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Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel – low cost doesn’t equal low quality

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This is our review of the new-ish Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel.

I have been impressed by what Marriott has done with Moxy. The prices are usually very reasonable. Despite playing down the size of the rooms, I find them good quality and filled with everything you need. The large public areas generally remind me of a WeWork office space, which I see as a good thing.

The Heathrow hotel opened in 2018, but stripping out covid it is only really two years old. We paid cash for our stay and the hotel did not know we were reviewing it.

The Moxy London Heathrow Airport website is here. You can read our full series of London airport hotel reviews here.

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel

The photo above is a PR shot because it looks better than my grey February sky efforts. All other pictures are mine.

There are two things to say up front about Moxy London Heathrow Airport:

  • it is huge, with over 400 rooms – it’s not like most other Moxy hotels you may have visited
  • whilst it is technically on Bath Road, like most Heathrow hotels, it is so far down that it is actually in Cranford. This is not an isolated airport hotel – you are surrounded by restaurants, cafes and corners shops. There are literally 10 places to eat within a two minute walk, plus a Tesco Express next door. The downside is a slightly longer bus journey to and from the airport.

Getting to Moxy London Heathrow Airport

I took a bus from the Central Bus Station at Terminals 2/3. Bus 105 or Bus 111 will bring you here. It is a simple trip – the bus leaves Heathrow, goes immediately onto Bath Road and you just stay on until the right spot.

Once you pass the big KFC on your right, it’s time to ring the bell. You are on the opposite side of the busy road to the hotel, but there is a pedestrian crossing next to the stop. Returning to Heathrow, there is a bus stop literally outside the hotel. If you want to be sure of where to get off, pull up Google Maps on your phone and watch as you head towards the hotel.

The DoubleTree hotel is very close, just a few seconds further down the road on the other side.

If arriving by tube, you don’t need to go via the airport. You can get off at Hounslow West and take a direct bus up Bath Road from the other direction. You want to be on the opposite side of the road to the tube entrance.


Check-in went well. As with all Moxy hotels, the check-in desk is one side of a four-sided bar and restaurant serving area. Only one of three positions was staffed but only one person was ahead of me.

My Titanium status was acknowledged and I was offered my choice of £7.50 food credit or 500 points as an elite benefit. Impressively, I was even offered a welcome drink – either iced tea, or iced tea with gin. I took the latter ….

When I arrived in my room, I was surprised to find the room next door occupied. With the hotel at 15% occupancy at best, this wasn’t necessary. The walls are weirdly thin for a new hotel and I could clearly hear their conversations. However, when I returned to my room in the evening they appeared to have either checked out or gone to bed very early.

Note that the hotel takes a £10 per night ‘security deposit’ on your credit card at check-in. This is NOT a ‘hold’, it is a physical charge. It is refunded as soon as you check out. To be honest, it seemed a bit odd to ask a Titanium Elite member of Bonvoy to pay this.

My room at Moxy London Heathrow Airport

My room was certainly not huge, but did more than you’d expect for the £57 I’d paid.

Not only did I get a big bag of popcorn, two bottles of water and a Kit-Kat (four fingers no less), there was even a hand written welcome note. I’m not sure it meant to say ‘Thank you for coming at Moxy Heathrow’ with a little smiley face added, but it was a nice thought.

Here’s the bed and a decent chair:

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel

Looking the other way, you have a useless desk with a stool plus, to the left, what passes for a wardrobe – ie three coathangers hanging off the wall:

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel

The bathroom is very tiny but has what you need. There is a shower out of shot, but no bath:

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel

Here was my tray of welcome goodies. I don’t know if these were linked to my elite status or not:

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel

The lobby

What Moxy hotels miss in terms of room space, they make up for in lobby space. This Moxy has a lobby which is particularly huge, although with the hotel virtually empty the cavernous area wasn’t exactly buzzing.

There is a lot of hot desk work space, with decent chairs and charging points. I spent a few hours here, with ‘greatest sing-along rock classics of the 1980s’ booming out on the speaker system and it was, frankly, great.

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel

Coffee or stronger drinks are permanently available at reasonable prices. Having a Tesco Express next door clearly means they need to control their pricing.

The same goes for the food menu. There is no restaurant so you need to grab a spot in the lobby and order at the bar.

It’s the sort of pizza / burger / curry mix you’d expect, with one thing you wouldn’t expect – pretty much everything is around the £8 mark. You could probably save a couple of pounds by visiting one of the takeaways down the road, but the chicken burger I had was far more accomplished than anything you’d get in a cardboard box.

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel

Oddly, there are two hotels at Heathrow which have a Mini in their lobby. Only the Moxy has a huge stuffed bear inside though:

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel


My view about food and drink being good value disappeared at breakfast. Moxy was charging £12.50 for a totally adequate but ‘nothing special’ buffet – mainly cereals and pastries with a couple of hot items:

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel


Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel

I popped next door to Tesco, spent under £2 on some freshly baked pastries and brought down a cup of coffee from my room. As there is no dedicated eating area in the hotel, you can eat your own food or Tesco food at the tables – the hotel doesn’t mind.

Other features

As usual, there is a rack of lockers for guest use. They are less useful at this Moxy because you are unlikely to check out early, leave your luggage and then return for it later. Most people who check out are heading straight to a flight.

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel

There is a decent gym on the ground floor, with lots of natural light – you’re not working out in a dark basement in this hotel:

Review: the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel


I was impressed by the Moxy London Heathrow Airport hotel.

I thought it offered excellent value for money for the £57 I paid. Remember that, with the current Marriott Bonvoy promotion, I picked up 1,000 bonus points (worth £5) plus my base points plus the £7.50 food credit due to my status plus double elite night credits.

Taking the bus from Heathrow is clearly a bit of a pain but once you’ve found one it is a direct run down Bath Road.

Whilst its a longer bus ride than most Heathrow hotels, the Cranford location makes sense for the Moxy target market. If you’re paying £57 for your room, you are more likely to be looking for a takeaway or meal from one of the local shops than a pricier hotel meal, although to be honest I think you’d be making a mistake if you did.

Moxy isn’t just for 20-somethings. The average guest on my stay was late 30’s and in reality – a bit like WeWork – it’s for people who think that youth is wasted on the young and want to get back to that vibe.

The Moxy London Heathrow Airport website is here.

You can read our full series of London airport hotel reviews here.

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  • JMac says:

    Stayed at Moxy Stratford for £75/night. It was great for that price. Right next to Stratford station so great after flying into City and was one stop in the morning to Liverpool Street for work. Good bed, good shower and had some Tyrell crisps, Jaffa cakes and some sparking water in the room. It didn’t bother me but walls could be more sound proof

  • meta says:

    Welcome gift of crisps, chocolate, water at Moxy’s is a new thing for Platinums and above. Stayed recently at Moxy Stratford and they told me this is new brand standard. They also wrote personalised messages all over the mirrors which was a nice touch.

    • Dr Tom says:

      I’d find arriving to find the mirrors covered in messages quite creepy, but maybe that’s just me? Hopefully they left you something to clean them off with!

      • meta says:

        Nothing left to clean with, though it was a bit more discreet in the bathroom.

        What I find creepy is when at IHG hotels they write the number of points I have in my account. This freaks me out every time.

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      Moxy at the NEC has a welcome cocktail too which was notable for being the worst thing I’ve drunk in my entire life

    • southlondonphil says:

      I’m but a humble Gold and I’ve recently had crisps & chocolate in the room at Moxy Stratford, crisps at Excel, and a KitKat at Moxy Slough (only 2 fingers though)

  • Luke says:

    Without going completely tangential, you prompted me to recommend the recent book “The Cult of We”, an interesting exploration into the crazy corporate world of today.

    • Rob says:

      I read the other WeWork book (forgotten the name now) – far crazier than even I knew, and I’ve been a client since 2016.

  • John T says:

    Moxys make sense at airport locations where all most people want is a quiet and comfortable bed. It’s frustrating they don’t have in-room fridges, or proper chairs to work at but I suspect this is deliberate to “encourage” guests to use the lobby more and therefore spend more money.

    • Rich_A says:

      I tried twice to buy a coffee this morning – both times was directed to the free machine in the breakfast area!

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Except the walls are paper thin and you don’t get much sleep.

      It’s probably better for a those that just want somewhere to crash after a drunken night out.

  • Dave says:

    We recently stayed in a family room (mini suite) at the Aberdeen Moxy. One thing that annoyed us was that the hair dryer had a standard British plug but most of the sockets were of some foreign type (EU?). The only British sockets were nowhere near the mirrors. Very poorly thought out.
    I’m not sure if this is the same at all UK Moxy’s.

    • lumma says:

      Were they not shaver sockets? Wouldn’t have thought it would be legal to have non-british sockets in a British hotel.

    • Nick says:

      Hi Dave, just tongue in cheek, and just joking with you, but, from an old international traveller, that’s nothing! I well remember, back in the 90’s having to carry around a sack of adapter plugs, seriously! Some would be for the electricity sockets, but many more would be for the multitude of telephony sockets throughout Europe (and the rest of the world!). My first laptop cost around £5,000, weighed a ton, and it needed about an hour to set it up in every new hotel, with the correct electricity & telephony plug selection from the sack! At that time no wi-fi, we had to set it up for the lousy fax software on the laptop! Oh, and my phone bill was usually well above the room rate!

      Times have changed, and thank god for that!

      • Michael says:

        Having forgot my various adapters on a visit to the US, I purchased an Adapter from the hotel gift shop. Despite being ludicrously priced, this little contraption can covert anything to anything! It’s amazing and is the size of one of those 3-way adapter plugs. Worth its weight in gold.

    • Bagoly says:

      Seems to be an Aberdeen special – presumably they have lots of European visitors (German/Dutch engineers for the oil wells?)
      MK make EU sockets which apparently satisfy UK regulators.

      Dave’s comment suggests that the fitters decided that British rules about “(almost) no sockets in bathrooms” doesn’t apply if the sockets are European, which I find an interesting logic. I suppose the sense would be that In Europe it’s standard to have washing machines (and hair dryers) plugged into sockets in bathrooms so Europeans can be trusted not to get into trouble with that?!

  • Lady London says:

    Rob : Citymapper is more useful than Google Maps for public transport ootions, route tracking, schedules etc. If it covers the city you’re in it’s great

  • Littlefish says:

    Really interesting review and comments. Brings this Moxy (and that end of Bath Rd) into the possibles territory; where prices are a big enough differential to easier transport options like HGI Hatton X etc.
    I don’t like the sound of ‘thin walls’ but that apart sounded okay. I need a lot more on the bus reality though. How much? Are they really every 5 mins to T3? Are they luggage friendly and when might peak times be where can’t get on?
    The tube I know, the two or three times I’ve done buses near LHR its not gone well … too stressful (not to say freezing cold at 5:30am and waiting 20 mins). Having Citymapper as well as google looks like it’ll help, as well as Moxy being on two routes into T3.

    • Alex Sm says:

      My partner and I stayed at Hilton Double Tree across the road from Moxy last weekend. I always wanted to stay at Moxy but after this review I will probably reconsider… the only upside is the less obstructed runway view, on other points 2x🌳 seems to be equal or better for the same price (we paid £60 per night):
      – rooms are bigger with a bath and a decent desk
      – common areas are as funky as Moxy’s
      – sound proofing is excellent
      – breakfast is included with full English to order and a waffle making machine at your disposal

      I always wanted to visit Scandi resto at Moxy but it seems to be permanently closed now, so we went to a local Portuguese resto Moniz which is very decently priced and definitely better than the lame chain pizza options mentioned in the comments above. Treat yourselves for your money, get more value!

  • Talay says:

    I use the Moxy in Southampton a lot, around 25 nights this last 6 months.

    The room is modern, the beds good, the shower is small but fine and the towels adequate. In all, its good.

    TV is easy to stream to or use the allocated channels and as such, an evening in is easy enough if staying over.

    The communal area can get full of drunks coming home from the pub after closing and the staff have no experience of dealing with people like this. This is not an issue earlier though. Clearly Southampton has plenty of people on nights out functions etc.

    The real good thing is the ability to order in from outside and eat without any prying eyes. it is totally ok to bring your own food. I tend to order in some Vietnamese from a restaurant I like and have a glass of wine from the bar. Win win for both I think.

    Prices vary considerably, from about £50 up to over £200 but invariably around £90-110. At 10k points, you are getting over 1p if the rate goes over £100 but as I have a house just an hour away, I tend to drive back if the rate gets too high.

    I like the Moxy and it is probably my preferred hotel in Southampton.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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