Do you know that Amex has a private lounge for cardholders at the O2 Arena?

A couple of years ago, American Express expanded its ‘Invites’ programme – which gets cardholders early access to tickets for certain cultural events – by opening a private lounge at the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

They made quite a fuss about it at the time but you may well have forgotten that it exists by now!

Amex Invites 2

Here is how it works:

“If you have already purchased tickets to an arena event at The O2, London you can register and join us at the American Express Invites Lounge that day before most shows. Cardmembers who register can invite a maximum of three guests to join them in the lounge. Blackout dates apply.

The American Express Invites Lounge offers VIP access to the arena where you and your friends can relax before the show. The lounge is located on the ground floor of The O2, London, Entrance B.

Please note that Lounge access applications will close 14 days prior to the event, unless already fully subscribed.”

Here is the small print:

“2. This offer is open to American Express Cardmembers only. Cardmembers must have a valid ticket to the event registering to. American Express Invites lounge access only valid for the date registered. Any registered Cardmember is entitled to bring up to three guests, all guests must have valid event tickets. If an event is not listed on the registration form, this signifies that the event is no longer available for registration or that all spaces are taken. Lounge access applications will close 14 days prior to the event, unless already fully subscribed. Upon successful registration, Cardmembers will receive a confirmation email from ‘American Express Invites’. For any lounge registration or ticketing queries please contact

3. Entry will not be granted without a valid show ticket. Cardmembers must bring their American Express Card along with the registration confirmation email to the lounge in order to gain entry. The American Express Invites lounge is located in The O2 Arena, London. Your registration is not valid in any other lounge at The O2. “

The lounge does NOT have any free food or drink.  It is, however, a pleasant place to hang out before an event and there is a paid bar.  I had a wander in – without an invite – after an event I was at last year.

VIP lounge O2

If you have 02 tickets, the link to book your place in the lounge for that night is here.  It appears to be open to ALL Amex cardholders, even for those operated by Lloyds, TSB, Barclays or MBNA.

PS.  Virgin and Delta have a similar bar albeit outside the arena so anyone can use it.  It is still not clear what the point of it is, or if Virgin and Delta frequent flyers get any benefits!

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  1. Hasan Ahmed says:

    Hi !

    Flying club silvers get 10% off food and drink. Flying club golds get 20% off food and drinks and complimentary access to private VIP room if not already booked in advance by another party.

  2. I used the lounge recently – it is excellent, much more relaxed and upmarket than most of the other bars in the venue. The only tedious thing was being made by security to enter the arena at the entrance stated on my gig ticket, entrance F, 180 degrees round the O2 from the lounge, despite the lounge ticket clearly saying entrance B, then fight my way across the standing area on the main arena floor and find the unmarked back door which finally gave access to the lounge, all this despite the main lounge entrance being within sight of the front door of the O2, which I’d come in about twenty minutes previously. Very odd way to do things, although it may just have been the incompetent security guard I happened to encounter when I tried to go in gate B.

    • Yes, they’ve tried that with us before but the trick with Gate B if your ticket is marked F is any security you encounter before you get inside tell them your name’s on the AMEX list and you’ve got to go to the lounge. Once inside bypass all the main queues and make sure you go to the small entrance on the far left marked “VIP, lounge access” something like that.

  3. The Virgin/Delta bar isn’t a lounge as such, but is one of the quieter and more pleasant bars within the hell hole that is the o2. Free to access, no need to pre book

  4. Sussex bantam says:

    Sky have a lounge too. It’s a much more pleasant place to spend some time before a show than in the public areas although all food/drink has to be paid for.

    I think it’s free access to sky subscribers but you do need to book in advance.

  5. Barclays has one aswell for its Premier Account Holders. Again a nice space to have a drink etc and you need to book in advance.

  6. I’ve booked the Amex lounge for a few weeks time. What I couldn’t tell was if they actually do food or drink there?

  7. I once went on a club crawl between the Barclays lounge, the O2 lounge and the Amex one, and I can say that the Amex is Probably the most pleasant one.

    The Barclays lounge is quite small, but it makes up for it by having free drinks and nibbles. It overlooks the shops and restaurants inside the O2, so not much of a view… If you are also being entertained in the Barclays box, you get escorted directly there from the lounge. No queues or ticket inspections.

    The O2 bar-lounge is OK – it gives you a wristband, meaning you can come and go as you please, and make use of their free cloackroom. Once inside, there is a direct way up to the stands and the Arena itself from inside, so you can beat the main rush.

    The Amex lounge is the biggest one of the three, with a big bar, loads of seating and even more tables one floor up. It’s got a great buzz. It’s also got inside access to the Arena so no need to exit and requeue outside.

    Tip: while you do need to book the Amex lounge in advance, there is no harm in chancing it on the day. I went and asked for the guy in charge of the lounge on the day and he came out saying that there were some spare tickets available so he gave us two. I had previously checked online and couldn’t get any as it was too close to the time and day of the event.

    It was a good night!

  8. Big fan of Amex Invites – bring on Justin Bieber @ the O2 :)

  9. Janeyferr says:

    Bah, UFC fight night isn’t a listed event.

  10. Does this offer apply to BA/Amex black card?

  11. Amex tickets pre sale, I was a bit sceptical but secured 8 tickets for the Beyoncé concert in Glasgow as per the presale email from Amex – daughter and friends delighted.