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Shop Small – are £5 credits arriving?

  • watesc

    Anybody else not had the £5 credit yet?
    I’ve used both my cards multiple times since Monday last week and had confirmation emails, yet still no statement credit.
    In recent months, Amex “offers” have been woeful at tracking/crediting. Had to chase my last 4 transactions up!

    Peter K

    Had 3 purchases, two credited within a couple of days. The last one on Sunday I expect today or tomorrow.


    Yes got some within 2 days


    Only one purchase across two cards, no rebate yet. The reduction of available retailers (especially bars), increase to £15 min (eg not a couple of drinks) and very short one week window made it pretty pointless this year.


    You could always get a round in 😉

    Andrew J

    Totally pointless promotion.


    The nature of this promotion is now such that I haven’t even taken the card out of my wallet. Barclaycard are getting all my day to day spend.
    When I get back back from holiday I will certainly be getting rid of BA Amex and there now a question mark over the Platinum card. For almost £600 a year it needs a very substantial overhaul.


    Only used it once but got the rebate within a few days


    Used all our cards in one place, local pub, all have credited very quickly this time. Just bought £30 GCs, and they happily split the bills. But, agree, not worth the effort or time for 15/5. 10/5, yes. Could have got better use out of it. Maybe, with such poor take up, Amex might re evaluate, and do better next time, if there is a next SS.


    I managed to use it at three merchants I shop at anyway and they credited next day, which was nice. If the promotion is meant to change your spending behaviours, I am afraid it’s not working for me like that due to all the well-known issues. Not to mention it was only on my Platinum card and I could not be bothered to contact Amex to add it to the others manually.


    I used the Shop Small promotion about a dozen times between my cards and my wife’s supplementary cards. Hit and miss so far as the £5 credits go. Some next day, others I am still waiting for. Also waiting for a number of credits on other offers going back as far as the beginning of May. When I do eventually chase these up (after the 90 days) it may be quite a list!

    Like others, I am now seriously questioning whether to renew Platinum in September. I am 70 (just) so the travel insurance is now worthless. If I can’t access UK lounges with Priority Pass, that’s also worthless. Offers these days seem a bit of a lottery. Can I really justify £575 for what’s left? I don’t live in London so make only occasional use of Addison Lee. Uber would be far more useful

    It’s all pretty disappointing.


    All my Shop Small credits have arrived, and this morning I even got an outstanding Morrison’s one – significantly less slow than the previous ones.


    RE small shop. Are we likely to have it again this year around 20 Dec?


    Only a few received so far.
    Ironically one of the first to arrive was the dog groomer who has never been on the official list and uses Sumup!


    My partner and I used the offer a total of maybe 15 times over various merchants. The final credits came through yesterday, which was better than I expected.

    The real Swiss Tony

    The challenge I had was that I redeemed successfully three times at venues which weren’t on the shop small map. Twice at my local on two different cards, and once when we were out for dinner. So it stops me from going out of my way to try a new retailer, I just use the card and see what happens.

    In better news, my Harvey Nichols £50 credit posted on the 30th, 7 days after the transaction hit. I look forward to trying my 57% Cannonball Edinburgh Gin in the not too distant future.

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