A Tesco to Avios conversion bonus – but targeted!

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Good news!  Tesco has launched a ‘Clubcard to Avios’ conversion bonus!  The bad news is that it is strictly targeted to a few people, seemingly people who have not converted to BA or before.

This is the deal:

Exchange £5 of Clubcard vouchers to BA or before 7th September

You will receive 6,000 Avios instead of the usual 1,200 Avios

As you can see from the accompanying logo on the emails …

Tesco pic

…. Avios is promoting this as a ‘Part Pay With Avios’ opportunity.  They are NOT suggesting that you use the Avios for free flights – which is a good job, as 6000 won’t get you far!

This is the text:

For every £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers you exchange, you’ll usually receive 600 Avios. But as a specially selected Clubcard customer, if you exchange £5 in Clubcard vouchers by 7 September, we’ll top up your balance to 6,000 Avios. That’s enough for £40 off a pair or £20 off two British Airways flights to a European destination.

I doubt many HFP readers will have got this.  If you did get it on the account of a family member, you might want to do it and then create a Household Account with that person – or simply use their account to book a redemption or get the discount for yourself.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Quite good fun to read some of the comments…you should have gone to HFP 😉

    I searched on a daily basis for over 35 days looking for return flights to Berlin or Prague and found it virtually impossible to get dates even 11 months in advance. In the end I had to take dates that did not really suit just to use my Avios points up. I will be reluctant in the future to change my Tesco vouchers for Avios points when very little flights are being made available. It is just too much time wasting and putting yourself to a lot of bother for no real benefit.

    i never got the avios im very disappointed i earned points but my avios account still 0 so very strange to loose points like this

    Impossible to book flights in school holidays even 11 months ahead; conflicting advice when telephoning; hotel exchange rate very poor – barely more than the face value of the Tesco vouchers. I’m stuck with 73000 avios points I can’t use.

    etc 😉

    • Kris Schimmel says:

      I’ll take ’em!

    • I literally fly between NCL and Berlin every other week using AVIOS – availability is fantastic >3 months out and you can ALWAYS get availability if you book the day before travel!

  2. helloyoufool says:

    If anybody can share the link (if it’s not personalised) that would be great.

    I’ve yet to exchange from CC to Avios so hope it might work but as of yet I’ve not been targeted directly (unless I deleted the email!).


  3. I’ve never converted Tesco to Avios – will have to check my emails :)

  4. Is it 6,000 Avios per £5, or just a one of £5 for 6,000 Avios?

  5. Do we know from when this offer started?

    I converted some of my partner’s Clubcard points to BA Executive Club for the first time on 11/08. Do you think these will qualify for this offer? Many thanks

  6. I’d imagine 11th of August would be considered extremely recent.

    • Thanks! I hope so! Obviously I haven’t had a link to click through so don’t know if that is required to qualify for the offer.


    2 pre-orders @ 150 points, OK if you like Morrissey 😉

    Bet it would go like hot cakes on the Bay, maybe sb can use with a code, might make sense with a £5 off £20?

    Or the other singer that I’ve never heard of lol

    Maybe they’ll add a few later.

  8. I opted back out over two years ago……..I wonder ?

    • I wouldn’t hold your breath, I checked a couple that have never converted – & zilch

  9. Well, my brother and father have never converted CC to Avios, but neither has this offer showing on their account. I guess one does have to wait for an email – I just hope they didn’t delete it, if it’s already come!

  10. When I convert, it’s only ever to avios, never BAEC. During one of the last conversion bonuses it was buried away in the small print that if you had converted in previous 12 months you didn’t qualify. That said, no email for me either!

  11. Nooooooooooooooo! I have patiently spent a year and a half waiting for a decent conversion bonus and in the end gave up and a month ago converted £5 each to Avios and to BA. I don’t think the world revolves around me usually but in this particular instance I think they have done this on purpose, specifically to p*ss ME off.

  12. Mr Bridge says:

    raflles, did you try and use the link for your other cc accounts?

  13. Is this a Tesco or Avios email?

    I was just wondering who to contact if the email does not ever arrive in my inbox.

    • Good question.
      My Avios/BA emails go to a different email address to my Tesco emails.

      Shall have to log on and look.

    • George Kyriakos says:

      I got the email from Tesco. Did the conversion last night.

  14. mitpat474 says:

    3 of my accounts never converted before and not had the email

  15. never converted and not got the email :(

  16. I have messaged them on this subject on facebook, maybe if everyone did this also we may get a decent response and the emails.

  17. Avios have replied only stating the competition rules running at present to win 9000 avios converting clubcard points. Nice to know a representative of Avios on facebook not knowing their own deals at present and telling the world that??

  18. Slightly O/T but, if I set up my account to autoconvert to avios, will it just convert that quarter’s points or does it also autoconvert unspent vouchers?

  19. linda phillips says:

    I have been with Airmiles/Avios since they started never converted any Tesco and I didn’t get any e-mails. Also been with Clubcard since they started, obviously loyalty didn’t count with me. Very dissapointed.

  20. Never converted before and no email for me :(

  21. Similar to what Dominic above said, my Dad only just transferred but it said 600 per £2.50. This was his first Avios conversion. Any idea if he may have an argument to claim the extra? Thanks

  22. Question, every so often people post links for extra clubcard points for certain purchases.How do you find out about these? Is there a site the collates all these offers? Thanks

  23. This deal is not worth it anyway, for a mere 4800 bonus avios you compromise any future conversion bonus offers which have a 12 month without conversion clause.

    If even a 20% bonus pops up then for anyone with lots of clubcard points it’s not worth risking a future bonus for avios amounting to just £20 of clubcard vouchers at regular rates.

    • It is very worth it – you only need to convert £5. How is it not worth it?

      • Will explained how it is not worth it. As an example, I have £138.50 in Tesco vouchers at the moment. If I were to opt for £5 for 6,000 Avios deal then I would get 4,800 bonus Avios, right? But then, if a 50% conversion bonus came up in the next 12 months, I would be precluded from converting at the 50% bonus rate because I’d gone for this offer instead, thus losing out on 16,620 bonus points, so it really isn’t worth it, that’s assuming that a 50% bonus conversion rate does come up in the next 12 months, of course.

        • Is it usual for conversion bonuses to be restricted to people who have not converted in the past 12 months? For example the current Virgin bonus has no restrictions on who qualifies.

        • What's the Point says:

          The conversion bonus to Avios is never going to happen! We have been waiting years, not even a sniff of one….
          I gave up and swapped £495 of Tesco CC vouchers for £1,485 Goldsmiths last week.

          • Exactly. There is simply no point in waiting to see what might happen, just get on with what is happening.

  24. Avios on facebook have stated they know nothing of this promotion and to refer to Tesco clubcard?

  25. If you have converted Tesco Clubcard vouchers to BA before but have not converted them to before, would you get the bonus if you converted to

  26. Avios have messaged a day later after not knowing about this offer with now a statement saying there is another offer inconjunction with Tesco for only invited people via an email. Nothing stated by them about non conversions, ave asked who to contact if no email received.

  27. The other half has never converted to avios/BA and got no email. I converted a fiver and got the usual 1200 avios….

  28. Stephen F says:

    Wife got the email & assume my mum probably did too (I accidentally deleted the email address when changing hosting so I couldn’t check) so I did £5 for each.

    Converted as 1200 avios each! When you click the email link it takes you to the same avios page that everyone sees, ie 9000 avios competition etc, no mention of 6000 bonus for £5 so it was a gamble.

    My wife should have got hers so I will complain. Pretty mad really.

  29. Avios on facebook asked us to email them our account details and they would look into why we didnt get the email as we have never converted before to avios from tesco vouchers,
    Response today was basically if you did not receive the email then your not on their list and wont get the promotional offer. So for anyone who didnt get the email, you wont get the bonus avios by converting before the offer end date in tesco vouchers :(

  30. Mark Smith says:

    I got the email, converted and only got 1200 Avios. Disappointed if it was capped to 150,000 people and I missed out, as I’m fairly sure that was not made obvious to me.

  31. I converted my first Tesco vouchers to Avios on the 16th August, they have just posted, i did an online chat asking about the targeted offer and the agent just said we have over four million collectors tough. Nice customer loyalty. One point though I also did a purchase through shops online and they gave me 50% extra AVIOS, so that I suppose was a nice surprise.