33% off UK and European Hiltons for public sector workers

This offer was discussed again in the comments section of the site last week and, as it was clear that some people had never seen it before, I thought it was worth another outing.

Hilton has a very attractive discount code for UK residents who work in the public sector.

If you work in the public sector then you will save 33% on the best flexible rate at many Hilton Group properties. That is NOT ‘up to 33%’, it is a guaranteed 33% saving. The only exception is the budget Hampton chain, where the discount is smaller.

(The discount will be smaller than 33% if you compare it to the Advanced Purchase rate of course – but it should still be lower.)

The promotion is designed to run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, although some hotels may load the rate for other nights as well.

The Hilton definition of ‘public sector’ is ‘organisations that have a direct report to a UK Government Ministry (including the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland Assemblies), are entirely funded by UK Tax Payers’ money, are non-profit making and operate entirely for the public interest and have no commercial interests whatsoever.’

Hilton public sector discount code

You can find further details at this website.

To book, go to the main Hilton website and – on the first booking page where it asks for a city – click ‘Add Special Rate Code’ and enter Hilton promotional code PR11PN.  Not all hotels participate but many do.

As an example, for 14-16 November, when I do actually need to be in Sheffield, the main Hilton is £53 per night and includes breakfast.  This compares to the usual Advanced Purchase room-only rate of £64 and the Best Flexible rate of £79 (£53 is 67% of £79).  On the other hand, the Doubletree and Hampton in Sheffield are both not participating.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Does this have to be the main account holder? Or are they simply unlikely to check?

    (My girlfriend works for the NHS) however I’d like to book on my account as a HH Gold incase they are more likely to upgrade us!

    • just book it, you’ll be fine.

      • I have been using this discount around 10 times and have been asked twice to provide a pay slip as proof once In liverpool and once In Dunblane.

        • Am I correct in assuming that they don’t expect you to carry a payslip around with you, and you can provide this information retrospectively? Or were you just prepared?

  2. I’ve booked 80 rooms this year and not once has this been checked so I think you’re pretty safe using it. I’m in the public sector so it wouldn’t bother me if they did check but as I said, never been asked.

  3. I too am entitled to use this discount, have done so for over 2 years and not once been asked for ID. I used to take ID along just in case, I now don’t even bother thinking about it.

    It’s also worth remembering that the rate is then B&B, not room only.

  4. Does this also apply to retirees? Just in case I need to show ID.

  5. Was 40% until recently.

  6. That’s the first time I’ve seen a definition of what Hilton deems a public sector worker – and it’s unworkable. There isn’t a public sector body in the country which is ENTIRELY funded by the UK tax-payer – councils get income from fines, hospitals and museums from concessions within their premises and any institution with a nice building probably rents it out for weddings and film shoots. Would it not also exclude schools which report to an LEA rather than central govt directly? Good thing they don’t check.

  7. I’ve used 4 times and been checked twice; luckily I work for the Public Sector!

  8. Stephen F says:

    We’ve been using this for a long time – secrets out now! My wife is public sector worker but we have never been asked. She carries ID badge just incase..

  9. Works at Imperial College London. Are universities considered as public sector?

    • They certainly don’t meet the criteria Raffles gives above but we’ve (uni staff) never had any problems (possibly because we’ve never been asked!)

  10. Roger Wilco says:

    I’m still fighting one stay – posted £5.50 instead 5.50% as advertised.

  11. I’ve used it several times. I did take my (spare) college staff badge with me on holiday just in case, but nobody asked to see it.

  12. Does anybody know if this or any other codes are good for Hilton Hawaiian Village? My wife is a teacher so we should be OK on that score, I on the other hand do work for BAe and Airbus, but am unable to find any “corporate discount codes” any help appreciated.

    • The easy way to check if the public sector rate works is to do a dummy booking and see what comes up!

      I’m not sure of any “corporate discount” codes you could legitimately use but there may be some out there that others are aware of?
      The Travel Agent and Airline rate wouldn’t cover BAe/Airbus and I believe it only works on Hilton Worldwide portfolio outside the USA anyway.

  13. For the Hilton Hawaii bookings the MVP rate is available at the Doubletree. This deal is better and I see rates of $159
    Code is 0560041604
    Booking Link: ow.ly/CKNSb