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Why our Capital on Tap Visa 50,000 points promo may work for you even if you can’t spend £30,000

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Two weeks ago we brought back the biggest sign-up offer on the Capital on Tap Business Rewards Visa Credit Card that we ever see.

The offer is exclusive to you as a Head for Points reader. You can receive a two-part sign-up bonus of up to 50,000 points, worth £500 cashback or 50,000 Avios.

You can read more about our Capital on Tap offer here.

You can apply here. The deadline is 2nd October.

Head for Points capital on tap exclusive bonus offer

As a reminder:

  • the card is available to any limited company or LLP
  • you receive 20,000 points (convertable into 20,000 Avios or £200 cashback) as soon as you make your first purchase
  • you receive a further 30,000 points (convertable into 30,000 Avios or £300 cashback) if you spend £30,000 within three months
  • the day-to-day earning rate is a very impressive 1 point (= 1 Avios or 1p cashback) per £1 spent

As a Visa card, the Capital on Tap Business Rewards card is widely accepted. It also has NO foreign exchange fees. Even if you have an American Express Business card, Capital on Tap is ideal for suppliers who are based abroad or who do not take Amex.

Full details are in our Capital on Tap article from two weeks ago here.

Why you may want to get the card even if you can’t spend £30,000 in three months

When you look at the details of this offer, your eye is probably drawn to the full bonus – ‘earn 50,000 points for getting the card and spending £30,000 in three months’.

For some limited company owners who read Head for Points, this will be a squeeze. You may still want to apply, however

Even if you can’t spend £30,000 in three months to earn the second part of the bonus, the offer may still work for you.

Capital on Tap head for points sign up offer

Everyone will earn 20,000 points with their first purchase

The first part of the bonus will be triggered by everyone. Once you have made your first purchase on your Capital on Tap Business Rewards Visa, you will receive 20,000 points – even if you only bought a cup of coffee. This can be converted to £200 cashback or 20,000 Avios.

You keep this part of the bonus even if you don’t manage to trigger the second part.

The annual fee on the Capital on Tap Business Rewards Visa is £99. Depending on your tax rate and how you withdraw cash from your company, the net cost to you will be lower than £99.

This means:

  • you have paid less than £99 (due to the tax deductibility of the fee) to receive 20,000 Avios, if you choose to convert your Capital on Tap points to Avios
  • you will have a Visa card in your wallet which will earn you 1 Avios or 1p cashback on all of your business spending over the next 12 months
  • you will have a Visa card in your wallet with 0% FX fees which is valuable if you are paying for products or services for your business in other currencies

This is a decent deal in my view.

The initial 20,000 points bonus means that you are instantly ‘up’ after paying the fee and you should be able to pick up a good number of points during your first year. After 12 months you can reassess whether it is worth keeping.

How to apply

Full details of our Capital on Tap offer are in our introductory Capital on Tap Visa article here.

Remember you need to have a Limited Company or LLP in order to apply. Sole traders cannot apply, unfortunately.

You MUST apply via this special link to receive the two-part bonus of 20,000 points with your first purchase and 30,000 additional points if you spend £30,000 in 90 days. The offer runs to 2nd October.

Comments (16)

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  • chrishors says:

    I reassessed my options after 1 year and downgraded to the free card. However, I can’t now swap my points for AVIOS, only cash which might be taxable.
    Has anyone tried on the 2nd anniversary (or sooner) changing back to the paid version, and then swapping all the points earned so far to AVIOS?

    • Rob says:

      Do you get the gift card option alongside cash?

      • Entitled says:

        You get all the usual reward options (cash, gift cards, statement balance) and the same earning rate with the free card. You are literally paying £99 per annum for the ability to transfer to Avios. It’s the only difference.

      • chrishors says:

        Yes Rob, I do

        • Capital on Tap says:

          Hi chrishors, Seb here from Capital on Tap. If you’d like to redeem your points to Avios, you can re-upgrade to our Business Rewards at any point. This does cost £99 but the points you’ve previously accrued can be transferred to Avios. As Entitled mentioned, our Free Rewards plan gives you access to unlimited 1% cash back on card spend, which you can redeem for cash (to your business bank account), gift cards, or against your outstanding balance.

  • tazzy says:

    I have had a business account with capital on tap for several years. Over recent months their customer service has went down hill something terrible. A payment that I made from my current account has went missing. I was initially told that this was due to an issue with my bank (this was not the case). I was then told that it would be returned by a certain date, again not the case. I was then told it would be in this morning. Unsurprisingly it’s not been refunded and I am still without my funds. I have found their attitude and customer service very poor and would not recommend.

    • Capital on Tap says:

      Hi tazzy, Seb here from Capital on Tap. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service so I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve spoken to my colleagues and understand we’re working to resolve this issue for you as quickly as we can and ensure the funds are returned. We’ll be in touch as soon as we have an update.

  • Alex W says:

    I recently applied using the HFP link and successfully got the 20k points after the first purchase. .My account has a countdown showing that I will receive 10k points after a £5k spend (rather than 30k after £30k). Will this work? As I think I could manage £5k but £30k is pretty much impossible for me.

    • Rob says:

      It is £30k to get the extra 30k points. Not sure why that message is showing to be honest.

    • Capital on Tap says:

      Hi Alex W, Seb here from Capital on Tap. As Rob says, you’ll need to spend £30k in the next 3 months to receive the exclusive HFP offer of 30k points. The countdown you can see in your account refers to our standard Business Rewards offer, where new customers receive 10k points for spending £5k in their first 3 months. If you spend £30k and meet the HFP offer, great! If not, you’ll still be eligible for our standard offer.

  • JOhn says:

    COT today just closed all sole trader accounts with 30 days notice. I had to call to get the offer of a refund of part of my fee. Im wondering if they are in trouble. My account is in good standing. Irritating as I used the account for non Amex spending to earn points, and also for overseas spending with no fees.

    • Rob says:

      I am guessing it is regulatory. Far less bother when you only deal with businesses, a lot of red tape falls away. As the email says, sole traders are 1% of their base. Sometimes it is better to let people go and have an easier life.

      You also need to remember that COT is privately owned and, as it grows, continually has to raise more money externally to lend to these new customers. Having a ‘clean’ story makes it easier.

  • Bilal says:

    Sorry if repeating a question already answered but I have read 3-4 article on CoT and haven’t seen the answer…..if we don’t go for the £99pa Business Rewards ‘upgrade’, do we then not receive the HfP 20k sign up bonus?

    I used the HfP link but deselected the £99 upgrade and now worried I won’t receive the 20k HfP sign up bonus 😳

    • Rob says:

      No bonus on the free card, no.

      • Bilal says:

        Hmmm thats annoying. Also just found the same answer on the article of the 12th. Any suggestions on whether its still possible to get the HfP bonus e.g. upgrade to the Business Rewards? Otherwise might have to switch spend to Barclaycard Avois.

        Any assistance that Seb can provide?

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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