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  • YC 225 posts

    Looking to get a stroller that can be stored in the overhead bins. The Yoyo seems to be the go to for most but I’ve read on here some recommending the leclerc influencer. To me, it looks nicer and has a much simpler folding system. Wondering if others have experiences travelling with this brand and if airlines have kicked up a fuss with bringing it onboard? My gut tells me that the yoyo is more recognised as a brand name to airline staff so maybe should just go for that?

    Open to other ideas too. Many thanks

    aseftel 268 posts

    I recommend the Ergobaby Metro+. Key selling points are: noticeably sturdier than the yo-yo, which always feels a bit fragile to me (it is a touch heavier though), reclining seat all the way to flat which is great for ad hoc naps, generous sunshade and easy collapse mechanism. Never had an issue bringing it onboard – I’m usually asked “if it’s like a yoyo”.

    Despite the original air travel mission, it’s now our preferred stroller for going into central London too.

    SteveJ 991 posts

    Per this guy you need to take the wheels off the leclerc to make it cabin compatible?

    Rui N. 843 posts

    Yo yo

    Alesio 24 posts

    Used yoyo twice abroad in Antalya and Marrakech – its sturdier than you think and collapses easy into the cabin overhead. No need to take wheels off.

    GJS 28 posts

    We’ve travelled extensively with the Joolz Aer and never had any issues. And actually it’s so sturdy that we use it as our main stroller at home now, too.

    Also has a decent attachable board for our eldest, and if you take the seat off, the pushchair fits in an overhead locker with the board still attached.

    aq.1988 477 posts

    We use a Joie Signature Parcel, the added benefit of this one is that it is designed to be used up to 22kg, whereas some travel strollers are only designed for up to 15kg.

    You can collapse it with just one hand, and it folds down to roughly the same size as a cabin bag. We’ve always been allowed to bring it on board, sometimes we’ve had to demonstrate how small it folds or show a pic of it folded, or say it’s ‘like a Yo-Yo’.

    SamG 1,670 posts

    We have a double so I didn’t want to spend 2 x yoyo money as we wouldn’t really use them so I got 2 x joie pact from ebay for 120ea new and I was very happy for something to use for a holiday. No issues taking onboard, just say it’s a yo-yo which everyone is familiar with now

    The yoyo itself is surprisingly sturdy and very easy to fold. Especially good when travelling with a newborn or with your car seat

    Ingking 38 posts

    I have the Bugaboo Butterfly and I think it’s one of the only genuine one hand folds on the market.
    However on a recent Virgin flight I was not allowed to put it in the overhead. After some arguing with the gate agent I was told this was due to certain companies paying to have their strollers approved for the cabin?
    So worth bearing in mind that some airlines only allow ‘approved’ strollers

    YC 225 posts

    Thanks everyone – lots of options. I think the yoyo is the only formally cabin approved stroller (?). Will try to test out some of these in person.

    Chabuddy Geezy 31 posts

    Another vote for the yoyo. The yoyo is also narrow enough to wheel through a BA a350 business class cabin ( despite what the cabin crew said).

    chrisw1983 50 posts

    Thanks everyone – lots of options. I think the yoyo is the only formally cabin approved stroller (?). Will try to test out some of these in person.

    There is also a silver cross one which we have used with BA, Lufthansa, Swiss which all haven’t had issues with and folder up into an overhead locker and looks like a small suitcase with a handle to roll out.

    jsto 74 posts

    Can’t go wrong with the Yoyo! Big fan.

    Toppcat 50 posts

    Yo-yo, all day long. Have travelled a good amount short and long haul, and never had any issues. Brand recognition is so good that gate staff try to take it off you, then say ‘oh, it’s a yoyo’ and wave you through.

    They are surprisingly robust as well – ours has seen a lot of wear and tear…

    sam5035 21 posts

    +1 for yoyo.. Lots of airport staff are fully aware of the make and model..

    Rui N. 843 posts

    Can also vouch for the yo yo robustness. Don’t spend money in thinking you need 2 strollers, yo yo does everything.

    SteveJ 991 posts

    On a related note, per BA the gate check size limit is that the stroller should be no more than 38x38x117 folded.

    They then go on to state that “the above service is not offered at all destinations, so please ask at check-in whether aircraft pick-up is possible”.

    Quite a few budget strollers can meet the gate check folded size criteria, if one was to know for a fact that gate check and pickup was possible then there are far cheaper options than cabin size approved strollers like the yo-yo.

    Does anyone know of an online resource that may outline which destinations are and are not covered for gate check and pickup?

    LD27 188 posts

    My kids are long since passed stroller age so out of touch with what’s available. As I posted earlier today on a different thread, I recently travelled out of LCY on an E190. The overhead bins are much smaller in height than standard aircraft flying in Europe. Someone was trying to get a very small folded stroller into the overhead bin and it would not fit and had to be taken away. The person concerned said they had not had issues with other aircraft.

    PIL 105 posts

    Yoyo extensively used in flights with various airlines around mainland Europe and UK (trains also). Best choice we could make.

    We were never asked to put it in the hold and crew are well familiar with brand and the versatility to carry it on board. None has contested whether it can be taken on board compared to other models that other passengers had. Also, having a collapsible stroller that is easy to wiggle around the airport is second to none.

    vetjames 66 posts

    If size and quality are your main considerations, this is the one. Cybex are superb and our go-to brand for anything like this.

    YC 225 posts

    Ended up with the yoyo. Has anyone tried to take the bassinet attachment onboard (not to be used in the flight)? It doesn’t fold but I think its small enough to fit in the overhead bin. Flying BA club world 787.

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