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  • sayling 50 posts

    If you had a choice between flying to Heathrow in BA First Class from Houston IAH or Dallas DFW, which would you choose?

    Further, if you wouldn’t mind – why from there?

    NorthernLass 7,573 posts

    As presumably both are overnight flights then neither as it wouldn’t be worth the extra money (or avios) just to sleep fitfully in a slightly better seat!

    e14 259 posts

    DFW access to the AA FFD
    Better Irrops as well

    Negatives – A380 punctuality

    IAH think BA shut the separate First area

    sayling 50 posts

    As presumably both are overnight flights then neither as it wouldn’t be worth the extra money (or avios) just to sleep fitfully in a slightly better seat!

    So here’s the thing…

    I’ve already got return flights to Houston, booked First class in and out. Outbound is Peak, inbound Off Peak – cost 185,000 Avios and £849.79 charges. Flying Business class back instead comes to 190,000 Avios and £745.26 on the same flight.

    Availability has come up to return from Dallas – pricing up similar dates, first out and back is the same as above, but plugging in Peak First Out and Off Peak Business back comes to 200,000 Avios and £745.26

    So changing the flight to Business back from Dallas (keeping outbound as is) would cost more Avios… albeit with less taxes.

    Plan is to do a road trip round Texas – initially flying in and out of Houston, so doing a round trip of the main places. However, if the airport experience is better at Dallas, I think we can re-route the completely-unplanned-as-of-yet driving to accommodate returning from there.

    At the moment, Houston flights are on Boeing 777. Dallas flights, as @e14 says, on an Airbus 380.

    Hmmm… decisions, decisions…

    drdan 96 posts

    It is 4 hours drive between Dallas and Houston… Freeway all the way. I have done this a few times.

    If you decide on Houston… .stay in the Melrose area.

    If Dallas, downtown is fine but not worth basing yourself there…Oaklawn area is where it’s at.

    drdan 96 posts

    BTW..the Houston lounge is a generic business lounge, and not a great one…if that swings it, DFW home

    drdan 96 posts

    Waco… A drive through place.

    Austin a few days And San Antonio…meh

    jj 520 posts

    Flying Club out of Dallas is a pleasant experience but it’s not good enough to justify an airport switch. The AA Flagship lounge is dramatically better than the dismal Admirals Club that was foisted on travellers during COVID, but it’s quite busy and rather anodyne. The Flagship First dining area was deserted when I passed last week, so First would give a better lounge experience than Club, but probably offers nothing you couldn’t buy in a decent restaurant.

    Don’t forget the A380 from DFW has the old Club World ying-yang seats, not Club Suite. I prefer that arrangement when travelling with my wife as it’s better for conversation, but many people hate it.

    sayling 50 posts

    @drdan not that we’re likely to do just a drive from Houston to Dallas (planning on moving around Texas a fair bit, stopping at places on the way), but it can’t be worse than the 401 from Toronto to Windsor… can it? That’s a tedious drive!
    I got the same impression from various reviews about the IAH lounge, which was one of the reasons for contemplating the switch to DFW.
    Austin and San Antonio will be on the list, though planned to just shoot through Waco (if you’ll pardon the expression 😉 )

    for the difference in costs between First and Club (where Club on the return works out to be £100ish cheaper but 15,000 Avios more!), even though it’s an A380 with apparently poor punctuality, Admirals FFD swings it, I think!

    Well, actually, swung it. £70.60 on top of the already sunk costs spent and flight changed.

    Thanks everyone for your help!

    drdan 96 posts

    Enjoy.. love Texas, I’m sure you will too

    sayling 50 posts

    Enjoy.. love Texas, I’m sure you will too

    Thanks, @drdan !

    I’m hoping the Dallas Cowboys will be playing at home on the 5th September – and looking forward to a meat overload (the wife… not so much!)

    Any suggestions for where to get a decent, non-touristy, reasonably priced cowboy hat? Not a Dallas Cowboys beanie… stetson type thing

    drdan 96 posts


    Crikey…there is a daily touristy cattle drive thro old Fort worth, free to watch:

    I think this is actually worth seeing, especially with kids! Whilst in the area, the rodeo may well be on and maybe 1/2 a mile away for a Stetson..a great shop…maybe £200+ for a good one… I loved the store.

    The Best Hat Store
    +1 817-625-6650

    Ask away if I can help… Dan 🙂

    drdan 96 posts

    Not sure if my last post is in the ether…but:

    Free to see and park nearby.

    And a Stetson..I’ve visited twice: is very nearby and a great store…£200+

    A good place to start..maybe half a mile from the stockyards.

    Not Long Now... 94 posts

    Boot Barn carry a large range of stetsons, more reasonably priced, and boots too surprisingly…

    sayling 50 posts

    Love this forum!

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