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Review: the Convent Square Lisbon hotel, part of IHG’s Vignette Collection

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This is our review of Convent Square Hotel in Lisbon.

IHG launched its luxury and lifestyle brand Vignette Collection back in 2021.

As a ‘collection’ brand, it allows boutique hotels to join the IHG system without having to make sweeping changes to conform with exacting brand standards. It is meant to compete with Hilton’s Curio Collection, Hyatt’s The Unbound Collection and Marriott’s Autograph Collection.

Convent Square Lisbon is one of the first Vignette Collection hotels to open in Europe. More are planned in Portugal, Germany, Hungary and the UK, and these ‘collection’ brands tend to grown quickly once they get momentum.

I thought I would check out Convent Square as I needed to be in Lisbon for World Aviation Festival. Rob headed to the Corinthia because he is exploring the Global Hotel Alliance programme – more to follow on that.

The hotel website is here.

IHG kindly provided my room for review purposes.

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

Where is the Convent Square Hotel in Lisbon?

The hotel is located in Baixa, Lisbon’s historic neo-classical neighbourhood at the centre of the city. It is sandwiched in between the Praça de Rossio and Praça da Figueira:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

This is a good spot. You are right in the centre which is where most people want to be, although Lisbon is more spread out then you might expect. You are also on the metro with the Green Line serving Rossio Station literally just outside.

This is a big benefit as most of Baixa is unserved by the underground metro, so you would either have to walk or get on a bus or tram if using public transport.

You can get to the airport on the Green and Red lines in about 45 minutes, although with Uber as cheap as it is in Lisbon it probably isn’t worth the effort. I paid around €9 for the journey from the airport. Note that you will be dropped on either Rossio or Figeuira Square, as the road directly in front of the hotel is pedestrianised. It is about 20 metres from either one.

Inside the Convent Square Lisbon – Vignette Collection hotel

True to its name, Convent Square is a brand-new conversion of a 13th century convent, with the hotel having only opened in August.

Despite its size (121 rooms) the hotel has a very modest lobby with an undulating reception desk clad in copper stone:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

There was no wait and it didn’t take long for the hotel staff to check me in when I arrived at around 3:30pm.

Rooms at Convent Square Lisbon

There are just three room types at the hotel: Standard, Premium and Suites.

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

I stayed in a Premium room on the fifth (top) floor. If I were being polite, I would say that the rooms are ‘London sized’. They are very much on the smaller side, with Standard rooms at 19sqm and Premium at 20-23sqm. Suites are double this, at 40sqm. Clearly, if you are after space, this hotel is not for you.

There’s no denying that the room is tight. This is what it looks like with a queen bed:

Review Convent Square Lisbon

There are bedside tables on both sides, as well as light switches, dual USB-A ports and a European-style mains socket:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

In the window, as you can see, is a small armchair as well as tiny desk:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

You can just about fit a 13″ MacBook on this but that’s about it. If you are serious about working in your room, again, this hotel is not for you.

Opposite the bed is the TV, a small ledge and tea and coffee-making facilities including a Nespresso machine:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

The TV is behind mirrored glass which is an odd choice. I like it when it’s off, as it isn’t a black hole, but it’s certainly much more reflective if you want to watch anything.

Behind the TV you’ll find the bathroom, which is clad in similar pink/copper stone to the lobby. I think it looks great and something a bit different from your more monochrome bathrooms:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection


Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

Inside you’ll find a toilet, bidet as well as separate shower and over-shower bathtub. Given the size of the room I’m surprised that they put in two showers, which seems unnecessary. I would have preferred a slightly more compact bathroom and a bit more space in the room.

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

The water pressure is good and the toiletries are Karl Lagerfeld Murier et Santal:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

A small wardrobe is off the corridor connecting the room and bathroom:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

Inside were some of the fluffiest bathrobes and nicest hotel slippers I’ve ever used. They were excellent if a little on the small side for me.

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

A stocked mini bar was also inside.

Whilst the rooms are small, I liked how they were styled. It felt like the designers had incorporated the buildings history whilst still keeping the hotel modern and fresh, and the copper / pink colours running throughout the hotel tie it all together.

I was surprised (and delighted) to find the hotel operates a turndown service, which I wasn’t expecting at a property of this level.

Spa and gym at Convent Square Lisbon

Also on the fifth floor is the gym and wellness centre. Reign in your expectations: like other parts of the hotel, this is, shall we say, cosy. The pool is more of a plunge pool:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

There are, yes, just two loungers.

A wood-clad sauna next to it, which I enjoyed. Both overlook the internal courtyard and the roofs of Lisbon, making it nice and bright.

There is also a small gym with about 3-4 pieces of equipment in total:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

Breakfast and dinner at Convent Square Lisbon

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at Capitulo, the hotel’s bar and restaurant. This is at the back of the hotel, past the internal quad and in one of the most historic parts of the hotel. There is some outdoor seating here:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

…. as well as a beautiful bar and internal seating:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

I’ll start with breakfast, which is a combination of a la carte items and a self-serve buffet. The a la carte menu includes eggs benedict / royale / florentine, omelettes, pancakes and other hot bits and bobs.

The breakfast buffet features a range of pastries including Pasteis de Nata:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

…. plus your usual selection of cold cuts, cheeses, cereals and fruit:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection


Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

I asked for the eggs royale on my first morning only to be told they didn’t have any smoked salmon, although it seems they were re-stocked the following day. That said, the eggs benedict I had instead was very delicious:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

As you would expect, fresh orange juice was also on offer.

I also enjoyed dinner at Capitulo one evening and spent over three hours in the charming company of Pedro, one of the newest bartenders at the restaurant. Pedro was phenomenal – chatty, charismatic and generous – a true entertainer. I’m sure he will be very successful and Convent Square is very fortunate to have him!

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

I enjoyed a couple of delicious cocktails as well a few bits and bobs from the restaurant menu. I wanted to try a few different things so ordered a handful of starters rather than a main and a starter. These were served in succession. My favourites included the gazpacho:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

The prawn cocktail salad:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

…. and the squid:

Convent Square Hotel Lisbon, IHG Vignette Collection

Note the portions are very big. The salad could almost be a main!

At around 10:30 I stumbled up to my room for my early start at World Aviation Festival the next morning ….


If the room size doesn’t put you off, then Convent Square Lisbon is an excellent city-centre hotel. It is a world away in charm and location from the 25-storey Corinthia hotel in the business district where Rob stayed, well away from the tourist sites.

Whilst the facilities may be small, it gets things right when it comes to character, with lovely real stone finishes and stylish design features setting this hotel apart. If you have IHG One Rewards Diamond status, for free breakfast and potentially an upgrade to one of the larger Premium rooms, then even better.

The icing on top is the excellent service I received, particularly from Pedro in the bar.

Rooms start from €166 off-season, with redemptions from 33,000 IHG One Rewards points per night. You can find out more, and book, on the hotel website here.

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  • Sue says:

    I know you put a premium on accuracy so I hope you won’t mind if I ask you to adjust your spelling of a certain word in future: you do not “reign” in expectations… “rein” in. Kings reign, horses are reined in, ie their pace made smaller, slower by use of the reins. Thank you!

  • The Original David says:

    Is an armchair still an armchair if it doesn’t have any arms…?

  • Numpty says:

    Ubers in Portugal are very cheap, so cheap that we really reduced how often we used the metro. Always gave the driver the max €2 tip.

    • Rob says:

      Yes, it was crazy. €4 was the average I paid per ride. Normal cabs are little worse – I took one from the waterfront to the Corinthia, which took over 20 minutes because you’re zig zagging through the historic centre, and it was about €8. Hourly income after costs must be terrible.

      • numpty says:

        Uber X were often Dacia’s, but last time I was in Lisbon there was a promo and Uber Green was the same cost, which was then preferable to use as always was picked up in a decent EV, sometimes a Tesla – so yes, was baffling how cheap it was. Tipped every driver and got a decent increase in my Uber rating!

  • IslandDweller says:

    When I was in Lisbon (admittedly, a couple of years ago) the cars used by Uber drivers were tiny. I’m 6’2 and really struggled to get in the back of some of them. Yes, very cheap, but problematic if you’re tall with a dodgy knee!

    • Rob says:

      I took a luxury one from the airport and it was only €15 Vs €9 – worth the splurge! A Merc May struggle with some of the downtown alleys though.

    • Rhys says:

      None of my Ubers were small.

  • RussellH says:

    > I was surprised (and delighted) to find the hotel operates a turndown service

    Can someone please explain to me what the point of a turndown service is?

    I have never had this in a hotel I have paid for, but have had a couple of times in hotels that that have been provided by a tourist board.

    The person wanting to do the turndown always seemed to come a few minutes after I had arrived, when I was in the shower desperate to get ready to go out to the (tourist board provided) dinner 20 mins after checking in.
    I assumed that if I did not answer they would go away, but no, they kept on hammering on the door until I got out of the shower and told them to come back later.
    (Yes, I know that is what the do not disturb sign is for, but when I am in a rush, I do not always remember.)

    • jj says:

      The main purpose of the turndown service is to deliver a jolt of anxiety when stood in your underclothes deciding what to wear for the evening. If a fleeting moment of romance is destroyed, the secondary purpose has been achieved.

      Like you, I’d really prefer not to have unnecessary visits by staff to my room. But that’s very much a first world problem.

      • Chrisasaurus says:

        Well clearly you do not adequately appreciate a mint chocolate, and the inexplicable placing of slippers next to the bed you are self evidently not in

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Prepare the room for the night? Close curtains, untuck bed, place water by bed etc one I don’t get is moving your slippers from next to the door to next to the bed as I don’t want to walk round the room in dirty shoes.

      Change used towels if you chucked on floor and give a general quick tidy.

  • Fay says:

    Just back from Lisbon and, as you say, the Ubers were extremely reasonable, as they are in Porto. We took one for less than 14 Euros from Cascais to Belem Tower, where we picked up an open top bus, . On the downside, we travelled back from Lisbon Airport’s Terminal 2, the one used by Ryanair and a couple of other low cost airlines. I have Priority Pass and, due to a lack of research on my part, was hugely disappointed by the lack of ANY lounge at all. The terminal is so basic that after security you are virtually at the Gates, with only a cafe, a bar and two small food counters with tables. It’s probably the worst terminal in any major city airport that I have ever experienced! We arrived 3 hours early planning to use the non-existent lounge, queued for check in, only to be told that it wasn’t possible to check our bags for another 40 minutes so had to stand and queue all over again. Then we discovered the minimal facilties and, to cap it all, our flight ended up delayed by an hour and a half. Not ideal!

    • Alastair says:

      You arrived at an airport three hours in advance without checking if there was even a lounge, let alone how good it was!?

      • Chrisasaurus says:

        Well, technically they arrived at an airport three hours in advance *whilst* checking whether there was a lounge. Sooo…….

        Plus side is nobody else is going to make that mistake

  • kitten says:

    Pricing sounds a bit toppy for the actual room.

  • Doommonger says:

    It certainly looks a tight squeeze , inserting a queen in there as opposed to normal king probably makes the room look a lot larger, food looks fabulous though.


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