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  • FlyingPtarmigan 53 posts

    Went for our second visit over the weekend – first one being in December 2020, so some allowances needed for COVID on that trip.

    Stayed Sunday evening and left Monday. Booked a basic room through Emyr and got a slight upgrade; $100 F&B credit and breakfast. Got a 12:30 check in and 16:00 check out, which felt like a much longer break. The only downside of getting the early checkout was that a big party of wedding guests all had late checkout – so we would have almost certainly gotten a better room upgrade if we’d checked in later. That said, the deluxe room we had in the Brew House was lovely and we hardly spent any time in it anyway.

    Worth noting that they are positively encouraging children at the weekend with kid’s activities running on Sat and Sun (needs booking in advance); children allowed all day at the outdoor pool; children friendly slots in the excellent indoor spa pool; a couple of micro-scooters than can be borrowed and a 50% off a children’s room promotion. I’m generally disapproving of kids, but the target demographic generally knows how to manage their kids and it didn’t detract from our enjoyment.

    The spa and spa swimming pool are excellent. Probably the nicest I’ve been to outside of Switzerland with separate areas for ladies and a private VIP spa area that can be booked for £500. I’m told that my wife’s massage was excellent.

    They have a new chef since our last visit. The menu was much better than the last visit, but still only “extremely competent” rather than “fine”.

    The all day dining menu is pretty reasonably priced for a 5 star. The club sandwich (£25) and Caesar salad (£21) were both very good. Excellent chips. Very good pasta options at £15 a plate, which we regretted not ordering when we spotted someone else being served.

    The dinner menu felt a little over-priced – starters £14 and mains £30.

    Cocktails are £16-20 and there’s not much wine below £60.

    Our bill was the wrong end of £800, but we we managed to triple stack offers – Emyr’s bits; spend £400 and get £100 back on two cards; and also triggered a 35,000 point free night voucher as part of a promotion.

    The most important thing is that we felt like we’d had a few days away – even though we’d only been away from home for 30 hours.

    can 506 posts

    Thanks for this. I’ve did it with the Plat promo almost two years ago.
    Want to try in the summer too

    ben1 21 posts

    Currently at the Langley for a couple of days of TLC with the other half. We had a really enjoyable trip here after our engagement in October 2021 and decided to return!

    Booked the room on points and received an upgrade to a deluxe room in the brew house from a basic room in the main house.

    Dinner was great last night and not planning to move from the spa until later today.

    However stay has been disappointing for such a pricey place because
    A) believe it or not, some ladies underwear was left in the room on top of some wooden beams. Clearly the people in the room before us had some fun! We couldn’t quite believe it and neither could the staff at front desk, who apologised but didn’t actually offer anything else’s
    B) We were both woken up at 7.05am by two phone calls from the spa who were responding to an enquiry (not from us!) which was about kids swimming hours – not what you want when you’re away for a restful break from the real world. And the fact we were not travelling with kids on this trip!

    Mentioned it on the way to breakfast and front desk said they’d look into it. On the way out of breakfast, they apologised and offered 20,000 bonvoy points. I said it wasn’t really good enough as the room cost was 60,000 per night and our f&b bill and spa treatments etc will be £600+


    Lady London 2,178 posts

    Thoughts? I think the knickers were worth the 20,000. Though if ceilings very high how often do you expect housekeeping staff to look upwards.

    The 2 early phone calls…. hmmmm… free breakfast for 2 or a 7pm checkout 🙂

    TGLoyalty 784 posts

    You’re expecting more than 20k for a couple early phone calls? How was the spa to know you didn’t have any kids so they were calling the wrong room?

    Didn’t the knickers really affect your stay at all? Yes a housekeeping miss but not like they were in your bed.

    I think 20k is very generous

    Michael C 727 posts

    Have to agree with TG: it’s effectively a third off the rate.
    Maybe ask for a couple of overpriced cockies in the bar if you want to push it?!

    ben1 21 posts

    You’re expecting more than 20k for a couple early phone calls? How was the spa to know you didn’t have any kids so they were calling the wrong room?

    Didn’t the knickers really affect your stay at all? Yes a housekeeping miss but not like they were in your bed.

    I think 20k is very generous

    Well the spa is part of the hotel, and there were no kids on my booking.. not exactly rocket science.

    When you are staying in a high end property, you don’t expect someone else’s underwear left in your room nor two early wake up calls that were not requested. If I wanted to be bothered at the weekend I would have stayed at home…

    In any case, after stating to the reception when they offered me 20,000 points that the room cost was 60,000 points, is there anything better than can be done, reception emailed me to say they have refunded the night in full in bonvoy points which I was not expecting, but was thankful for.

    Aside from the two issues, it was an enjoyable stay.

    TGLoyalty 784 posts

    Good end result. I agree you don’t expect knickers on ceiling beams but I suspect nor do housekeeping!

    Wile 7am wake up is annoying I still think unrealistic expectation on the spa knowing no kids are on your booking. Lots of people make bookings for a number of people which then might differ.

    Any way glad you enjoyed your stay.

    Lawro 16 posts

    Has anyone noticed (‘resort’)fees being charged on redemption bookings here? I’m being quoted 50/60/70k points + £189.61.

    NorthernLass 8,494 posts

    Are you sure that’s not a points plus cash offer? You often see them on Bonvoy bookings, more usually in the US properties though.

    *The day any UK property starts charging “resort fees” is the day I strike that property of my list of places to book. Our resorts are Blackpool and Morecambe, for pity’s sake 🤣

    slidey 316 posts

    No idea if its always been there but the langley seems to have a 5% service charge in its rates.

    FlyingPtarmigan 53 posts

    I just get a straight points rate of 53k or 56k during Dec.

    Lawro 16 posts

    I just get a straight points rate of 53k or 56k during Dec.

    Is this via the app or desktop site?

    Just searched again. Classic redemption not a points + cash rate and still showing a £189 ‘surcharge’.

    Stayed here numerous times on points redemptions and there was definitely no cash element.

    EDIT: To answer my own question I think this might be a bug on the Marriott app. The website shows the correct points-only rate but the app is showing this weird charge.

    NorthernLass 8,494 posts

    I’m awake and bored so I searched for a random night in March on my laptop and got quoted 50k points and no cash.

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