£10 back when you spend £10 at Dixons Travel (500 people only)

I have slotted this in as an afternoon post because of the small number available, and because Amex has already been promoting it via Twitter today.

Amex and Foursquare are offering £10 cashback when you spend £10 at Dixons Travel (ie £10 for nothing if you can find a £10 item, perhaps an iTunes gift card?).


Your American Express card needs to be linked to Foursquare to activate this – see this post for instructions on how to do it.

You then need to search for Dixons Travel at your nearest airport and hopefully the offer will come up.  Click ‘Load To Card’ and you’re done.

If you open multiple Foursquare accounts at different email addresses, you can register multiple American Express cards (assuming you have multiple Amex cards!).

As I said, only 500 card registrations will be accepted.  Full details are here on the Amex website.    The offer ends on 12th January, so please do NOT sign up unless you are 100% certain to be passing through an airport with a Dixons Travel before then.

Head for Points readers can easily fill all 500 slots on their own, so you are probably hurting a fellow reader if you sign up and then do not redeem the offer.

(Thanks to Antoinette)

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  1. pazza2000 says:

    Is this live yet? I can check in, although i can not then ‘load to card’. The same case for the other 4S offers.

  2. Yes it is live. You need to check in before you can click ” load to card”

    • pazza2000 says:

      I have been. When I click load to card it is still insisting I check in. My card is synced, the offer is there, and I am checked in – wonder if it’s how I’m checking in that is the issue? Took full advantage of the various 4S offers this time last year.

  3. Signed up and will be through LHR tonight. Will post if there’s anything good for £10 :)

  4. David Butcher says:

    Having the same issue as Ant, even though I’ve used Foursquare many times before.

    • pazza2000 says:

      Do we need to ‘re-sync’ our cards? I think it was March I last took advantage (& singed into 4S) am offer. Although I am seeing the offer, which I suspect I would not if my card was not synced?

  5. pazza2000 says:

    Just logged onto a second 4S account I have, same issue. It’s either something I’m doing wrong or my app setting (which looks fine).

  6. David Butcher says:

    Tells me I need to check in, but it’s already told me I have checked in! Damn it!

  7. These AMEX promotions which are limited on registrations rather than actual uptake are surely a bit of a con. I mean, it’s plausible and not totally unlikely that they could get 500 people registered almost none of which then actually make a qualifying purchase.

    • pazza2000 says:

      This is true, although I do not see how else they could ‘limit’ these without knowing your guaranteed to receive the discount.

  8. There is also a spend £50 or more, get £10 back offer on at Currys PC World at the moment, if you log into your account on the AMEX site you should see it listed under ‘Your Offers’ and be able to add it to your card.

    The Dixons Travel nearest me was listed in the locations nearby section on the website so you might be able to combine it with this offer.

  9. guesswho2000 says:

    Hmm, won’t let me load the offer either. I assume the max has been hit, 500 isn’t many esp. if Amex have promoted it on Twitter already. Never mind!

  10. Mark Balsom says:

    I’ve been able to successfully load it to my card at 20:46. Had to ‘check in’ first, but it’s now available until 12/01/14.

  11. Loaded 4 cards in under 5 mins… no problem. Hoping I can buy something for £40+ and pay with 4 cards.

    • pazza2000 says:

      I’m perplexed. How is it working perfectly for some and not for others. I’m convinced it’s in the app settings or the method in which we are checking in. I have given up on this one, although keen to figure out what I’m doing wrong before future 4S promos as they tend to be the most generous.

  12. I just loaded it to my account, I am traveling next Tuesday and I have seen something I want to get.

  13. does it need to be the right airport?

  14. I was able to load the offer, but when I’m going to check which card is registered I found none. Then I try to add a card and soon as I start to insert the card number (starting with 37) it seems to assume that I’m in the US and doesn’t let me associate any card. Have anyone had the same issue?

  15. Yep I did some months ago with a different offer.

  16. Can FourSquare offers and AMEX ‘saved offers’ be combined? Would be nice if FourSquare’s 10 off 50, could go along with AMEX’s 10 off 50.

  17. Mine worked fine. Checked in at Dixons – at the specific terminal I want, although I doubt the terminal makes a difference, as long as you check in at Dixons at the airport and not just the airport itself). Offer loaded.

  18. Just cancelled my Lloyds Duo and Amex cashback as there hadn’t been any good Foursquare offers in ages… oh will, still 2 more registered and passing through LHR on Friday.

  19. I can’t load the offer if I check in at the Gatwick Dixons Travel but I have the options to load the card at Heathrow Dixons Travel (T3, 4 and 5). Does anybody knows if I can load the card at Heathrow and use the offer at Gatwick? Thanks!

    • I still can’t check in today, no success on my iPad either. I did take advantage of the last Dixons Travel offer last year, although that should not matter. It may have been 6+ months since I last logged into my 4S accounts, although everything looks fine whilst logged in. I might try unsyning, and possibly even a new 4S acc.

  20. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Another Amex promotion: £9.99 statement credit when you spend £9.99 on Spotify premium.


    The promo is good through to Feb, so register both your cards for the promo and then swap the payment method after the first month is paid for to get two months free!

  21. Couple more offers appeared on my Amex Gold and BA

    Space NK (first 400 cards)
    RETAIL / Spend £30 or more and get £10 back
    Save this offer to your Card to get a £10 statement credit when you spend £30 or more on your Card at SpaceNK before 23.59 (GMT) on 28 February 2014 (the Offer Period).

    ASOS (first 8000 cards)
    Spend £30 or more and get £10 back
    Save this offer to your Card to get a £10 statement credit when you spend £30 or more on your Card online at asos.com before 23.59 (GMT) on 28 February 2014 (the Offer Period).

  22. I got these ones through my Gold card

    Currys PC World

    Spend £50 or more, get £10 back

    Save this offer to your Card to get a £10 statement credit when you spend £50 or more on your Card at Currys/PC World before 23.59 (GMT) on 28 February 2014 (the Offer Period). Offer limited to 5,000 statement credits.



    Spend £200 or more and get £20 back

    Save this offer to your card to get a £20 statement credit when you spend £200 or more on your card online at Costco.co.uk before 23.59 (GMT) on 28 February 2014 (the Offer Period).

  23. Same problem as afew above lets or says checked in but won’t load to card same happened with a Selfridges offer, can’t really be bothered faffing about with 4square it’s annoying when these things don’t happen repeatedly. I just wish they would do it though there own Amex offer pages.

    • You can do Selfridges via the Amex website. Log in, click on My Offers on one of your statement summary pages and it should be there. No need to use FS.

    • pazza2000 says:

      I am pretty sure it’s our devices, what the issue is though I am not sure. I can’t load the other 4S offers either, across a few accounts (can check in though and the cards are still wholly synced to their respective accounts).

  24. Same for me, I couldn’t load my credit card at dixons travel..