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    Hey all,

    I booked a trip to the US with my Father for travel last year. The booking was turned in to a FTV and rebooked for July this year. Journey went well thankfully.

    Domestic to LHR then F to East US and J back from mid USA.

    To my surprise Dad has earned full Avios and TP and has now been upgraded to Silver as he already had 20 TPs. My account hasn’t had anything credit. Not even the usual flight with O Avios and 0 TPs.

    Has anyone seen this happen before? 430 TPs would make it worth going for gold! Strange how they credited to my Father’s account only and I’ve not seen anything post to my account!

    Thx, Aero


    What classes did your respective tickets book into? Due to cancellations and rebookings there are a lot of avios-earning tickets out there, along with the odd few that shouldn’t but do and vice versa.


    Only works for 1 pax on a 241 though.


    My +1 unexpectedly got over 20k avios and 350 tier points on a 241 trip to Mexico.

    HfP Staff

    It is bizarre. I have seen every variant of this. Weirdest was a flight where I got the Avios but no tier points! My daughter is now BA Bronze …..


    Presumably if you can see before travel that you are booked into class Z/X/U (redemption buckets,) you aren’t going to get lucky?


    In March we had a rebooked 241 trip to Miami, on the outbound we both got TP’s and Avios but on the return only Mrs TedL got them!


    I’m also miraculously Silver now off two separate long haul 241 returns.

    Both were phone bookings, one a redemption FTV converted to a redemption ticket, the other a open jaw 241. I wonder if the booking over the phone Vs all online is the difference maker.

    Not complaining! How long does Silver status last once earned?


    Mine also was a phone booking. No cancellations or rebooking.


    Interesting info! Just have to hope the flights eventually post to my account with some Avios! Sadly my Father will have no use for Silver until I take him away somewhere again. But won’t complain about the 17k Avios earned!


    Not complaining! How long does Silver status last once earned?

    It will last through the rest of your current membership hear and through to the end of the next one. So at least 14 months+ as the card always has 2 months expiry date after your current year end.


    Only works for 1 pax on a 241 though.

    Ah so as I used Dad’s 241 he was the primary pax and I was the free pax hence no TP/Avios. Darn it!


    It was the free passenger got the TP and avios on my 241.


    As I posted a few days ago both of us got full avios and TP from a 241 outbound last week.


    I don’t understand why people shout from the rooftops about this on public forums. The more people that do, the more likely it is that BA will take notice and start clawing back avios and tier points.


    Much too late – and there’s a FT forum about it which has been active for about 6 years now! The consensus seems to be that there are so few people affected it’s not worth BA’s time chasing it.


    Update on this… My return 140+40 TP/Avios posted today! The outbound flight was mid July so do you think too much time has passed for them to also post?

    I’d love to go for Gold!


    I have had several reward flights post Avios and/or Tier points. Where I have received points, it has always been about 3 days after flying. Your mid July flight is now very unlikely to earn anything.


    The first rule of flight club…..

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