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    Our 2.15pm flight has been cancelled and we’ve been placed on a 8.35pm alternative which is completely useless to us as we’ll arrive after 11pm with car hire closed and onward travel impossíble.
    What are our rights? As it’s over six hours can I insist they rebook us on another carrier – it’s Geneva so flights are regular.
    Can’t believe they’ve just emailed us now at 8.45pm the day before!

    Thanks in advance


    Assuming this is BA, have you checked on MMB there aren’t other flights available which are earlier?


    Plus don’t forget to claim compensation if not extraordinary circumstance.


    Thanks both. Super early option – too early to get to the airport. We’ve been moved to Sunday now so lose a day 🙁

    How can I claim the Avios back as we’ve been bumped from business and the CAA compensation? The advisor didn’t know what would happen with the Avios.


    Re downgrade see:

    You should also be able to get your EC261 compensation.

    I’d suggest two separate claims.


    Thanks for your help earlier everyone.

    I’m looking to lodge my claim (as we were not reinstated and
    no refund has been given) but by my calculation, UK261 may not be the best way to go as our flight was under 1500km

    Am I right in thinking these are my options:

    1. claim back the difference from BA I.e 4500 avios + £7.50. (9750-5250 = 4500 avios plus £25-£17.50 = £7.50 cash.)
    2. Under UK261 Article 10 claim 30% of the total ticket cost i.e 2925 avios plus £7.50 which is LESS than the difference (or potentially £60.15 if I claim cash at 1.8p per Avios)
    3. Ask them to shift us to club on our return flight (is that a thing customer service can do?)

    UK261 would seem to get less than a simple claim of the difference, or am I missing something?

    Thanks for your help – it’s our first time being in this situation!


    P.S I paid old school style so £50 + 9750 Avios per person. And I should have said we are in economy on the way back to a move to Club on our return would be acceptable, but I’m not sure if CS can do that

    BA Flyer IHG Stayer

    You need to claim. BA won’t just automatically refund you for the downgrade or pay compensation on for the cancellation (and there may be a reason for it not to apply).

    Just put a claim in. Don’t mention any specific method of calculation or figure(s).

    Legally BA can just go down the 30% reimbursement as that’s what the regulation says they have to do. But they have been known to reimburse based on fare difference.

    I’m not sure if 3 is an option under BA policy. It’s certainly not in the regulation.


    You can’t claim both the refund of the difference between the CE fare and ET AND the 30% downgrade reimbursement.

    It is either/ or

    Given the figures you’ve calculated (which seem correct) I wouldn’t even bother going down the downgrade reimbursement route.

    I’d simply claim the refund of the fare difference as that is more Avios ie your option 1

    Do that for each passenger even if you used a 2-4-1 voucher.

    That is in addition to any cancellation compensation you’re entitled.


    Great – thanks for confirming. Will do that.

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