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  • vvrmckay 7 posts


    I’d really appreciate some help as I am not sure how to proceed. Easyjet cancelled a flight 11 days from now from Venice back to London (19th of April). When trying to re-book my flight there were no options on the 19th or 20th. When I called about it the customer care rep told me they could only offer me a refund or voucher. I asked if they could re-route me through another airline and they refused. I think I should be entitled to compensation correct? Also how do I handle my return? Should I just book a different airline and claim money back? Have no idea what to do now.

    Many thanks.

    slidey 293 posts

    They have to pay for an alternate flight and also pay compensation as the cancellation is within 14 days. For completeness, Id call them again and record the call, ask them about the rerouting on a different airline option they have listed on their website and when they say they cant, tell them that you will have to book your own flight and then claim the cost back from them.

    www .easy

    If there are no easyJet flights available to get you to your destination within 24 hours, you have the option to transfer to another airline, take a train, bus or hire a car.

    The alternative transport must be under comparable transport conditions to your destination and you will be entitled to claim reasonable transport costs back.

    claim your comp at www .easy
    submit you expenses at www .easy

    Remove spaces from urls, I suspect the reply is being blocked cos it has a url in? So there might be several turn up at once if theyve gone for approval 😀

    pbcold 351 posts

    This is very good advice. I had the same thing last week and was given £350 compensation on top of my expenses (LGW-BDS cancellation).

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    vvrmckay 7 posts

    Thank you very much for the thorough advice. Will do that tomorrow and update you.

    Lady London 2,139 posts

    “If there are no Easyjet flights available to get yòur destination within 24 hours…” [that’s the case when you can fly another airline] …in Easyjet’s policy….

    Is that even legal? If someone has to get where they’re going as close to the original cancelled flight time as possible, then my understanding is they have the right to choose this and there is nò minimum 24 hours they must wait for any Easyjet flight before they can request Easyjet to put them on another airline’s flight, and if Easyjet refuses then they are still responsible for the costs.

    Lady London 2,139 posts

    vvmckay can you let us know how it turns out?

    vvrmckay 7 posts


    Just finished a 1 hour call. This rep was a bit better than the other one. They were able to actually find seats on a flight the next day to Luton even though the person yesterday said there were no seats on that flight.

    The issue then started when I was asking about hotel accommodation because they said they only cover it if they cancelled the flight the same day. I pointed them to their website and the right of care terms but she kept insisting that the website does not say anything about when they give notice and therefore the policy is 24hrs. We just ended the call me being rebooked and I said I will just submit the expense claim form and the compensation form.

    slidey 293 posts

    They are required to book u on a different carrier under eu261 and they are also required to pay you compensation as the cancellation is within 14 days, if they refuse/cant then you will have to book it yourself. Id call them again, record the call and ask them about the rerouting option on a different carrier that they have listed on their website ( and when they refuse, tell them youll have to book your own alternate flight and claim the cost back.

    They have an online claim form ( put all of your costs there (keep receipts) then use the compensation form ( to claim your cancellation comp (which should be provided in addition to them providing an alternate flight)

    vvrmckay 7 posts

    Yeah, I think the second time I called they would have been ok with me booking through another carrier but were able to offer me one the next day. I assumed that in that case I could not reject it as they had offered me a flight within 24hrs of my original one.

    Re: the hotel accommodation, I did record the conversation and they were insisting that they would not cover it because they only cover if it they let me know of the cancellation the day I fly. I pointed them to their website and the “right to care” section but they said that there is no reference to how much time in advance they have to let you know that the flight was cancelled and therefore their policy is 24hrs. Compensation seems easier because they do give precise wording on the time in advance (which is 14 days). So in the end I will just book my hotel accommodation and submit my extra expenses as well as the compensation form and keep persevering. I think if it ends up going to a third-party I should be fine but will keep you updated.

    slidey 293 posts

    Just to clarify, that post above was actually posted before my first reply but it didnt appear so I wrote the reply again with the spaces in the urls 🙂

    But yeah, take the rebooked flight and submit your expenses for the extra night, meals, parking etc

    vvrmckay 7 posts

    Thought I might update on this in case anyone else might find it useful.

    Getting compensation was easy and just submitting the form was enough. For the accommodation and meal expenses it was more difficult as the first claim was rejected, arguing I was notified of the cancellation with time. Afterwards I submitted a complaint regarding the outcome of that claim, they said they would correct their mistake but then I had to resubmit the original claim and wait for them to get back to me.

    It was a long process but I managed to get money back and compensation and it was not as tedious as other recent bad customer services experiences.

    Thanks everyone for your help!

    zio 266 posts

    Well done, and thank you for posting the update. Always good to hear of a positive result, and I think these reports encourage the rest of us not to let businesses wriggle out of their obligations.

    Lady London 2,139 posts

    No matter how far ahead a flight falling under EU UK 261 is cancelled you are entitled to duty of care. Even if it’s cancelled nearly a year ahead.

    Duty of care has 2 parts :-

    (1) your right to choose what happens next with your ticket. You can choose to refund, or to travel as near as possible to travel times you originally booked (and whether they like it or not, the cancelling airline is responsible for the costs of this even if they can’t fly you so you have to use other transport including other airlines if needed), or you can choose to move that same travel to a later date convenient to you.

    The choice whether to refund, or choose one of the other rebook/”reroute” options is yours to make not the airline’s. Easyjet has been known to get confused about this. Till recently BA was getting *very* confused about this for Bangkok. BA may also still get confused about this for other destinations in future, Tokyo in particular.

    (2) the cancelling airline must also pay some specific expenses caused by their cancellation/reroute ie any extra hotel nights needed, meals falling due during any extra waiting time for replacement flight or longer travel time, plus transport to and from hotel, and 2 phone calls or internet.

    Things like extra parking fees at airport, kennel fees for pets staying longer, and other extra costs are either covered by you or your insurance.

    Compensation is a completely separate item and for compensation (but not for the duty of care things above), it does matter how far ahead a flight was cancelled. Flights cancelled more than 14 days ahead are not eligible for compensation but are still eligible for duty of care.

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