Good British Airways business class fares to Australia from Oslo

Sydney is a popular target destination for using frequent flyer miles, probably because the sheer length of the flight means that people are keen to do what they can to avoid travelling in economy.

Ironically, redemption tickets to Australia and New Zealand are often poor value.  Mile for mile, buying a cash ticket to Australia in a premium cabin can be relatively cheap.  You can often find a business class ticket to Sydney for around £2,000 – although you may end up starting your trip in another European country and flying on an airline you wouldn’t usually consider.

In contrast, an Avios ticket in business class to Sydney is 250,000 or 300,000 points plus taxes, depending on whether you are on an off-peak or peak day.  Even assuming that you can find availability – which is very difficult since the BA service was switched from 2 x daily 747s to 1 x daily 777 and Virgin withdrew entirely – it is not the best value.

Sydney Opera House

For some time now there have been some good British Airways prices available out of Oslo.  This obviously involves you flying to Norway – at added cost – and then flying back.

(Bergen and Stavanger also price the same, and Bergen is a prettier option.)

It isn’t entirely clear why these fares exist.  BA is facing competition from the discounted long-haul services operated by Norwegian but they do not fly to Australia.

The current price at, for example, is 26,722 NOK or £2,220.  This fare is available pretty much all year.  It is the cheapest starting point in Europe for BA travel to Australasia.

The fare rules (which you can get using the ITA Matrix tool I discussed on Thursday) state that you must book 28 days in advance and stay away for a Saturday night.  Unlimited stopovers are available – the first two are free whilst additional ones will cost €200 each.

A travel agent, or possibly even Expedia if it is playing ball, should be able to book you Oslo – Heathrow – Singapore – Sydney – Perth – Brisbane for example at no extra cost apart from any taxes, with the extra segments being on Qantas. can’t offer routings this complex even though the ticket rules allow it and it is one of the few times when a visit to Trailfinders or Flight Centre may be worthwhile.

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  1. Those Perth sectors clock up quite a few TPs too

  2. Alan Wan says:

    I called Trailfinders in the UK to inquire about an ex-DUB flight. They said I’d have to call their Irish branch to get a quote

    • Fiona Whyte says:

      I booked ex DUB at Trailfinders in a UK branch. BA CW DUB-JFK-LHR-DUB for an additional fee of £50 pp. Since the price was a third of going on a UK departure then £50 fee was a small price to pay. The TF guy was most helpful too.

  3. Flyersj18 says:

    I recently booked one of these fares to Perth travelling in late June. OSL-LHR-HKG-SYD-PER-SYD-SIN-LHR-OSL for just under 2.3k earning 940TPs. Nice stopover in Hong Kong outbound and Syd on the way back. Connecting flights EDI-OSL return with Norwegian cost £98.00 including luggage and choice of seat. Really is a no brainer to start Ex EU if you are based in the regions.

    • Totally agree, EDI-OSL with Norwegian is great, my parents did it twice last year when going out to Oz. They ended up paying about £1800 each!

  4. Currently in Oslo, having just come back from Sydney on one these fares. Bought in the sale so a nice 25% reduction on the prices quoted.

    Sadly, my luggage is AWOL. I made a tight connection in HKG but the bags didn’t. It’s due to arrive in OSL after I fly out.


    • I always wondered what they do with lost luggage if your final destination is different; I guess they just forward it without any problem?

      • They usually take responsibility for getting it to you, though I’m not sure how far that goes. I lost a bag on the way to Nice last year but told them I was staying in Marseilles. The bag was already on its way to Nice but they routed it Nice-Frankfurt-Marseilles (unbeknown to me).

        • They’ve said they forward them on to my final destination, LCA.

          Latest is one bag is on its way and may arrive before I fly back out; other bag is currently lost.

          • Do keep us updated, as it could affect any one of us flying ex EU. Hope it gets to you eventually. Guess they are obliged to get to you in the UK?

            • JamesLHR says:

              The airline will reunite the bag with you, wherever you end up. I regularly have passengers arrive who are no where near Heathrow for their missing bag. It is either rushed on another carrier or couriered to them.

            • Home and with both bags. They were on the first flight to OSL, despite BA saying they had no idea where one bag was, so I was able to collect and check them in for my LCC flight home.

              I’d happily, and probably will, book a similar itinerary again though a longer transit in HKG would make sense.

      • I think airlines (at least legacy carriers) will generally deliver to hotel or home, even if in a different country from destination airport.

        The only time my bag failed to arrive (probably the fault of United for not getting it to BA in IAD) I reported it at LHR, and they just needed to know my home address and the nearest airport. I gave them TXL rather than SXF since they fly to the former. The bag arrived a couple of days later by courier to home in Poland which is 1.5 hours from TXL.
        Admittedly my IAD-LHR flight was in Z.

        Does anybody know whether LCCs do the same?

    • Yes agree that QR ex EU can be fab in sales. We actually cancelled a BA 241 in F to KUL, to buy our cash ex CPH J seats via DOH. Cabin 1-2-1 config, but more spacious than BA F. Not much more than the taxes and fees on BA F. Plus it got us close to our silver, 560 TPs, in that one trip. We very quickly did our two BA return flights each, again in BA sale, so are now silver, for next two years. Works a treat, but you do have the stopover in Doha to contend with. We hope to do AKL with QR at some later point.

  5. OSL is the default search but you can also start in Bergen or Stavenager which are shorter flights, lower band at 4500 avios RFS and probably more interesting places to visit.
    You can also book to Norway to Auckland for £2,288 via HKG, even more of a bargain and a reward-killer, with the AKL-HKG on Cathay.
    I can’t see any date restriction at all (?) which is unusual.

    • Matthew says:

      I think the HKG-AKL route with Cathay will be using A350’s later this year too :-)

  6. Argh I’ve got £3k in trail finders vouchers – what to spend them on!?

  7. Very topical Rob since myself and Mrs R. fly to Sydney in J tonight! but I see the value proposition differently since when I checked the other week a return business class ticket on BA was just shy of £6,000. Even at £2,200 for a cash ticket, plus costs to Oslo etc etc, that’s a bit steep for us and I couldn’t justify it. Collecting Avios through credit card bonuses and spend works for me though. We booked 355 days out and then the return on the phone for four weeks later and it looked to me like BA opened up two seats in J most days there and back. The cherry on top? Being guested into the CCR through the Lounge Meet up thread from Flyer Talk

    • Hi Ralphy, what is this Guest Meet up you mention via flyertalk? Do we have to join. Only check it out when there are links here. We are flying J to NYC in July, so would love to do the CCR is way. Any info most welcome. Thank you.


        Hi Polly. It pays to be a member and have asked done questions our contributed. We offered CCR it when we flew to Beijing last year so reciprocation helps too. Good luck!

        • If it’s anything like the request thread for Club House guesting on V flyer I should imagine people get quite shirty if the first ever contribution made is a request for guesting into a lounge!

        • Thanks Ralphy, ignoring Leo’s not so nice comment. As if a first posting would do that! As it turns out, we have used avios to u/g to F on the way back, so we could actually reciprocate on our return sector from JFK to LHR. We think it’s a fab idea, so will look into it further. Always happy to help people here with queries, so am sure it’s similar on flyer talk, but they appear to be such experts on that forum, it’s almost intimidating!

          • Don’t feel intimidated. I find FT a fantastic source of knowledge. Would never have managed CW or First without it. Also, I found this site through it :)

  8. BrianDT says:

    Sorry,but maybe a daft one. Taking Rob’s example above and you want your two stopovers etc., how do you get back to Sydney to get back home? Or is it simply an extra paid flight from wherever you end up, ie Brisbane in Robson example?

    • You can probably include a Qantas flight BNE-SIN on a the same/similar fare in which case rather than BNE being your destination, it’s a ticket to Perth, out via SYD and back via BNE. Then again, you could probably opt for QF SIN-PER too so LHR-SIN-PER(stop)-SYD returning SYD-BNE(stop)-SIN-LHR would save on flying time. (Or if you want to a stop in SIN, book an open jaw back BNE-SIN(stop)-LHR: BNE is thereby not a stopover and SIN can be your free one. Then you would need a separate ticket or overland travel Sydney-Brisbane but that would be cheaper than paying the €200 supplement.)

  9. It is if you’re buying the avios. If you are collecting them through ypur normal expenditure, whatever that may be, it’s not uneconomical at all.

    • Christian Harris says:

      If you have a 241 voucher and GUF2 it’s even better – we did this in October last year to SYD

    • Completely agree James

      • RIccati says:

        Opportunity cost. Economic option.

        E.g., can collect hotel points instead of Avios and redeem with much better availability.

        Use saved cash (if hotel booked on points) to purchase a Business Class ticket.


      Hi Polly. It pays to be a member and have asked done questions our contributed. We offered CCR it when we flew to Beijing last year so reciprocation helps too. Good luck!

    • Exactly, we all know the base line value but intrinsically they are worth more to certain individuals in certain circumstances

    • RIccati says:

      James, even if you are collecting with ‘the usual spending’ — the cost becomes opportunity cost.

      The real unpleasant surprise comes when you try to redeem — the inconvenient dates/flight times (if at all available) trigger other arrangements and costs. Then, you have to add hard cash amount of above £500 for taxes (on top of £2500 worth of Avios at 1p per point).

      With cash, you are pretty much FREE to shop around/await for sales from ME carriers.

      It makes much more economic sense to accumulate hotel points where you know there is much better availability to redeem them (Starwood guarantees it if there is room for cash). Granted you can spend Avios on hotels and get some deals at 1.33p value.

  10. Would a 241 voucher make it economical in your opinion?

    • Better, yes – should get nearer 1p per point

      • Working on the basis of the £2,220 fare mentioned in the article and using the actual figures for taxes in my last 2-4-1 redemption to Sydney, I make it just about 1.25p per point if travelling off peak, ignoring the cost of getting to and from Norway..

  11. Don’t forget to check other airlines’ prices too. Earlier this year, during a Qatar sale, I snagged OSL-MEL in Qatar’s biz class for £1,096. Dates were wide open. Check out Rob’s reviews of Qatar – a way better product than BA’s Club World.

    • I know I’m on my own here but I didn’t take to Qatar at all for all sorts of reasons many of which are entirely subjective. We are having a punch-up with them regarding my O/H’s avios and TPs for the journey home. Mine went through ok. I’d rather go Finnair via Helsinki next time than this Oslo route to Asia (granted probably not Oz) because your “positioning” flight is included in the price, your luggage etc is checked through and you have the protection of them looking after you if you miss a flight or your bags go astray. As of next year you will also have the use of a refreshed Cathay Lounge and a new Qantas lounge to use from T3. I can’t argue with the price you paid though!

      • Finnair has better flight length times, too – you can get a proper night’s sleep, which isn’t really possible on the Qatar flights. But the Qatar in-flight product is wonderful, if you can get the 787. Not so keen on the A380. I’ve only ever got to Doha at an ungodly hour, so the range of food and facilities in the lounge there is not of much use to me – I just want to sit and sleep!

        • I agree with all of that and yes I think the 787 is the better product. The a380 bar was very quiet on the evening flight out of Doha and totally dead on the night flight DOH-LHR. I felt a bit sorry for the crew standing glumly at the bar!

  12. Ha! Yeah, ok, because we can all afford to fork out £2k on a flight.

    Some of us play the Avios game because it’s the only way we can afford to fly business. Just because it’s cheaper to fly ex-EU doesn’t mean it’s affordable.

    I priced up the ex-OSL fares during the Qatar sale, including positioning flights, extra hotel nights, and the extra time I’d need to take off work, and decided to stick to my original very long-term Avios plan.

    • It depends on how good the ex-eu sale is and also your own personal circumstances.
      Personally I would rather travel via Oslo, to MLE, in business and Qatar J than BA direct in economy.
      It may take a day longer to get there and the same, on the return, but I’m looking forward to the flights next Friday whereas if I was travelling in economy a) I probably wouldn’t be going and b) I wouldn’t be looking forward to it 😉

      • Flying via a European hub has the added bonus of additional avios and TPs. :-)

        • The additional Avios are nice, but TPs are only useful if you are a frequent flyer. Leisure-only fliers don’t build up enough of them, and are not flying frequently enough to make use of status perks.

          That said I am doing an ex-CPH to New York this week, so maybe I’ll be charmed enough by the experience that I’ll be a convert.

    • RIccati says:

      There were literally £600 fares on Qatar from OSL to SIN, in Business. Wide availability and were there for couple weeks.

      Make yourself a stopover and continue to SYD/MEL in Economy.

      Under £1,000 in total, all published fares.

      • Absolutely Ricatti, wide availability. And as paul said fly from the UK to Bergen or STV as it’s only 4.5k avios… No brainer. You can fly out am, leave your bags in their lockers, head into the city on the metro or bus, so save on hotels. A long day, but the QR flights leave that night so plenty of time to sleep. It’s hassle, but def we found it worth it, and enjoyed the extra day either end. Think we got KUL for around £700. A no brainer,mand saved the F avios for another trip later on to HKG >Bali.

    • RIccati says:

      — Some of us play the Avios game because it’s the only way we can afford to fly business. Just because it’s cheaper to fly ex-EU doesn’t mean it’s affordable.

      In this way, BA caught you. You are spending the same value £2500+ worth of Avios plus £500+ for taxes for the seat that no one else wants :-)

      I can compare it to purchasing an expensive handset on ‘subsidised’ plan — over 24-36 months you spend more in total (compared to purchasing the handset for cash + optimal calling plan for 10-15 quid).

  13. Agree with James above. No way I would pay hard cash to travel on BA business to Australia when infinitely superior yet cheaper product when on sale and can be found on QR which also earns you BA miles and tier points. They are also now flying to Sydney as well as Melbourne, with Adelaide soon to be launching (Perth has been flown for a while). I experienced QRs excellent service in February to Melbourne from Copenhagen (stayed in Malmö for the weekend before flying) and it really is THAT good!

    • Indeed. If you see the European connection as an opportunity rather than a hassle, it can work out great. I flew ARN-PER, MEL-ARN last month (again, QR biz class, for £1,450). I was able to schedule the flights so that partner and I could have a weekend break in Stockholm together before I headed off to Aus.

      • Is it an “opportunity” though? For a start you have to have a partner who is willing to see it as such (well unless you’re single)!!! When flying back from Oz the last thing I’d want after a schlep through Doha in the middle of the night is a mini-break in Oslo….or some other Scandi destination!

        • Doha’s a great place to break the journey. Fantastic lounge and good departure times for a morning arrival back to Scandinavia. Must admit the extra leg back to the UK (without a stopover) was a drag, but living in the north of England I’d have to make a connecting flight from LHR anyway, if travelling BA.

          • I wasn’t that excited to be in Al Mourjan lounge bleary eyed in the middle of the night last week!

            • Neither would I, that’s why we’re booked into the HIA hotel opposite the lounge 😉

  14. Also should add if you have RFS or paid connecting positioning flight with any oneworld carrier they will be happy to check through your luggage to your final destination if you ask at check-in. I did this on the way back from Melbourne and had a connecting BA flight to London and the QR check-in staff were happy to oblige and said they were used to this request. Also thanks to Rob for the sale tip off – was a fantastic experience and now I am BA Silver! 😀

    • JamesLHR says:

      Correct, oneworld has an internal policy that any oneworld/oneworld connection, even on separate tickets is treated and a single through ticket, including for mis-connections. This means that your bag is through checked your final destination. The only requirement is that it has to be a legal connection and therefore abide by the minimum connection time (MCT) for the transit airport.

      • Lady London says:

        Well just don’t ask LAN to do this then.

        They just flatly refused to do this for me even when asked politely and referring to this OneWorld policy 2 weeks ago today. While they flatly refused to check my luggage through on the connecting flight I showed to them, they then decided they would check in great detail that I had adhered to every other rule. such as a 3K handbag, 8K hand luggage, 23K checked luggage. This required quite some rearrangement of my luggage and extra fees. which were quite substantial.

        BA also refused to check my luggage at LHR to CPH checkin when I showed them my separate QR ticket connecting to Oz same day.

        so OneWorld airlines are not cooperating with each other, whatever the OneWorld rules say, however politely the passenger asks.

        Only means I’ll try to fly more on QR in future, and dump BA wherever possible. I won’t take that chance agai. Unfortunately my trips to South American won’t be on LAN now either.. I’m very sad about that as other than their contract ground staff LAN were a nice flight and I would otherwise have really wanted to fly with them again..

        Perhaps at the end the contracted ground staff got some comfort from the fact that I asked them to sign a note confirming they had denied me lounge access on a flight connecting to a business flight (albeit) on a separate ticket) and declined to check my luggage through on a same day flight on another OneWorld carrier. I said I planned to take this up with OneWorld. I suspect however that OneWorld will be toothless in sorting this and I will get nowhere.

        • But it sounds as if they did check through your luggage and simply charged you for the excess. Which may not be very nice, but is perfectly legitimate – after all, you ought to expect to be charged for taking more luggage than the free allowance…

        • What a shame you had those bad experiences. Word of mouth can affect sales, but then BA don’t seem to care, nor now do LAN. We have found QRstaff to be very helpful every time. We didn’t let them check our bags straight back to LHR as we wanted to try to get en earlier flight back to LHR, which we did in the end. BA check in staff very flexible at CPH. Well, they are Danish and very friendly. So all went well. But it’s a good way to travel if you can bear the DOH layover. Our last trip was cut short, had to come home earlier, so we ended up on an 8hr plus layover, so were brought to and from their nice hotel downtown, Oryx, in a limo, which really helped. I know we discuss this at length about these long layovers, but if you have the time, that and the city visits do mix it up a bit. Def would head to OZ via that routing.

      • More specifically, an unenforced internal policy. Airlines are free to ignore it without penalty, as they often do.

      • Interview interesting comment re missed connections. Is this written down somewhere?

      • Very interesting comment re missed connections. Is this written down somewhere?

      • Have you seen that published anywhere? It was only AA that I’d seen in writing re Oneworld connections. I know people that even BA to BA on different tickets had a bit of a struggle…

  15. I have just booked the misses and our one year old via this route to Melbourne, total cost £6200 for the little one to have his own seat all the way. Flights to Oslo £120 and we can get a free hotel for a night, have a look around then fly back the next day for the long haul. Sounds like a nightmare but when you treat it like a little break and then know you are getting the luxury of business all the way onward I think it’s worth the hassle.
    Also, to book us in premium economy flying direct from LHR was coming in at over £6500, so totally worth it!

  16. Adrian Bennett says:

    Rob, you say
    “A travel agent, or possibly even Expedia if it is playing ball, should be able to book you Oslo – Heathrow – Singapore – Sydney – Perth – Brisbane for example at no extra cost apart from any taxes, with the extra segments being on Qantas”, is this the kind of thing that Dan can do at Propeller? thanks Adrian

  17. BeThatGuy says:

    We did the “mini break” thing in Stockholm for a recent trip to BKK via HKG and it worked really well. The difference is we did it at the end of the trip, so:

    LHR-ARN (hand luggage only)
    collect luggage, check it in
    2 weeks in Thailand – lovely :)
    2 days in Stockholm – perfectly pleasant

    We now absolutely agree that having the mini-break at the end gave us something to look forward to, rather than dreading the out and back (or worrying about dropping the last leg) when all you want to do was get home…

    See Sweden while you still can, their medium to long-term societal outlook is not promising :(

  18. Tilly71 says:

    Slightly OT:
    No.1 lounge Gat North – is this still as bad as it was recently at 9am , we’re flying end of April, did I read somewhere the other BA lounge will be finished by then so No.1 back to normal?

  19. Tilly71 says:

    Thanks Raffles, think we’ll give it a miss!

  20. Radiata says:

    Mildly OT, ex-OSL return to JNB in J priced similarly (viz. NOK 26k) – fair price regardless so return to Aus outstanding value.

    ex-ATH/LIS cheaper for JNB for dates in July I looked for (approx GBP 1530) but interestingly, given recent aspersion cast here on HfP on CAI as a starting point using ITA software, ex-CAI to JNB or DUR (my final destination) in J £942 return (£7 (£935) cheaper if all the way to DUR) with the CAI-DOH leg in F.

  21. Just noticed there are some similarly very good business class flights from Oslo to Vegas (via LHR). Coming in at a cracking £1860. The same flights direct from LHR to Vegas are £3000 !!!!

  22. Wallace Lo says:

    I am wondering if the return leg stops at LHR, any chance of not taking the LHR > Oslo leg and finish at London?