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  • Aston100 1,503 posts

    I’ve stayed at the Conrad and enjoyed it (we had a very recently refurbished room), but was hoping to try a different Hilton this summer.
    Can I please get comparisons and opinions from anyone who has stayed at the Conrad and has also stayed at the Hilton Sukhumvit and/or the Millennium Hilton.
    Particularly interested in the condition of the bedrooms and the quality of the lounge.


    Jon 273 posts

    I stayed at the Millennium a couple of months ago and liked it a lot. Have stayed at the Conrad many times although last visit was early 2020, and a couple of times at the Hilton Sukhumvit in 2019-20.

    Subjective but my thoughts would be:

    – Pool/outdoors: Conrad then Millennium (close call between them), then Sukhumvit (but small and can get crowded although the high-up view may appeal).

    – Lounge: Millennium (I particularly liked the outdoor areas, with great views of the river), then Sukhumvit (a bit more character than the others, I thought), then Conrad. F&B in all of them was decent although I recall Conrad being a lot better in years gone by. Not sure you could get an evening meal substitute out of any of them nowadays 😉

    – Rooms: all were decent enough, Conrad perhaps showing its age (although I think I read something about them being refurbished recently? Edited to add: indeed I did, right here in the OP! 🤦‍♂️). If you can get upgraded to a terrace suite I’d say that makes up for any aging of the room 😉 (when I was last there, the terrace suites had definitely not been refurbished – perhaps they have now). Both Hiltons I recall being perfectly acceptable but not exceptional – clean, functional, modern, decent size, everything you’d expect, nothing that you wouldn’t, but no ‘wow’. Didn’t get a room upgrade at the Millennium (Diamond) but the standard room, about halfway up the building, was fine for the two nights I was there. I recall the Sukhumvit rooms being a little dark but I may be misremembering.

    Overall, I think any would be fine – probably boils down to your reason for being there / which location you prefer, and pricing. I’d happily revisit any of them again, but all else being equal the Millennium would probably be my next visit. I really enjoyed passing the time sitting on the terrace outside the lounge watching the river etc, especially in the late afternoon / early evening.

    Michael C 733 posts

    We’ve also had a great stay at the Millennium (albeit a while back), being around the river day and night, popping over to Asiatique, etc., but as @Jon says, it’s totally down to location. We now prefer to be more “central” (in our case, usually the Sheraton Grande, but do like the Conrad location too).

    As a btw, some great friends of ours who are Hilton employees are currently at the WA in Bangkok, and says it’s one of the very best they’ve ever been to.

    Aston100 1,503 posts

    Thanks both.
    Since I’ve not stayed riverside before, and based on your comments it sounds like I should book the Millennium.
    However (and this goes for other Bangkok riverside hotels), how much inconvenience is caused by the lack of proximity to BTS/Metro? as I understand it, to get to (most of) the usual points of interest from that side of the river, you’d need to take a boat over towards Saphan Taksin BTS and change.

    Aston100 1,503 posts

    As a btw, some great friends of ours who are Hilton employees are currently at the WA in Bangkok, and says it’s one of the very best they’ve ever been to.

    Good to know, but alas for the date ranges I’m looking at, that place is consistently 80k HH per night compared to 30k – 40k for the 3 I’ve named. Not sure a city break justifies that much of an increase in points.

    Jon 273 posts

    I didn’t use the BTS when I was there recently, but my understanding is that, as you say, you’d need to get the hotel boat across the river. Not sure that would add much time to the journey though (10 minutes maybe?) and could be quite pleasant.

    That said, looking left from the terrace outside the lounge, it looked like there’s a new station being built a couple of blocks away – not sure if it’s a BTS or other train line, or whether it’s already open or in-progress. It looked like they were still laying tracks just beyond it, but hard to be sure whether that wasn’t just the end of an existing line.

    For what it’s worth, I had no traffic problems etc getting my taxi to/from the Millennium and airport – surprisingly easy, contrary to my expectations. Unlike that last little stretch to the Conrad after the highway, which can be painfully slow at certain times.

    Jon 273 posts

    Ah just looked at the map. That would be Khlong San station on the BTS Gold line. 5 minutes walk from the Hilton, but better to walk 4 minutes the other way to Charoen Nakhon station from where it’s one stop to Krung Thonburi where you change to the Silom Line for Saphan Taksin and beyond. Or, Google says, you can walk to Saphan Taksin in 20 minutes from the hotel. Or take the boat. Or Grab. 😉

    Aston100 1,503 posts

    Thanks Jon.
    Contacted the Millenium.
    I’ve been promised an upgrade to an executive room if I make a points booking for the basic room and let them know by email.
    Sounds good enough for me.

    ATP 60 posts

    Sorry to change topic slightly but it’s related – we’re looking at WA in Bangkok just for a night. Anyone got any experiences to share? I am diamond and will be a cash stay TIA.

    strickers 761 posts

    @Aston100 I can’t compare having never stayed at the others, but I was very well looked after at the Millennium as Hilton Diamond. This was while there were still covid restrictions, despite this the lounge offering was particularly good.

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