the end of November.

IHG fast track promotion

You will get:

  • IHG Rewards Gold Elite status until December 2022 when you stay two nights within 90 days
  • IHG Rewards Platinum Elite status until December 2022 when you stay five nights within 90 days

Note that the criteria relate to nights, and not stays, so it is even easier to hit the target.

It’s probably best not to register now

Since you only have 90 days to achieve the five qualifying nights, there is little value in signing up today with hotels closed.

You can now register until 30th November 2021 which would give you until late February to complete your five nights if you registered at the last minute.

As stays booked prior to registration count, the best time to sign up would be the day before your next IHG Rewards stay.

Reward nights do not count towards your five nights.

It is possible, but by no means certain, that if you triggered your status upgrade after 1st January 2022, you would actually get status until the end of 2023.

What happens if I already have IHG status?

It isn’t clear. The terms and conditions are badly written and do not say what would happen to existing members.

Can an existing Gold Elite member do this, and get upgraded to Platinum Elite after five nights? I would imagine that you can.

Can an existing Platinum Elite member do this, and get an extension of their status until December 2022? I would imagine not. There is even a risk that IHG could downgrade you to Gold Elite after your 2nd night.

This is all speculative, unfortunately.

Does this offer work alongside other IHG promotions?

Yes. However, IHG’s last promotion ended in mid August and we don’t yet know what will replace it. Some people have received a targeted offer.

Is IHG Rewards Gold and Platinum status worth having?

You can see the benefits of IHG Rewards status on this page of their website.

I used to say that IHG status was better than nothing and would ‘stop you getting the room overlooking the bins’. I then did a night at Holiday Inn Rotherham and did get the room overlooking the bins, so I don’t say that any longer.

Gold Elite members get a 10% points bonus whilst Platinum Elite members get a 50% points bonus. A Platinum Elite member will also be considered for upgrades, but you need to remember that Spire Elite members will outrank you.

At most European hotels, you will also receive a welcome gift – usually 500 points or a drink and snack. The secret is to take the drink and snack regardless, partly because it is worth far more than 500 points (worth £2) and partly because the hotel is very likely to give you points anyway. This trick still worked at Crowne Plaza Sheffield three weeks ago!

Does this promotion help me get Spire Elite status?

No. Because you are upgraded via a status change, rather than by being given an equivalent credit of status nights, you would still need to complete the full number of nights required for Spire Elite. This currently requires 55 nights.

I think this is a mistake by IHG Rewards. A member who is given Platinum Elite (currently 30 nights) via this promotion could easily be encouraged to do the extra 20 required to get up to 55 nights for Spire Elite.

I doubt anyone who does five nights and is given Platinum Elite is going to be motivated to do another 50 for the marginal extra benefits of Spire Elite.


There is no way that you can justify a mattress run for this promotion. However, if you need a few hotel nights anyway and a Holiday Inn or other IHG brand is suitable, this may be a reason to jump in.

You need to register for the IHG status fast track here.

IHG Rewards update – December 2021:

Get bonus points: You can earn up to triple IHG Rewards base points with IHG’s new Autumn promotion. It runs from 1st October to 31st December. You can register here and our full article on the offer is here.

New to IHG Rewards?  Read our overview of IHG Rewards here and our article on points expiry rules here. Our article on ‘What are IHG Rewards points worth?’ is here.

Buy points: If you need additional IHG Rewards points, you can buy them here.

Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from IHG and the other major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Comments (57)

  • josh says:

    “It is, on the face of it, very generous but you still need to accept the fact that IHG Rewards status has virtually no concrete benefits.”

    That is the REAL concrete point in your well writtten blog!!!
    Why anyone who travels often would pursue IHG status is beyond me.

    Marriott, Hyatt and Hilton are REAL and amaiznfg benefits (although need to select the hotels carefully these days). . IHG (like Accor and Radisson, etc) give you virtually nothing.

    • Dani says:

      For the free nights! With H I San Francisco Golden Gate at circa 25k points a night, it is far easier to earn free nights with true value on redemptions over a free brekky, especially as a Spire with double points before any promos.

      Some people want easier free nights, some want upgrades/brekky… I know which keeps money in my pocket. YMMV.

      • John says:

        IHG promotions are no longer generous, partly because hotels have been closed for a while but it started happening prior to that too. Before 2019 I was getting bogof with IHG (pay one night and get enough points to stay another night in a similar standard hotel).

        But now I basically only stay on credit card points and don’t pay them anything as it’s not worth it when the other chains offer much more.

    • Dave says:

      When I started travelling for work back in 2010, I selected the IHG group as it had hotels in all the places my company had offices and factories at AND an ability for me to get free nights at places I wanted to go to.

      Both of these are still true – IHG have hotels in most of the world I go with work AND I can spend on free nights at places I want to be at. Also back in the day when you could get a crowne plaza or intercontinental at 5000 a night was a real bonus.

      Having spire or even platinum status has gotten me many a better room and when in Asia, I often get access to the lounge/breakfast thrown in. Ok, in Europe I get not much else !

  • Gemma says:

    What’s the promotion code?

  • Paul P says:

    It’s asking for a promotion code in addition to my membership number.

  • Douglas Collins says:

    What is the promotion code you need to enter, I can’t see where it states it on the IHG page.

  • NSL says:

    There can’t be that many Spire Elite status members to be outranked by surely? I’ve no idea why anyone would want to attain that status.

    • JSemity says:

      I’ve got Spire Elite purely from paying Ernie & Brighton. I expect many on here also have Spire from that!

      • Colin JE says:

        Ditto, and Spire has been renewed about 3 times due to my Ambassador membership ( I assume) despite not doing the nights.

    • Andy says:

      I got mine from staying the nights in 2019 and have been rolled over since

      Most of the nights were from the UK but some were from places like the Kimpton in AMS

      Tend to use IHG in the UK as they seem to have more hotels than the other chains so it’s convenient when working at clients

      • Aston100 says:

        I think this is it Andy.
        Other than Premier Inn, IHG must surely have the largest footprint of properties that meet the lower-end requirements for corporate travel. (Not gonna talk about the dreadful Travelodge brand).

    • Aston100 says:

      For some, the Spire status is a bonus side effect from the activity mentioned by JSemity.

  • Aston100 says:

    Be aware that the voucher at check-in is only showing a drink. The snack seems to have been dropped this year.
    I have seen this at: HI, HIX, Indigo, Voco this year. Mixture of cash and reward nights.
    I am Spire (who isn’t?).

    Further, the HI Filton, Bristol were of the opinion that reward night bookings do not qualify for points or welcome drinks. IHG CS awarded me 10k when I sent them an email, but would not clarify if the hotel were wrong or not.

    • Rob says:

      I got snack and drink at CP Sheffield the other week.

      • Aston100 says:

        Did it say that on the voucher though?

        The vouchers I’ve had this year only mention drinks. The wording relating to snacks had disappeared one the ones I received at all of those brands I mentioned.
        I seem to recall at least one other person noticing this in the daily comments thread a couple of weeks ago.

        • Rob says:

          Pretty sure it did say snack too (and there was no 2nd glance when I said I wanted a glass of wine and a bag of crisps!). These were hotel vouchers (ie hotel logo on) and not generic IHG ones.

          For clarity – the crisps went to the kids. I was not planning to eat crisps with the wine ….

      • Adrian says:

        Hope the stay was good, I’m there tomorrow.

        • Rob says:

          Fundamentally the refurb, in my mind, was necessary for it to stay a HI and not be kicked out. For some weird reason IHG thinks it was a reason to promote to a CP.

    • Duncan says:

      Got a drink and snack (for two people) at Hotel Indigo York a couple weeks ago. Those terms written on the voucher, too.

      • Aston100 says:

        Wondering if I’ve encountered new vouchers that are replacing the old ones?

      • Colin JE says:

        Interesting. I always book a room for double occupancy, to ensure a double bed but then some hotels give two drinks vouchers and some give only one ‘for the member’. Seems to be independent of the brand. Certainly get snacks as well at Staybridge. Any other experiences?
        At Kimpton Fitzroy a few weeks back they gave me a free breakfast, because there were no upgrade rooms available, though it seemed quiet. Got a drink voucher too but only one.

        • Duncan Stevenson-Price says:

          Not bad! It does seem to be quite random based on the discretion of the person checking you in. I assumed that the intention was one drink just for the member.

    • Paul T says:

      I stayed in Brighton Seafront Holiday Inn a fortnight ago on a reward stay. I received welcome drink and also 500 points.

      • Rob says:

        What was it like? Redone? Was always meant to be a bit of a mess.

        • Chrisasaurus says:

          But the one thing in it’s favour is it’s the only place you definitely can’t see the holiday inn from…

  • Aston100 says:

    Oh and BTW whomever felt that you get a Kit Kat in Executive room fridges at Holiday Inn properties is wrong.
    I’ve had a mars bar in one, snickers in another, nothing in the rest. Going back a few years.
    I’ve not yet seen a Kit Kat in the fridge. Presumably they do exist, but it isn’t universal.

    • Sandra says:

      3 or so years ago, when visiting an elderly relative in a care home, I often used to stay at the HI Gosforth Park just north of Newcastle, which did the job for an overnight stay with plenty of free parking. Not really in Gosforth but handy for the main road. As Spire paying cash or points I always got upgraded to an executive room which tbf were spacious and gradually being refurbished. Always one/two chunky Kit Kat’s in the fridge!

    • Colin JE says:

      Got a Yorkie bar in the Holiday Inn Wakefield t’other day and 2 drinks vouchers, but nothing in Manchester HI, just one drinks voucher.

  • Karl says:

    I’m Plat and had 7 stays at IHG properties this year so far. Received no (noticeable) upgrades, £14 worth of points at check-in and 1 free drink voucher at the Kimpton in Edinburgh so not worth chasing status IMO.
    As Gold in 2019 I managed to get a club room upgrade at the CP Heathrow and a suite upgrade at a HI in Istanbul so definitely YMMV.
    IHG hotels usually make a point of thanking you for you membership at check-in although that doesn’t cost them anything.

    • Lumma says:

      I hate the “thank you for being a loyal IHG Club member” at check in, it’s so fake and insincere

      • C says:

        Thank you for being a member…as recognition we have given you a small room by the lift.

        • Aston100 says:

          Dunno about that.
          With the obvious exception of HIX, I’ve received upgrades of some kind on almost all of my stays, even as a gold.

          • Karl says:

            Lucky you. As I said YMMV.

            I stayed in a 3 x HIX, 1 x Kimpton, 1 x HI, 1 x Indigo, 1 x CP.

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