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Is the new PizzaExpress Club loyalty scheme worth joining? (Yes – free dough balls!)

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PizzaExpress is about to announce the launch of new loyalty scheme, PizzaExpress Club.

Whilst this clearly has nothing to do with travel loyalty, the ubiquity of PizzaExpress in the UK and the fact that you are likely to spend large parts of your life in them if you have small children means that it is worth a quick look.

You get some free dough balls just for signing up too ….

PizzaExpress Club

PizzaExpress Club has an interesting structure, because it lets you earn rewards in three ways:

  • via restaurant purchases
  • via takeaway or delivery orders
  • via the purchase of PizzaExpress products in the supermarket

You earn ‘Pizza Stamps’

The currency is ‘Pizza Stamps’.

  • you earn one Pizza Stamp if you dine in and your party spends an average of £10 per person (you only earn one stamp per table, however large)
  • tou earn half a Stamp if you do a takeaway or delivery order (only 0.5 stamps per order, irrespective of its size)
  • you earn one slice (1/12th of a Stamp) for every PizzaExpress pizza you purchase in a supermarket

This is a smart way of rewarding people however they interract with the brand. The aim of the scheme, however, is to get you into a restaurant – there don’t seem to be any rewards which can be redeemed for delivery or supermarket purchases.

PizzaExpress Club

You need to have the PizzaExpress app to earn and redeem rewards.

Importantly, you need to log in via the app when in a restaurant in order to claim your rewards. It also appears that you need to pay via the app. This allows the app to automatically deduct your freebies from the bill and makes life a lot easier for waiting staff.

What rewards do you get?

The scheme is well designed to give you a quick hit after you sign up.

Once registered, you will receive a free portion of dough balls on your next visit.

You then move through three tiers. You only need one Pizza Stamp to get to the first tier, which gives you freebies on every subsequent visit for a year.

Bronze Rewards – requires one Pizza Stamp to be earned

  • any free side dish with every visit; and
  • a free dessert on your birthday month

Silver Rewards – requires you to earn five Pizza Stamps within 12 months

  • ·one free portion of Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress’ with every visit; and
  • ·one free soft drink with every visit; and
  • ·one free coffee or tea with every visit; and
  • ·one free Classic or Leggera pizza on your birthday month
PizzaExpress Club

Gold Rewards – requires you to earn 12 Pizza Stamps within 12 months

  • ·one free portion of Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress’ with every visit; and
  • ·one free soft drink with every visit; and
  • ·one large bottle of water (sparkling or still) with every visit; and
  • ·one choice of a free coffee or tea or Dolcetti with every visit; and
  • ·one free upgrade to a Romana base with every visit; and
  • ·one free Piccolo meal (Monday to Thursday only) with every visit; and
  • ·one choice of a free Classic or Romana pizza or a free bottle of wine or prosecco on your birthday month; and
  • ·one free PizzaExpress cook-book (‘PizzaExpress: From Italy With Love’), to be collected from your local pizzeria (subject to availability)

As you can see, even someone who only visits Pizza Express once per month will, after a year, find themselves Gold and picking up free dough balls, a free soft drink, a free bottle of water and a free coffee on every visit. This is at least £10 of goodies.


If you’re a regular Pizza Express visitor (and by regular I mean ‘once every two months’, which is all that Silver Rewards status requires), you will want to join PizzaExpress Club. The extra benefits make it a no-brainer.

Even if you only visit 2-3 times per year, you’d still be picking up free dough balls for joining and then a free side dish on every subsequent visit, plus a free dessert in your birthday month.

My only concern is that the requirement for app log-ins and payment will be a bit of a faff, but I’m sure when you’ve done it once it will become second nature.

In terms of the structure of the programme, I think that giving a tiny 1/12th of a Stamp for a supermarket pizza purchase is more bother than its worth. Pizza Express could afford to be more generous, given that customers will need to ‘upgrade’ to a restaurant visit to redeem their rewards. The rest of the scheme looks good.

You can learn more about PizzaExpress Club on its website here.

Thanks to Andrew for his help.

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  • bookish says:

    Possibly, it’s front loading spend for rewards. As a parent it’s attractive even if the pizzas are £13 as a free drink, dough balls , small dessert and a piccolo meal every visit is really quite attractive. That’s before the birthday rewards.

    • John says:

      It used to be 2 pizzas for £13 but pay for the rest (with a discounted gift card)

  • John says:

    Does anyone visit Pizza Express and not use some form of voucher? That is the killer here. It sounds generous but you have to give up your instant rewards, ie discount on meal, for the possibility of a few free items after a year. Doesn’t add up or me!

  • Greg says:

    I understand Prince Andrew is a member so you will be in distinguished company.

  • John D says:

    Pizza Express can afford this because they applied for a CVA and screwed their landlord’s for 3 years with greatly reduced rents. It is the landlords who are paying for this scheme.

    • dst87 says:

      Ah yes, landlords. A group of people who always deserve a lot of sympathy. 😆

      • flyforfun says:

        Don’t forget that if you’ve got money invested in a pension scheme, there’s a big chance that some of it is invested in retail, leisure and commercial real estate by the fund.

        That saying, there are some rogue landlords that are a bunch of (fill in with expletive of your choice).

        • Rob says:

          My cousin, who is a fairly high profile architect, just moved his practice into a new building they bought outright. Landlord frustration was part of it. He told me two weeks ago that they recently got a £5,000 bill for ‘intercom maintenance’ for example, and this was just part of the bill as their building had multiple tenants.

          15 years ago, the apartment block in Wapping where I still own a flat did ‘right to manage’. Service charges, 15 years on, are still lower than they were before RTM.

          RTM threw up lots of other fun too. When the block was built, two senior managers who worked for the developer (one of the best known house builders in the UK) bought flats for themselves. They had the service charges rigged so that their flats paid virtually nothing, with the other residents crosssubsidising them. Until RTM, the split of service charges by flat was a secret. A court process was launched to reverse this but because it is baked into the flat leases it couldn’t be revoked.

          • flyforfun says:

            We’re trying to do RTM/buy the freehold as our FH wants to build more floors on top of us. Doing some crazy stuff to avoid full planning application. Its hard for us to do RTM/buy the freehold as we have multiple blocks and lots of over seas leaseholders who don’t get it. Service Charges are a murky quagmire of hidden fees. Any reform promised by the Tory party will be watered down or won’t apply to those already in this mess.

          • The Savage Squirrel says:

            I’d have to agree re: landlords and their ways. To quote Bill Bryson: “fuck’em”. Acquiring our freehold has saved us no end of aggravation.

          • Kelvs says:

            Not Cinnabar Wharf, by any chance?!

          • Rob says:


        • BuildBackBetter says:

          Only if you don’t know where to invest your pension in.
          Feel sorry for such people. Pension funds should be banned from investing in commercial real estate without specific approval from investors.

          • mvcvz says:

            How come the above rodent is permitted to use offensive language here, but if I type as much as “gosh darn”, my post never sees the light of day? Just idly wondering…

          • Rhys says:

            It’s not swear words we care about to be honest.

            Anyway, you seem to have been put on the naughty step at some point but I’ve removed the moderation block so better be on your best behaviour 😉

          • JDB says:

            Why shackle your pension managers in this way by excluding a whole asset class?

    • BuildBackBetter says:

      That’s good. Wish more businesses did that.

      • Rob says:

        You’re forgetting the alternative though – Pizza Express closes and the landlord has to relet the space at current market rates, which will be massively lower than Pizza Express agreed to – and that’s assuming they can relet the space.

        Aim your ire at people like Regus. They were refusing to pay rent on their office buildings – even putting individual building holding companies into liquidation if they couldn’t get a deal – whilst continuing to charge their tenants full rent during lockdown.

  • Ryan Gill says:

    Like Banker’s and finance sector workers that make up much of the readership here. Or is property theft?

  • David S says:

    I used to belong to PE’s previous loyalty scheme which just disappeared into the ether without much communication. Their ownership seems to have changed so many times that I wouldn’t join another of their loyalty schemes

  • Malcolm says:

    Worth a look but without discounting Pizza Express is hideously expensive – we’ve not been this year due to the lack of vouchers etc.

  • cinereus says:

    Christ. Most people would do anything to avoid eating at Pizza Express.

    • VINZ says:

      Yes, agree. Why would you want to eat there?

    • Rich_A says:

      I think someone described it to me as ‘where you go when your sister’s kids are visiting from out of town’, which sounds about right.

      • Lady London says:

        It’s where you take your kids before they’re old enough to graduate to The Ivy.

        • Rob says:

          Indeed 🙂

        • mradey says:

          Bit late to comment now but I’ve been taking mine to The Ivy (the real one) since they were toddlers. Very well received by staff and customers alike.

    • NorthernLass says:

      It’s the kind of place you can bribe your kids with the promise of a visit to! These things are sanity savers for parents.

      • Rob says:

        Yes. I’d say we probably went 20 times per year when our kids were younger, albeit we were under 10 minutes walk from a restaurant. I think the last time we went (kids are now 13 and 10) was when we were in Jersey in Summer 2020.

        • sloth says:

          the jersey one is the only one worth going to, for proximity to the airport and mostly for the view…otherwise pex is awful

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