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  • vzzbuckz 14 posts

    The problem I have with this card is that you can’t pay to cover minor pre-existing conditions. Most people likely have raised cholesterol/ hypertension, whether on medication or not, but nobody would risk a trip to the USA (for example) without cover. This makes the insurance product useless. Next, for most of the other insurances, you would have to pay for your trip with the card. That would be fair enough if there was no annual fee, but a £650 annual fee makes this a nonsense.

    Thaliasilje 8 posts

    Most healthy people don’t have hypertension and/or cholesterol. On the other hand, most overweight and obese people do.

    Travel Strong 260 posts

    Shots fired 😂

    However, @Thaliasilje the OP said nothing about being healthy or not. They said most people have raised cholesterol – which is true, 70% of UK adults do (source: NHS Digital). This may indeed be correlated with your own point, as 63.8% of the UK is ‘overweight or obese’. However that isn’t the observation the OP is making.

    The observation is valid that amex platinum is a £650 card which does not offer an option to extend cover for common pre-existing condition, making it a comparitively poor product compared to other premium account providers.

    An odd 1st ever post though.
    Part of me hopes the OP is a rival entity pointing out the weakness of the Amex offering (or JDB on the wine early!).

    JDB 4,313 posts

    @Thaliasilje – is ignorance allowed as a pre-existing condition?

    Thaliasilje 8 posts

    Nothing personal or targeted, just a counterpoint. It’s a long and admittedly complicated conversation.

    If the insurance provided my the platinum card is not adequate, there are plenty more providers out there with better offerings.

    NigelHamilton 184 posts

    Is it really the case that 63.8% of the UK population is overweight or obese? Wow!

    Fortunately I fall within the 36.2%, but do have a pre-existing condition – Achilles tendon rupture (X2) which is covered by the Amex platinum insurance, and I’m very grateful for it.

    That injury is very common in two subsets of people – professional sports players, and middle aged men. I’ll leave it to you to consider which category I’m in 😉

    Paul 133 posts

    Quick question

    We are due to travel to South America in Mid April and had bagged F seats to SCL and J back from EZE on IB.

    OH now needs to have gallbladder removed and so we will shortly cancel. Doing so, as not comfortable with trip to Easter Island given their condition and it’s remotness

    Hotels all on points and flights using 241. Does insurance via Amex provide any cover to extend the 241 or it it simply lost? My working assumption is it is lost but I thought I’d ask

    zapato1060 625 posts

    @Paul Has the 241 expired? as you would get it back and all your Avios if you cancel minus £35 fee. Hotels is cancellable and points back too.

    JDB 4,313 posts

    One of the benefits the Amex Plat insurance offers is to postpone a trip, something not generally offered by travel insurers. They pick up the additional cost, but I’m not sure how they work with Avios & 241 but may be worth asking if you do want to travel a bit later.

    Paul 133 posts

    Thank you

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