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  • Annie 175 posts

    4 days in Vienna coming up. I’ve taken some tips from Rhys’ trip but would love some further recommendations for things to do/see and restaurants.

    Has anyone travelled by train or car from Vienna to Bratislava ? Looks like a short hop and never been so. . .


    peckishpassport 42 posts

    I took a train to Bratislava for a day-trip, and would recommend. 16Eur pp iirc and a fairly comfortable ride. The train station is a 15/20min walk from the centre but your ticket also includes all public transport in Bratislava, so you can hop on/off the tram.

    Restaurant recommendations in Vienna – only one that stood out for me was Restaurant Ofenloch which serves local cuisine. I stayed at the Andaz Vienna and Park Hyatt vienna, and can highly recommend both (the latter on points as cash prices are ££££).

    davefl 1,119 posts

    I’m just about to do it in August. Regiobus or Flixbus for 7 euro from VIE (or Vienna centre) to Bratislava bus station.

    Car hire you have to pay for extra “go east” insurance, so the bus for a 45 min trip seems better. Regio give you free coffee, Flix you can pay extra for a vacant seat next to you if you want.

    Train is decent too if you’re in town but I need to go in and out of VIE so bus works out more convenient.

    Café Diglas for an authentic relaxed people watching coffee and strudel/sachertorte.

    Café Demel – mad touristy, queued for 45 mins to sit outside. If you have time to waste and pay the prices it’s still an experience.

    Take an evening cruise on the river.

    Lots of museums and palaces but they’re all crazy busy apart from MAK (museum of applied arts).

    Just sit in on of the many parks and watch the civilised world go by.

    Annie 175 posts

    Lovely thanks so much.

    NorthernLass 6,608 posts

    We’re off there in a couple of weeks, my 2nd visit. If you like history the collections in the various museums are fantastic. The Imperial Treasury (Schatzkammer, one of my favourite German words) especially is eye-popping, for various reasons! I usually pre-book tickets on Viator or similar in case venues are very busy.

    Supergers49 214 posts

    Vienna is a lovely city. Would highly recommend a trip to 7Stern Bräu.

    Bratislava is easy and convenient to get to by bus or train, and makes a good day trip. That said, there will be plenty to do in Vienna that would keep you busy for the full 4 days. I wouldn’t bother driving.

    ewanewa 7 posts

    The Bratislava ticket is 18eur now – I did that trip on Saturday. Went into Petržalka instead of the central station (hlavná stanica), but there are buses that run from either station, and I believe Tram 1 runs from the central station too. Well worth a visit in my eyes. Not sure if you have four full days or just partial ones, but as mentioned there is a lot of Vienna to see, so perhaps hold off for another time.

    As for things to do – Prater Park is at least worth a look at in my view. The rides remind me of Southend, though the park attached really is quite nice. The Danube is always a nice walk, and up the river towards Floridsdorf (near U1-Donauinsel) there are a few bars and restaurants. Won’t attest to the quality of the food but they make a nice stopping point for sure. Museumsquartier/Hofburg is a must, even if you just look at the architecture. Belvedere and Schönbrunn both musts as well.

    Food wise most things are going to be good, even in the centre/tourist areas.

    NorthernLass 6,608 posts

    We did the Prater wheel and the robot restaurant last time – it was actually a really fun evening!

    Annie 175 posts

    We did the Prater wheel and the robot restaurant last time – it was actually a really fun evening!

    Goggle isn’t giving me a robot restaurant. Do you have any other name for it?

    GJS 26 posts

    I was in Vienna with friends in November and we used our Amex credit in Huth Gastwirtschaft. The manager (possibly owner) didn’t know his restaurant was participating in the platinum dining programme and he gave us a round of drinks to thank him for letting him know. Food was good.

    I liked Vienna so much that we’re going as a family in March, with a few days in Brno.

    NorthernLass 6,608 posts

    Sorry Annie! I was trying to remember what it was actually called – it’s the Rollercoaster Restaurant. The food was just ok but the novelty of being served mechanically made it worth going once.

    Annie 175 posts

    Gosh I have so many suggestions and recommendations I may need to go for a few weeks. It’s a trip to celebrate the end of my husbands 7 weeks of radiotherapy and as a result he is uninsurable. So sticking to Europe and we’ve never been to Vienna, although love Austria generally.
    Thanks all so much, my planning is so much easier now.
    Robot restaurant, hell yes! We’ll try anything once.

    NorthernLass 6,608 posts

    When are you going?

    Annie 175 posts

    11 to 15 August. Staying at the SO Vienna ( Sofitel I think )

    NorthernLass 6,608 posts

    We’re there next month so will post of we have any stand-out experiences!

    kwho 62 posts

    Tel Aviv Vienna beach is a lovely place too. On the riverbank, close to the city centre, with lovely cafes, restaurants and a relaxed atmosphere. Evenings are amazing there, sipping a glass of wine. Neni Restaurant on Tel Aviv beach or in the old Market is highly recommended. Different feel, market one is cafe-like, the Tel Aviv beach one is grown up and sophisticated.

    NorthernLass 6,608 posts

    @kwho – never heard of that, thanks! We may well check it out as it’s about 10 minutes’ walk from our hotel according to Google maps.

    Gary 288 posts

    11 to 15 August. Staying at the SO Vienna ( Sofitel I think )

    The top floor bar/restaurant of the hotel is fab. Go for a drink during sunset as its lighting projects beautifully into the sky. Enjoy the well deserved trip.

    Annie 175 posts

    Thanks Gary!

    LD27 131 posts

    Totally agree with Gary’s comments. We stayed about at the SO hotel about 4/5 years ago and still talk about the amazing ceiling and lights of the rooftop bar/restaurant. The room we had was huge and on a high floor with wonderful views. We liked the hotel so much we had booked to return in May 2020, but sadly got cancelled. Still intend to return.

    Lots to see and do. As well as visiting a number of the Palaces, St Stephen’s and St Peter’s we took a boat to Bratislava, which I assume you still can and stayed for one night before easy return to airport. Thought it well worth a visit. Our plan was to visit all EU capitals before Brexit. Sadly Covid stopped us from doing that! But only Vilnius still on list!

    Hope you enjoy the SO hotel and Vienna as much as we did.

    kevinchoi 89 posts

    +1 for using the boat to travel from Vienna to Bratislava. The train is good and reliable, but for a more scenic journey you can take the boat between the two cities, and only takes 75 minutes.

    can2 322 posts

    I am surprised (and disappointed) that it is not mentioned: Opera!

    Not just the Staatsoper but also Volksoper…
    You didn’t give exact dates, so I don’t know if they’ll be open.

    I am not sure Bratislava would be worth the time if it is your first time in Vieanna. There is much more in Vienna.

    NorthernLass 6,608 posts

    There are no opera performances in July, when we are visiting. I have booked tickets to a recital at St Peter’s Church, though, which will probably suit my OH better, tbh! I always seem to book our city breaks for dates when there’s no opera, or not one that I want to sit through, anyway.

    Annie 175 posts

    Again, thank you all.
    I had no idea a boat was an option so I think I’ll book train & boat one way each then will have different views. Great tip, thanks so much.

    I’m sure we could easily fill 4 days in Vienna but the opportunity to also visit Bratislava may not arise again so 3 days in Vienna will be enough.

    My lovely husband is cultured in many respects but I’m afraid is more Led Zeppelin than The Opera. I’ll leave that for others to enjoy, although I’m sure it’s an amazing experience.

    NorthernLass 6,608 posts

    Same here @Annie! It would probably be a waste of money, lol.

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